Friday, August 31, 2012

Make Your Own Car Air Freshener In Minutes!

homemade car air freshenerThis “tutorial” is SO easy I’m ALMOST embarrassed to share it! :-)  But of course I WILL share it because I can’t help myself. I just LOVE how simple it was and how cute and useful it turned out to be!

Someone emailed me a few weeks ago asking about a DIY version of those hanging car air fresheners. Thank goodness for all you savvy readers! I would have NEVER thought of that! And yet it turned out to be such a fun little project!

I absolutely LOVE my DIY car air freshener flower hanging in my car! It makes me smile each time I get in to drive somewhere. :-)

OK…this is one of those “tutorials” that if you BLINK, you’ll miss it, so pay attention!

You will need:

homemade car air freshener


The fun thing about this super simple project is you can make your hanging air freshener any shape your heart desires to reflect your personality! I personally LOVE flowers…so that is the first thing that came to mind…but a cute heart or an initial would be fun too. I also thought about making one for the hubster in the shape of a football or something. :-)  The possibilities literally are endless!


homemade car air freshener


Once you decide on a shape, do a freehand drawing or print out a picture from online, and cut it out. Then trace the shape onto the felt AND onto the craft foam.  Cut both out. Peel the paper off the peel & stick craft foam piece and press the felt to it.


homemade car air freshener


Using the hole punch, punch out a hole at the “top” of your design/shape.


homemade car air freshener


Now add your scent. I used a dropper to sprinkle my felt piece with some Linen scent liquid potpourri. You don’t want to saturate it so much that it is going to DRIP. Of course if you’re using essential oils you will only need a few drops.


homemade car air freshener

Thread about 12 inches of your choice of ribbon or twine into the hole at the top. You can now hang it over the rearview mirror or anywhere else you desire in your car. When the fragrance disappears after a month or two, just simply apply another drop or two of essential oil or the air freshener spray.

homemade car air fresheners

homemade car air fresheners

Now not only does my car look cute… smells like freshly laundered linen!  I’m so easily pleased.   :-)

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60 thoughts on “Make Your Own Car Air Freshener In Minutes!

  1. Penny Hannah

    Isn’t that the cutest? Great little stocking stuffers or presents for kids to make. That must have been a VERY late night post Jillee – I love reading your blog when I get up!

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  3. Kimberly

    Just another reason I love this site!! That is sooooo cute. I just love checking every morning to see what is the one good thing for the day.

  4. Murphy

    This sounds really fun, and I’ve tried several of your tips already. A safety tip, though, I heard from an expert. Absolutely NOTHING should hang from the rear view mirror. In the event of any sudden braking, the dangling distracts our eyes, affects our concentration and decreases reaction time. (Where did the kid’s ball go now? Oh, and where is the kid?) Please, hang the airfreshener in the side/ back of the car :-) Hugs and safe driving!

      1. Michelle

        FYI – In Minnesota, where I am from, I got a ticket because I had an air freshener hanging from the rear view mirror. :( Nothing can be hanging from it. Oh well. Lesson learned.

        1. Jessica Nelson Norem

          Yes, don’t hang from mirror in Mn. I was also pulled over but only with a warning. LOVE your posts!!! Thank you for all your work in getting us this info Jilly!!!!

  5. Judy Ann

    LOVE this idea! It is so humid here, I hate getting in my truck when it has rained ,and it’s hot and humid.
    It always smells musky. I was keeping a small travel size of Frebreze spray in there- but it can get overpowering. I think I will make my air freshener “Vanilla” mmmmmmgood.

    Thanks again and again for all of your great tips! I cannot wait to get your e-mails!

    HáþÞÿ £âßõ® Ðãý Tô ÿóü áñÐ Ýöú®FâMì£ÿ
    F®ºm Jµdý Áññ îñ Flº®îdå

  6. Tracy

    I use to hang these (the store bought ones) from the heat register (vent) in my son’s room. He never knew they were there but every time the air came on a nice clean fresh scent filled the room. Where were you ten years ago?!? ;)

    1. Gail

      pine, cedar, etc. would also work nicely for a manly scent. Or use cinnamon and cloves which would also help keep the driver awake at the wheel.

