DIY Skin Smoother for Silky Soft Legs

leg exfoliator

Did you know you are supposed to exfoliate your LEGS? I always assumed that the very act of SHAVING your legs was exfoliating in itself.  Oh silly me!

I stumbled across this idea for silky smooth legs at militaryfit-bombshell for the other day and knew I wanted to try it. When I started looking into it more…I came across all sorts of homemade leg exfoliators! Apparently you’re supposed to exfoliate each time your shave your legs. Who knew? Obviously not me. :-)

But I do now!  And although I feel like I’ve been missing out all these years….I couldn’t be happier about discovering this stuff! After using it this morning I would venture to say my legs have never felt softer OR smoother! No kidding.

The recipe is super simple…the most challenging part for me was actually finding time to take a bath. Well, unfortunately I never DID find that time….so I made do and used it in the shower instead. I’ve never really been a fan of shaving in the bathtub anyway. All that hair floating around and such. (sorry for the visual!) So this worked well for me.

Leg Exfoliator

Super Silky Summer Legs


  • 1 1/4 cup sugar
  • 1/2 cup oil (I used olive oil, but you can use any oil, coconut oil, baby oil, canola oil, etc.)
  • 3 tablespoons citrus juice (lemon or lime) OR 20 drops Lemon Essential Oil
  • Razor

Mix everything together. I put mine in a mason jar and just shook it all up. (If you take the glass jar into the bath or shower with you, please be extra careful.)

Leg Exfoliator 2

Soak your legs in the tub for 5 minutes. Or if you’re taking a shower, wash and conditioner your hair first, then after your legs have had a chance to soak for a few minutes, apply the mixture to your legs and rub it in. I was surprised at how GOOD this felt! I ended up using it on my feet and arms as well!

The abrasiveness of the sugar rubs off all the dirt and dead skin, the lemon juice works as a mild skin peel revealing brighter, smoother skin, and, of course, the olive oil penetrates deep into the skin and provides long-lasting moisture.

After rubbing the mixture in for a few minutes….it’s time to shave your legs. Feels pretty good huh?  Well, we’re just getting started!

leg exfoliator

Now, rinse and REPEAT! Yep, do it again. Rub mixture all over legs (and feet!)…shave….and rinse again. This time you might want to use a mild soap to get some of the oil off. Or not. Your preference. (Note: make sure the bottom of the shower is oil-free when you are done so the next person in doesn’t get a slippery surprise. Since I used body wash after shaving, mine was fine.)

When you get out of the bath or shower, put lotion on and enjoy your silky smoooooooth legs!  I guarantee you will be so amazed at how soft your skin feels, you won’t be able to keep your hands off yourself! ;-)


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  1. Jessica says

    When I was reading up on this the other day, I did see a lot of comments on one site, recommending the use of a spoon or some other utensil instead of scooping it put with your hand so you are not introducing water to the mixture. Water creates an environment for bacteria growth. Just thought I would let you know because I wouldn’t have even thought about that!

  2. Mindy says

    Another bottle to use would be an empty shampoo bottle! I have one that held my son’s shampoo that has a squeeze top, so I can squeeze just what I want and bonus, it has little grippy areas on the side so it doesn’t slip out of my hands!

  3. Pattie says

    A great and safe container for this would be a coffee creamer bottle (the kind that you would otherwise keep in the fridge). It’s plastic and easy to hold on to (you can remove the label).

    • WendyB says

      Those creamer bottles are fantastic to reuse! I use mine to keep manageable amounts of baking soda in the bathrooms since I buy the biggest baking soda boxes I can find. The bottles are moisture-proof, unlike cardboard boxes, the spouts make it easy to pour just what you need, and the labels are shrink-wrapped plastic. Snip, snip and you’re left with a beautiful clear container to repurpose! I don’t usually use liquid coffee creamer, but I do when I need another cute little bottle like that for something. Kinda like Jillie and her orange juice. :-)

  4. Lana says

    Oh My Goodness!!!! Jillee,have I mentioned that you are GREAT????? I only found you a few days ago, but I LOVE,LOVE,LOVE everything you share!!!!. I have a boyfriend that LOVES to rub my legs….I can’t wait to try this before our next date!!!! Thanks!! Lana

    • says

      Wow. This was so easy to make – took seconds. I have just used it for the first time, only shaved once as I didn’t have time to shave twice, but still my legs are so incredibly smooth! And it costs next to nothing! I will be recommending this scrub to all my friends.
      I used Grapeseed Oil as our Olive Oil had ran out, and it still worked an absolute treat.
      Thank you for your website – everything you post is so useful and, more importantly, doable!!

  5. Juliet says

    I read your article but didn’t make the scrub. Note to self: stop buying tiny bottles of olive oil ;). However, when I was in the shower my eyes fell upon your foot scrub (aka the gardener’s hand scrub) and thought, “that’s a sugar scrub and moisturizer” so I used it instead. Win!

  6. Niki says

    Also a little known fact – sugar and lemon juice make the most amazing body wax. It’s exfoliating, completely natural and in my opinion, better than any salon wax. Plus, it easily washes off, unlike other waxes. It’s the only thing that doesn’t break my skin out after a wax. And you can do it at home!

      • Kristen says

        I know this is a late reply, but you should be able to find lots of info if you Google sugaring or sugaring wax. I have a friend that used to make and use it.

