Make Your Own Homemade Facial Cleansers . . . {4} All-Natural Recipes!

natural facial cleansersToday’s post got a little out of control.

I’ve had several requests from readers recently asking for “natural” ways to wash their faces OTHER than the Oil Cleansing Method. (Hey, it’s not for everybody!) So I started searching and found four different recipes that I thought held some promise. I INTENDED on making ONE of the recipes and simply writing about the others, but somehow, before I knew what was happening, I was making all FOUR! (Sometimes I get a little carried away with trying new stuff…it’s an occupational hazard.)

So my mantra for today is: “Don’t bite off more than you can chew!”  I got a little over my head on this one. But it all turned out OK.  I had a HUGE mess to clean up in my kitchen (where’s my live-in maid when I need one??) but I got to try out 4 different facial cleansers. My face has never been CLEANER! :-)

All four of these cleansers have merit in that they don’t contain any detergent ingredients called surfactants. Surfactants are responsible for creating the lather you expect to see in soaps and many liquid cleansers, but the problem is they strip the natural lipid layer from the skin’s surface and destroy its protective barrier. In other words, they are simply too harsh for most skin types.

The good news is there are lots of home remedies you can try that not only are inexpensive compared to most store bought stuff, they are also environmentally friendly.

Let’s check them out.


natural facial cleansers


The first one I tried was the Jojoba Lemon Facial Cleansing Cream. However, I couldn’t find my bottle of jojoba oil (I know it’s here SOMEWHERE!) so I substituted coconut oil. I don’t know if that substitution is where I went wrong…but this facial cleanser just didn’t ever really work out for me. It was too waxy/oily feeling and the consistency of a cleansing cream…which has never been my favorite. But if you are a cleansing cream enthusiast, you might like this one.


1 tbsp. beeswax
3 tbsp. jojoba oil
1 tbsp. witch hazel
1 tbsp. lemon juice
1/8 tsp. borax
6 drops lemon essential oil

Melt the beeswax in a saucepan, using low heat.
Add the jojoba oil (I used coconut oil) and beat, using a hand mixer, for about 5 minutes or until it reaches a creamy consistency.
Heat the witch hazel and lemon juice in another saucepan just until warm, and then stir in the borax to dissolve. Add this liquid mixture to the cream and beat with a mixing spoon until well combined.
Set aside until the cream is cool.
Mix in the lemon essential oil and spoon into a container.


natural facial cleansers


The second recipe I tried was the Olive Oil Facial Cleanser from The Prairie Cottage. I have had this recipe in my To Do Files for a long time because it really looked appealing to me.

Olive Oil Facial Cleanser

2 teaspoons liquid face soap or baby wash
2 tablespoons water
2 tablespoons glycerin
1/2 cup olive oil

Pour ingredients into a food processor or blender.  Mix until thickened, smooth and creamy. To use, pump a quarter-size amount of cleanser into your hand.  Gently massage into your neck area, face, eyelids and eyelashes for about one minute. Remove with a warm washcloth. Rinse washcloth in warm water and gently remove any remaining dirt or makeup off your face.
Keeps for up to a year.

For some reason this one didn’t thicken up like I THOUGHT it would (based on the instructions.) It DID, however, do a nice job of cleansing my face and left it feeling clean AND moisturized.

natural facial cleansers

Third on the facial cleanser rundown was the Anti-Aging Lemon Facial Cleanser made famous by Dr. Oz who claims the acid from the lemons will rid your skin of outbreak-causing bad bacteria while the healthy probiotics from the yogurt will infuse your skin with good bacteria.