  7. Crystal

    Lavender, sandalwood, lemongrass,juniper, an orange & clove combo are some great essential oil scents for a “manly” scent, mountain rose herbs has a great selection of essential oils :)

      1. Rita

        My husband really likes cinnamon red hots scent. Also, I read where men in general respond to vanilla. I made my teenaged grandson something scented in vanilla. He smelled it and said, “Oh yeah.” So, it was true for him.

  8. Summer

    This would be such a great kids’ craft! They could even glue pictures of themselves on the front, and give them away as Christmas gifts with essential oil for refills. If you don’t want to hang it from the rear view mirror, you could glue it to a big clip or clothespin and attach it to the visor. I seriously love this site.

  9. Karina

    I have some fleece leftover from the Auburn quilt I made for my son. I’m thinking glueing to lightweight cardboard or similar (whatever I have on hand) in a football shape using blue & orange. I have to be conscious of “manliness” for an 18 year old living in the dorm. lol Another great idea!

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  11. Melissa Monroe

    Love it! Just made one for my HOUSE!!! Rose scented!!! Had some essential oil sitting on my desk, and well, the urge struck, and voila! A Rose Bloomed!
    Thank you for my Rose Garden at 2:15 AM

  12. gigi

    Love it also! Just a small side tip. If you are unsure of your art abilities. You might try to use some cookie cutters to make your shapes. We all seem to have a million of them for all occasions. I so enjoy your tips, please keep them coming.

  13. wilma

    You understand therefore significantly in the case of this topic, made me in my opinion believe it from so many various angles. Its like women and men don’t seem to be fascinated except it’s one thing to accomplish with Girl gaga! Your own stuffs excellent. At all times handle it up!

  14. Therese

    Really love your idea and also Gigis input about the cookie cutters but I didn’t have any essential oil and then remembered my forever dryier sheets. So I just wet the freshener with MY fabric sofener, let dry and hung from my mirror. I also hung 2 in my school bus (I am a driver) My student love their fresh smeschool bus on their school bus.

  15. Libby

    I love your ideas!! I was actually able to make this today because I happened to have all the supplies on hand. Now our van smells lavender fresh!! Thanks!

  16. Christine

    This is a darling idea. I wish it wasn’t illegal to hang things from the rear view mirror here. At any rate, I’ve made something very similar, albeit not as cute, by dabbing essential oil on a piece of felt or cotton ball, and putting it under the driver’s seat.

  17. Amanda

    Just made two of these: a two-colored sun and a cloud embellished with stick-on jewels. I haven’t hung them in my car (was planning on using the clothes hanger hooks on the sides of the car to avoid the mirror) so I don’t know how well they actually fill the car with fragrance. Right now they are hanging on a door in my bedroom. Tomorrow my 4-year-old and I will be making a couple of these for his and his brother’s closets!

  18. TAMMY

    GIGI… you’re a genius! I love your idea about cookie cutters!
    I have one of those old fresheners that look like a “candle in a jar”, you know which one I’m talking about, I will use that as a pattern! I have oils from the same place! BRILLIANT idea!! Thanks for sharing!!

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  21. Kristyne

    I wonder if glue affects the scent? I have some regular nonstick craft foam I was going to use, but i’m worried that glue will overpower the essential oils. Super cute idea, inexpensive to change up when you want a new shape :)

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  23. Penny H

    I just found your website and I love this idea!
    I wouldn’t hang it on the rear view mirror try hanging it on the garment hooks above the back doors of the car.
    Just a thought. :)

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    1. Gail

      I was hoping for the answer to this myself. However, I see no reason why a stiff heavy-duty felt sheet wouldn’t work if it would hold it’s shape. Worth a try if you have it on hand.

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  26. Robin

    I make these from two pieces of felt sown together, so, felt by itself will work. Also, if you stick the felt and foam together BEFORE you cut it out, the will be a perfect match!

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