My Top Ten Favorite Homemade Cleaners!

Homemade Cleaners

Don’t ask me why….maybe it’s a Spring Cleaning thing…but I felt inspired to make a compilation of sorts of all my FAVORITE homemade cleaners so that I could access them all in one spot.  I find myself typing the name of the cleaner I’m looking for into the SEARCH box at the top of the page over and over and over and was getting a little tired of that approach. So in case you’re wondering…this post is really all about ME…but if you find it useful…I’ll be glad. :-)  lol.

I’m teasing of course.  I truly do hope you find it useful as well.  I have the absolute BEST OF BOTH WORLDS jobs!  I get to try out stuff I’m genuinely interested in myself (and would try, blog or no blog) and then I get to also SHARE it with all of you!  Which brings me so much satisfaction, I can’t even describe it. Some of the emails that I get are just amazing…and make a “job” I LOVE…even MORE of a pleasure.  I feel very blessed. :-)

So, back to cleaning stuff. This obviously isn’t a COMPREHENSIVE list of all the cleaners I have tried and/or use, but to make it a manageable (and useful) post…I tried to narrow it down to the ones I use on a REGULAR BASIS. For example….even though I LOVE the EASY HOMEMADE OVEN CLEANER, I didn’t include it here because I only use it occasionally (thank goodness).  Same thing with the STREAK-FREE WINDOW CLEANER.  LOVE it!   Just don’t use it OFTEN.

Hopefully this will serve as a nice reference post that you can bookmark and get to lickety-split when you need it.   And of course you’ll want to share it with all your family and friends! ;-)

Jillee’s Top Ten Favorite

{Regularly Used} Homemade Cleaners

(in no particular order)


As you can see…this cleaner has gone through a couple of different “interpretations”…but the ingredients remain the same…and its’ effectiveness remains ALMOST 100%! The only thing I haven’t been able to get “clean” using this is plaster-like hard water deposits in my bathtub jets. Still working on that…. (SEE UPDATE! I GOT THEM CLEAN!)

miracle cleaner



The BEST stuff (and method) I’ve used to clean our bathroom toilets….but ESPECIALLY the BOY’S toilet (if you know what I mean). Rated “EE” for Extremely Effective!

toilet bowl cleaner



Did this post quite awhile ago and STILL love my homemade version of Clorox Wipes! These were probably one of the hardest things for me to think about giving up when I decided I wanted to try and eliminate unnecessary waste in my home. But that was before I discovered this alternative, which after using for almost 6 months now, I still am completely thrilled with. :-)

homemade clorox wipes



Wow…this has been one of my BIGGEST CHALLENGES in the homemade cleaners category! Finding a dishwasher detergent/soap that WORKS and doesn’t leave dishes and glassware with a cloudy film has been tough! Finding a substitute for phosphates that we had all come to rely on for “clean/sparkly” dishes and that the government so rudely took away from us without any warning…has proven to be more difficult than I could have imagined. But after a lot of blood, sweat and tears on my part…well, maybe some tears…THIS homemade dishwasher soap is the best I have found thus far.

dishwasher detergent



I barely have words to describe how GREAT this particular cleaner is! If you haven’t already….you are just going to have to try it for yourself to see what I mean when I call it Tub and Shower MAGIC! If you don’t believe me… some of the MANY comments after the post from people who have been as blown away by this stuff as I was!

tub and shower magic



Love this stuff! While I’ve only been using it for a short time…I am constantly being surprised by the effectiveness of it on a variety of things in my home! Still experimenting with this one….but it’s definitely already a favorite!

citrus enzyme cleaner



Ahhh….what can I say about my old friend…homemade “Shout”?? I have been using it exclusively for more than 10 months now and have never had cause to complain. It just works. Well.



A somewhat controversial post…with a handful of people questioning the effectiveness of hydrogen peroxide once it hits the water in the washer. All I can tell you is that I’ve been using it close to a year now and find it to effective AND cost efficient.

homemade oxyclean


Just recently posted this again because it has become my go-to homemade laundry detergent. Like I say in the post…I have nothing against the laundry soap that requires grating soap and melting it on the stove…this no-grate version is just so quick and easy to mix up…I find myself going back to it again and again.




Another fairly recent addition to my homemade cleaners “bag of tricks”…but one I find myself using more and more. As a matter of fact, I just used it TODAY on some pretty dingy/dirty bathroom floor mats. I realize that white bath mats sound like something a CRAZY person would use in their home….but call me crazy…I always have (and always will) use white towels and floor mats in my bathrooms. (There are those Piscean OCD tendencies coming out again! lol)

There you go. My Top Ten Faves….at least for the time being. :-)

Rest assured…if I happen to come across something better….I will ALWAYS share it with you.

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  1. jennielynn says

    I recently found your blog, via Pinterest, and it’s become one of my favorites! This post is awesome, since I’m trying to reduce the chemicals we use in our home AND save a little money. I really like that I can go get big jugs of white vinegar, Dawn, hydrogen peroxide and a big tub of oxygen bleach and make lots of different cleansers! Thank you so much for the fabulous tips!

  2. kim says

    ooh, I need to try that enzyme cleaner. I have a bowl full of lemons needing to be tossed… I know what I’m going to do with them today! For anyone who has used it, would it be safe for light colored carpet? I would be concerned about the tint of the cleaner staining the carpet. What has anyone’s experience been?