Lemon Facial Cleanser

1 tbsp natural yogurt
1 tsp lemon juice
2 drops essential lemon oil

Mix all ingredients together. Soak a cotton wool pad in mixture and remove makeup. Repeat with fresh cotton wool pads until make up is removed.

natural facial cleansers

As you can tell by the small measurements of ingredients…this recipe is for a one-time application. This mixture will not keep, so it should be used immediately. While that is somewhat of a drawback to this formula…I LOVED the way it felt on my face (not to mention the wonderful lemony smell)!  This cleanser was in SERIOUS contention for my FAVORITE out of the four UNTIL I tried the fourth.

natural facial cleansers

The fourth formulation was the Homemade Honey Cleanser from Towards Sustainability.

The advantages of this recipe are that it is easy and quick to make and that it contains HONEY! I personally am in awe of the seemingly magical properties of honey. (Many of which I have posted about before.)

Honey is a natural humectant so it absorbs and retains moisture in the skin. Honey is also a natural antioxidant which helps protect the skin from the damage of the sun’s rays, AND it absorbs impurities from the pores on the skin, making it an ideal cleansing agent.

Homemade Honey Cleanser

3 Tablespoons honey
1/2 cup vegetable glycerine
2 Tablespoons liquid castile soap

Mix ingredients together. Apply to face and neck and massage into skin for at least 30 seconds, allowing the cleanser to loosen dirt and debris. Rinse face with warm water.


Ultimately this was the facial cleanser that WON MY HEART! :-)   (Followed by the Lemon Facial Cleanser as a close second.)

But don’t take MY word for it….try them yourself!  My only suggestion would be that you don’t try and make them all in one day. :-)


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  1. Heather says

    Hi Jillee – LOVE LOVE LOVE all the ideas you share. Your website is my “goto” when I need something quick and good! Question about these cleansers….Do you think that moisturizer is still needed when using the honey cleanser? My skin tends to be dry.

    Thanks !

    • says

      Heather…once in a great while I will still use a little moisturizer on my face…but rarely. I have found since moving to all natural cleansing formulas, like these, I rarely need a separate moisturizer. Try the honey…you will be amazed! :-)

      • Cindy says

        I want to try the honey cleanser……about how much does your recipe make, and do you store it in a glass container, and finally how long can it be stored? It sounds divine so I might triple the recipe!!

  2. margaret says

    hi! live your ideas!!! i use olive oil and full fat milk ,place them in a cup (the never mix well olive oil is always on top )and using a cotton ball i am removing my make up and moisturize at the same time ,the fat from mil also helps my skin and makes it smoother ,rinse with lukewarm water and voila!
    have a great weekend!

  3. Betsy says

    I started out doing the OCM, but in the summer heat and humidity I didn’t care for this on a daily basis. I’m not a daily make-up wearer, either, but do appreciate it as a make-up remover when I do. Jillee, I’m not the least surprised by your “favorite” selection of the 4: I use straight honey on my face when showering. I absolutely love how my skin feels after a honey cleanse! At the sink I use my homemade foaming soap of Dr. Bronner’s baby formula and distilled water. There’s minimal amounts of Dr. Bronner’s in one squirt of foam, but it’s enough to gently do the job and leave my skin feeling clean & soft and looking healthy. BTW I’m 40 with oily, sensitive skin living in the midwest…everybody’s face is different and climate is also a huge factor. Just thought I’d offer what works for me – I’m a keep it simple kind of person who loves all your tips and tricks, Jillee!

  4. Jo says

    Thanks for this and all of your posts, Jillee! I use so many of them now. (Still trying to get hubby convinced! lol!!!) I love these homemade cleanser ideas. I use OCM every 2nd day. When I first read about it I thought that there’s no way that could work. So when I read it on your site, I decided maybe I should try it since everything else I’ve tried from you works so well. I love it! So thanks, and God bless you and your work!

  5. Landon says

    Great recipes! I’m an OCM girl at night & warm water rinse in the morning. I use a mix of 7 ounces sunflower oil, 3 ounces castor oil with a few drops of both lavender & clary sage. My 14 y/o daughter also uses the same mix & loves it. I just refill her small bottle from my larger bottle as needed. It works great at controlling our oily T zone. =)

    • Betsy says

      I use sunflower oil, too, because I can “keep it local” from a farmer less than 100 miles away. Love that aspect of it! Do the lavender and clary sage EO make a big difference in oil control?

