Make Your Own Refreshing Rose Petal & Mint Body Scrub

Don’t hate me….but I am currently ensconced in a gorgeous suite at the Teton Mountain Lodge and Spa in Jackson Hole, Wyoming (thanks to celebrating my wedding anniversary with the hubster.

rose petal and mint body scrubIt’s pretty wonderful! Did I mention it was a Lodge AND Spa??? Oh yeah…I am getting my first ever professional Swedish massage today!  I can’t wait!

Of course I would never ABANDON you …even on vaca.  I was planning on posting as usual today….but when my sister offered to let me “borrow” one of her recent posts on Camp Wander, I jumped at the chance.

Of course the fact that it was a great idea with gorgeous pictures helped “seal the deal”.

So thanks sis for helping me out. It was the perfect anniversary gift. :-)

Presenting my sister Rebecca’s Rose Petal and Mint Body Scrub featured on her awesome blog, Camp Wander.

rose petal and mint body scrubOh the sweet, smell of roses! The fragrance and the romance surrounding them is legendary! Now you can capture it in this lovely and simple to make Body Scrub. 

Thanks to The Beauty Department for the inspiration, great blog btw!

All of you gardeners fortunate to have roses in bloom can pick your most fragrant rose and put it to use in this recipe. For us less fortunate gardeners…a couple of roses from the store will do nicely!

The formula is easy, just look at your jar and think THIRDS.

  • One-third coconut oil (coconut oil is perfection in my opinion, moisturizing and antibacterial but an incredible oil to eat and cook with as well).
  • One-third rose petals (I added 2 T finely chopped mint too).
  • One-third sugar.

Fill your jar 1/3 full with coconut oil. (solidified, NOT melted)

Fill the next 1/3 with rose petals from your garden (or the grocery store) pushing them down into the coconut oil. I wanted a big rose petal presence in my scrub so I used a BUNCH! I also sprinkled some mint in at this stage too.

Fill the top 1/3 of the jar with sugar:  refined, organic or raw. I like a finer scrub so I added plain old refined sugar.

Note: If you’re worried about applying a non-organic sugar to your body, remember that coconut oil is antibacterial…so even store bought roses are safer when combined with coconut oil.

rose petal and mint body scrub

Now add the OTHER carrier oil.  I love, love coconut oil and OLIVE oil together, so this is the combo I chose.  You could also use almond, jojoba, avocado, or grapeseed oil.  Just a personal preference here.

Allow the olive oil time to seep into the sugar and rose petals, and continue to add more oil until the sugar is saturated.  See the air bubble coming up through the oil?  This is good!

rose petal and mint body scrub

Isn’t it pretty?! Of course, rose petal and mint scrub is an amazing gift to give someone. When giving as a gift, I like the above presentation. Explain that when ready to use, mash the roses down into the coconut oil and mix it up. The roses will break down further and release even more scent!

Have fun feeling fantastic!

<3 Rebecca

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  1. carole says

    I’m confused – first you say to add 1/3 cup of coconut oil, then the sugar then the rose petals.
    Then after the picture you say, now add the oil. So do I put it in first or after the rose petals? It sounds wonderful and it makes sense to add it later…but can you clarify please?

  2. Ayshela says

    coconut oil first – that’s the solid part on the bottom, since coconut “oil” is about the consistency of Crisco at room temperature. Then the petals, then the sugar, then if you noticed in the picture at the top that green bottle? That’s Olive oil, and THAT is the oil that goes on top. It’s liquid, so it will seep down into the sugar where the coconut oil wouldn’t.

  3. kim says

    Adding this to my ‘gift ideas’ folder on Pinterest. And I *just* threw away a handful of rose petals yesterday! No worries, there are many more where those came from!

  4. Mary Alice says

    Any thoughts on how long this product might last? I know that the oils have a long shelf life, but I’m wondering how the rose petals and the mint might look after say a week or so. If it has a short shelf life, then I’d simply choose a smaller jar like maybe a baby food jar. Thanks!

  5. Bethany says

    I agree. It’s confusing when you list the only ingredients needed as 1/3 coconut oil, 1/3 rose petals and 1/3 sugar and then in the middle of the recipe throw in an extra ingredient. It should be clarified at the beginning of the recipe.

  6. Trixie says

    Hi! I love this idea and I bet it smells divine but I have a question. So, I’m not the woman who takes care of herself as well as she should – meaning, I don’t use sugar scrubs and the like and I’m wondering, do you use this in place of shower gel? Or, is it more for rubbing on your hands and feet to make them soft? Can someone please fill me in – feeling pretty incompetent about right now. LOL. Thanks.

  7. says

    Body scrubs are wonderful exfoliating agents to get rid of any dead skin cells and help give your skin a nice glow. Just rub gently on your skin and then rinse it off in the shower. It leaves your skin feeling amazing! Just try it once and I bet you’ll agree. :-)


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