  7. Elizabeth says

    As Sharon said, be careful! If you’re in the tub and you’ve used any kind of oil, the tub will be very slick. Also, I’ve used these types of scrubs before and if you are in the bath, the shaved hair will get all over you and stick to you. I think the best way is to soak in a hot tub first, then switch to the shower if possible. Sounds time consuming, but if you are looking for those silky smooth legs, you will need to take a little extra time. Think of it as your spa treatment. Also, you can use the scrub all over. So ~ if you give yourself a nice hot soak in the tub, switch to the shower and use your scrub all over. Again, be careful, as this will also make the bottom of your shower slick. You will love the way your skin feels, so soft and hydrated. This is a great tip. Thanks Jill!

  8. Sharon says

    Be careful! Your tub or shower floor will be incredibly slick and will need to be cleaned before anyone else can use it!

    • says

      Thanks Sharon. I really didn’t notice mine being extra slick after all was said and done (I used body wash after all the oiling up), but a very good safety tip!

    • says

      Or before YOU use it! I definitely recommend doing this while sitting on the side. Especially if you have a STUPID 90’s textured tub that neither grants you any slip-resistance nor allows you anything with suction cups or adhesive to CREATE slip-resistance. Twice I’ve found this with these homemade scrubs (never used any store bought ones) and I just can’t stress enough the need for safety. Didn’t quite fall, but jerked my body around and was sore for DAYS!

      • Angela Villanueva says

        How long does this mixture last? Can I keep it in the bathroom or is it a one time use only mixture? Thanks!!

    • lindsay says

      Cant wait to try this! & thanks you for the recipeI have a silly question. I have only raw unprocessed cane sugar from Trader Joes. Its not as fine as the baking sugar I used to buy. Have you tried this with raw (wondering if the effect will be different) or should I get a package of the fine sugar? If the raw disolves Im sure the rougher texture will be fine… hmmm? Also love the mason jars & would make cute gifts with a little instruction tag! But Also love the little bottle (seems nice for pouring) with the plug type top. Where can I find one? Please & Thanks :) Lindsay

      • Nancy Pattison says

        Actually the unprocessed cane sugar would be good. I had a store bought exfoliator several years ago and it had the larger sugar in it – it worked great! :)

      • Nicholaix says

        I have made sugar scrubs for years using brown sugar(smells yummy), raw sugar, regular white sugar, canola oil, olive oil, or apricot kernal oil, you get the idea, lol. Basically you can use any combination of a suagr and an oil. BUT the coarser the texture of the sugar the harder it is on your skin. If you have fair or sensitive skin stick to the finer grained sugars. Same goes for homemade salt scrubs.

        Don’t forget the important safety note she mentions as well. Make sure you clean the tub after to make sure noone slips. I keep a shaker of baking soda to sprinkle on and do a quick scrub after a shower.

    • darlene says

      im sorry but im actually glad Helen asked this question. It is an awesome recipe with great instructions but did not realize she said to save the first time after applying the scrub. There is nothing wrong with being clear. It would be nice if we could be able to come to sites like this, find friends and just have a good time. Its reasons like this people are afraid to ask questions. Hope everybody has a wonderful day, God Bless.

    • Stephani says

      I personaly had to go back and re read after I saw her comment because I missed the shave part the first time I thought it said exfoliate and rince then went to the shaving part so i don’t think her question was stupid at all typos are human nature and she wanted to make sure to do it right let’s all focus less on trying to make people feel bad and just enjoy this wonderfull information Ms. Jillee shares with us :-)

    • Rebecca says

      I had teacher and college instructors who always said “There are no stupid questions, only stupid mistakes. If unsure, ask!”

    • Tammy says

      I understood her but I do not think anyone who didn’t is stupid and it’s really mean to say they are the only stupid questions are the ones you don’t ask

    • Linda says

      I’m glad Helen asked, too. I was just going to exfolliate twice, not shave again. Now I know ! thanks

    • Laura L. says

      Ouch! I have very hyper sensitive skin, end up with razor burn no matter if it’s brand new or how much stuff I pile on…can not imagine shaving twice! Makes me cringe to think of it. I will give this a go with one shave and see how I do…if no razor burn, rash, etc then I might think about the repeat ;)

      • Bethany B. says

        Exfoliating first may help with razor burn since it would help uncover ingrown hairs, get rid of skin bumps that form as the hairs grow back in, and help unclog pores, giving your razor less to snag on.

        I’ve been exfoliating/shaving/exfoliating/shaving/(sometimes a final exfoliating) for years (at least, when I bother to shave) and it really does make an amazing difference in my leg texture, and I get a lot few nicks on my knees when I do this. I’ve always used St. Ives apricot scrub in the little tub, but I’ve been getting more into homemade beauty concoctions of late and may try this. Though I do cringe at the thought of the lemon juice getting into any nicks during the second exfoliate – I may leave that out and just do an oil/sugar scrub.

      • Dana S. says

        I found this on pintrest. Made it and tried it today for the first time. I so love the way my legs felt during the process and after. So soft. I also used it on my underarms. Summer is among us so why not soften and moisturize there too. Thank you for making this known to us all. It’s great.

  9. WendyB says

    This sounds great! Did you rinse before shaving? Or does the sugar dissolve as you’re rubbing it into your legs? I’m concerned about the effects of the granules on the razor blade, and subsequently on my legs…