      • Landon says

        I don’t know how much the EOs have to do with it, or if it’s just the process of not stripping my skin anymore. I do know that acne prone skin loves lavender. It will clear my daughter’s occasional breakouts in no time. I’ve read that lavender & clary sage are often used for oil control, so I add them.

        If it gives you any indication of the change in the level of oil my skin is producing —
        Before OCM I could apply cosmetics & go to Sunday School & AM church services. We’d get home by 12:30 & my T zone would be really shiny. I’d blot with a tissue, then before the evening service I’d have to blot again, re-powder my face & by the time we got home a couple of hours later it needed to be blotted again.
        Now that I’ve been OCMing for a while I check my makeup after the morning services & do nothing. Before leaving for the evening services I simply blot with a tissue & don’t need to reapply powder at all.

  6. Elina says

    these are fantastic recipes! (actually i LOVE your blog in general.)

    just a suggestion, it might be worth digging up your bottle of jojoba and re-trying the first recipe…. jojoba is actually a liquid wax and behaves quite differently than coconut oil does…. especially in regards to our sebum (skin oils).

  7. Ellen Gardner says

    I actually make and use the Olive oil cleanser regularly. I have substituted coconut oil in the past and it makes it runny, not as creamy. I tried adding melted veg shortening to thicken it up and I guess it threw the formula off because it ended up a little too greasy, but it still cleans well. Vegetable shortening aka Crisco is one of the better things to use on your skin for removing make-up instead of anything with mineral oil. Love your experiments! Keep on bloggin’!

    • says

      Crisco is an excellent skin remover but I had forgotten all about it. I used it many, many years ago and even told a very proper lady working the cosmetic counter in a large upscale store about. The look of horror on her face was priceless. Thanks for reminding me. I’m going back to it.

  8. says

    I have dry skin that is getting all blotchy as I age. It can also be rather sensitive. Which one would you recommend?
    Love, love your website. I’ve used so many of your “recipes” and cannot tolerate the smell of commercial laundry detergents anymore. Thank you!

    • Miranda says

      I can find both in the pharmacy section of walmart in the general area for first aid stuff (ie: bandaids, hydrogen peroxide, rubbing alcohol etc.). I think they’re both usually near the bottom.

    • Landon says

      Just had a tip to share since your question about where to find glycerine has already been answered.

      I use 2 oz of glycerine in my gallon size foaming handwash refil mix. My glycerine (Walmart) has a flip cap. When the bottles are empty I wash & remove the labels. They make great travel bottles for lotions, shampoos, conditioner, etc — except for air travel when you are required to have smaller bottles. My DD & I can share bottles for a week & still have plenty of product left in all the bottles.

    • Jo says

      I found Witch Hazel in Target in Grand Forks, ND for $1.44 for a big bottle. Here in Canada I found the same size bottle in my pharmacy for $9.99. I can only find the small bottles in Wal Mart here. We’re getting a Target soon though! You have an awesome country!

  9. Deborah Jennings says

    I love making my own bath and beauty products. I have used homemade soap on my face and it is pretty moisturizing, if you use the correct recipe. But now, I can make my own make-up removers. Coconut oil in any bath or beauty products can be drying instead of moisturizing. It just depends on the ratio that is used. I do make my own body butters also. Love them! Now I know what I can make for Christmas this year, since I didn’t get the soap made in time. Thank you so much for this post.

  10. Dorie says

    You sure motivated me after I read about the cleansers you made! I didn’t have a lot of the ingredients on hand but I mixed up 1 T. of honey, 1 tsp. lemon juice and 1 T. Crisco in a little pyrex dish and then WARMED it in the microwave for just 5 seconds, just enough to take the chill off of it. (It doesn’t take long to warm up!) I used a dry, soft washcloth and dipped it in the mixture, gently smoothing on my face and neck. I left it on for a few minutes and then rinsed it off with warm water.