    • red curl says

      i have dove grey carpet in one room and slate grey carpet in another. i know for a fact it works and does not stain or discolour. i am embarrassed to admit that i used it on a bright orange dog puke trail that went through three rooms and some stairs. used my spray bottle of half enzyme concentrate and half water, liberally sprayed the stains to soak, finished my cake, and when i went to check the carpets about an hour later…. it was almost gone! from every carpet!! amazed!

      but also? jillee has an amazing trick on here for carpet cleaning as well that involves an iron! check it out! and good luck! :-)

      • kim says

        Thanks red curl for the response. I have to admit I laughed at the dog puke story…. reminds me of a red vines incident several years back.
        I did see the ammonia and iron post too. I’m less inclined to want to use ammonia on my carpet than the enzyme cleaner for some reason.

      • Patricia says

        While I love the ammonia that Jillee suggested, you could substitute it with vinegar. I noticed when I used the ammonia, my pets love to resoil (in a bad way) where I used it to clean (grrr!). So use vinegar instead and works pretty well, probably just as well.

      • kim says

        Thanks Patricia! I’m going to try the vinegar. The nice thing is I have a remnant of our carpet that I use as a laundry room rug, so I can use it as a test piece. My carpet is only 2 years old so I try to be really discerning about what I use on it. I don’t have any stains, just some traffic patterns.

      • says

        Good point Patricia. For those who don’t want to use ammonia…vinegar is always a good alternate choice. :-)

  3. red curl says

    oh my gosh. that enzyme cleaner. blows me away with every use! not only does it de-stain my white porcelain kitchen sink, it removes that yucky buildup in my tubs and showers, gets rid of the rings in the potties, cleans “gunk” from my carpets, AND i’ve even had success with it removing stains from clothes!
    jillee, the day you posted the enzyme cleaner is the day my life got a little easier! thank you!!

    • says

      Thanks for the suggestions red curl! I love it too but haven’t tried it on nearly as many things as you have! Now I have some new ideas. Thanks! :-)

      • red curl says

        it is my new 409 or multi-purpose spray! everything i’ve attempted to use it on has come clean… either by spray and wipe/scrub or by soaking. truly great stuff!

        also? i agree with the earlier poster about doing on of these for your “beauty” regime, and want to also add… please do one about all your kitchen helpers (ie: sos mix, cilantro, etc…)! i ADORE the sos mix (although dry milk? with the price on it here in MT, you’d think you were buying gold dust!) and have used it a bunch, but have not seen too many others without hunting for them specifically.

        thanks for all you do jillee! keep up the stellar work! :-)

    • Sade says

      I’m so excited! I have 3 bottles of enzyme cleaner ‘cooking’ and can’t wait ’til the first batch is ready to use-I want to primarily use it to clean my fruits and veg’s to save (tons!) on veggie wash!!! Will also, like you, try it on many things to clean! Thanks :)

    • Annette says

      Will your cleaner take out the blue stains that come from the copper pipes in the sink and tub? What was the cleaner? I missed it !

  4. kris says

    I also could not clean my bath jets also to make matters worse I have knee replacements and cannot get on my knees to scrub them. So one day I filled the tub up with water and put in a quart of vinegar. I would turn on the jets and let them run and heat up the water, then let it sit for awhile. I did that for about 8 hrs. using a long handle brush in the jets and it came really clean

    • says

      kris!!! You may just be my new hero! I am SO trying this today. I love an idea where you “set it and forget it”.

      • Liz F says

        My MIL just runs the full tub on HOT with some dish detergent (not dish SOAP) and cleans them that way! It must work, her tub is always clean :P

  5. Amac3434 says

    Thanks so much … your ears (or fingers) must have been burning. I just found you last weekend, via Pintrest, and am converted after your tip on cleaning range grates. I was going to email you asking if you could pull all your home “recipes” together – SO THANK YOU!!

  6. Patricia says

    Jillee, thank you for doing this. It makes it super easy to find the recipes when there all in one place. It would be great for the shampoo, body wash, etc. also.

    Jaymie, what a great idea to print them. If you laminated them on card stock, they would be a great gift idea. Maybe make up a batch of your favorite homemade product and the recipe and give it out for Mother’s Day gift to aunts, sisters, mother, grandmothers, and/or daughters. I think that this is a easy way to include everyone and gift inexpensively. IDEA!!

    • red curl says

      i was JUST talking to the hub the other night about what to give to our mothers for that special day.coming up. i thought that jars of the homemade “jillee stuff” (as he calls it) and the recipes would be perfect since everyone we know is always looking for a way to save some money! why not give the best gift and introduce them to the amazing jillee?!

  7. Trudy says

    I’m new to your blog but am sooooo glad I found it. And this post may be all about you, but it’s perfect for me! I’m anxious to try out some of your favorite faux brand name cleaning products and having a compilation is perfect. One stop shopping! Thanks, Jillee, for all your hard work and willingness to share with the masses.

  8. Sade says

    It does help to have all the great home made (and inexpensive to make) cleaning products under one catagory! Thanks for taking the time to do that. Love your Blog :)

  9. Jaymie Derden says

    I love your tips and have tried several of them. I printed each recipe out on cardstock (index card size) and put on a ring that I keep in my kitchen drawer. Makes it really easy to find just the tip I need quickly! Thanks for your great work….

  10. MaryC says

    Thanks, Jillee, for putting this all in one post. There are some that I had missed and I am enjoying trying them out. Hope you and your family have a great week!