  11. carmen says

    I’m glad you wrote about this subject again – I’m having a slight issue and was wondering if anyone else has had this problem: I wash towels once a week and so after I use a washcloth I toss it in the hamper. Lately I’ve noticed a rancid oil smell that I can’t get out of the washcloths. The oil I’m using is fresh and new with no rancid odor.

    • Landon says

      Do you toss the rag in the hamper when it’s wet or let it dry first? Never put wet or damp in a hamper unless it’s off to the laundry room to be washed that day. Damp stuff that sits in a hamper will sour & often mildew. I rinse my rag well after I use it & hang it on the edge of the hamper. The next morning it’s dry & I can push it on into the hamper. Never have any oil smell in mine after laundering.

    • Rocklin Southpaw says

      Carmen, I have the very same problem. I always use fresh oils and never put wet washcloths into the hamper. Still I have that rancid oil smell in my washcloths. I’ve tried washing them in really hot water, washing them twice and even tried soaking in HOT water, detergent and borax. So far, nothing works. Anyone have ideas?

      • Stephanie Decker says

        To freshen your towels and make them super absorbant again do this:

        This is for a large load. Cut ingredients in 1/2 for a small load.
        1. Wash as normal. Leave in washer….
        2. Set washer to hot and only put in 2 C. white vinegar, no detergent. Let it cycle through. When done leave in washer and….
        3. Fill with hot water again. Once full, put in 1 C. baking soda and let cycle through.
        Now throw in the dryer and enjoy your nice fresh towels!

      • Kelly says

        I used to have the same issue. I discovered the culprit was liquid commercial laundry detergents. When I switched to a powdered soap – and rinse with white vinegar my towels and wash cloths now smell fresh and clean. Most of my Internet reading explained that the stuff in liquid laundry products do not rinse well from towels – this promotes bacterial growth. Also – you should NEVER use fabric softener on towels. Again more residues that decrease absorbency and promote bacterial growth. Try vinegar rinse ….

  12. Tessa says

    I definitely want to try the honey mixture. Just curious how it did with taking off eye make-up? That can be a deal maker-or-breaker for me as I want to do everything in one step. Thanks for all your great tips Jillee. My sister always said I was a crunchy-granola-mama but you’ve taken things up several notches for me! The last few weeks since discovering your site have seen me using your toothpaste recipe, cornstarch as my face powder, washing my hair with baking soda and conditioning with vinegar (got my neighbor to try it yesterday!), and just today I did my first load with your quick-and-easy laundry detergent. And yes there’s a box sitting here with ingredients I ordered off a really inexpensive website to make body butter, deodorant, and whatever else is still on my list to try. You’re giving me ideas faster than I can keep up with them!!

  13. Kate says

    I stumbled across your site via a pin on Pinterest, and now I am a daily checker! I’ve even read all of your old posts and in fact, your posts about OCM and your daughter’s experience with it are what finally convinced me to give it a try! Monday will be two weeks and while I’m really liking it, but there is a lot of gross stuff coming to the surface! I feel like I need something else to help get rid of the stuff that has come to the surface and I think the honey cleanser might be what I’m looking for. My question is how do you plan to incorporate the honey cleansing wash into your routine, if at all?

    I was also wondering if we could get an update from your daughter! Is she still using OCM with the same great results???

    Thanks so much!!!

    • Landon says

      When you OCM you go through a bit of a purging stage in the 2-3 week as your pores clear out. I didn’t really have one, but my daughter did. Hers only lasted a few days, so if you keep going with the OCM it should improve rather quickly. I’m amazed at how much clearer her skin is. One of the keys, in my opinion, is the couple of minutes of massage each day. That encourages the circulation to rush blood to the area being massaged & aids in the healing process of any acne that appears.

  14. Tara W. says

    Would the honey cleanser work on all skin types? I have combination skin which can be on the sensitive side. I also have a 16 year old daughter with the typical teenage skin problems. I would love a cleanser that we could both use. I also love the idea of using honey because of its wonderful properties. Your website has quickly become my favorite. I try to save money whenever possible so I absolutely love all your ideas! Thanks a bunch!!

    • Jen K. says

      I have combination skin and used the honey cleanser with a little bit less glycerin and a little more baby soap and it was awesome. I would definitely give it a try. I am in my 20s and I still have teenage skin issues and I saw a difference in my skin in one use. :)

  15. Lily says

    My daily face cleanser (and moisturizer) is Jillee’s Simple Moisturizing Lotion. Removes mascara without burning eyes, leaves face soft…I have formerly oily, post-menopausal dry skin.

    • Landon says

      If you live in the US you can find Dr. Bronner’s Liquid Castile soap pretty easily. Not sure of other brands out there. I do know that in my area I can find it in the organic skin care at Kroger, around the beauty/body care area in Target, near the facial cleansers in Walgreens & I think I’ve seen it in the health & beauty area in Publix.

    • carmen says

      Castile is not an oil, but a soap made with 100% olive oil. Most manufacturers these days use a combination of olive and other vegetable oils, including Dr. Bronner’s. The important thing to look for on a label is no SLS or petroleum products. Savon soaps from France are one of the very few manufacturers still using only olive oil. For Dr. Bronner’s, bed,bath & beyond has started carrying it.

  16. Jen K. says

    I made the honey cleanser, with a few tweaks… I absolutely love it! I don’t think I will ever use anything else! I followed up with my homemade toner (which is just witch hazel with a few drops of tea tree oil). It made my skin so soft and clean and even immediately started helping with some breakouts I have been experiencing lately. Thanks so much! I just love your blog! Keep up the good work!!

    • Coco says

      Jen–what “tweaks” did you make? I have hormonal acne (preggers) and haven’t found anything {natural} that will work on my skin… :( So I am curious as to what you did to tweak…did you add/subtract ingredients or just adjust the amounts to your skin type?



      • Jen K. says

        I used about half of the glycerin and equal parts of organic baby wash and honey. 3 Tbsps of each. I also added about 3 drops of lemon essential oil. I don’t know if you should use the oil in it being pregnant and all though. I am not quite sure if there are any rules for that.

      • Karen says

        Coco, I too have hormonal acne (yes, even in my 30′s) & I used 3 tbls. each of honey & glycerin & rose castile soap. Let me say this, it is DIVINE! It seems as though it’s helping to balance my oily skin & leaves it baby soft. This has become my go-to daily cleanser! Less oiliness + less acne = one happy mama!!! To those wondering, yes it removes make-up…really well!

  17. says

    For many years I have relied upon natural, whole food items and essential oils in many ways. Honey masks, yogurt masks, oatmeal baths, vinegar hair rinse, baking soda and cornstarch as deodorizers, tea bags, or cucumber slices on my eyes, fresh aloe vera gel as a mask, oats or cornmeal, or sugar as a facial scrub, (gently) etc. What I also do is when I am in the kitchen I tend to do things in bulk. For example I buy very ripe bananas, slice or break them up, freeze, and use in smoothies. My hands get a bit covered in banana, and I take full advantage. I rub it into my hands and face. I do that with coconut oil, olive oil, other fruit, leftover oatmeal, even with the whole milk and honey in it. Right on my face. It is ALL beneficial.

    Lately I’ve also taken to using baking soda on my hair instead of shampoo. I find I have less flakes, and squeaky clean hair. Before washing it, I often rub some coconut oil into my scalp and work it out to the hair strands.

  18. says

    Jillee, I will add this to my blog post to-do’s soon and will update you and your readers.

    I actually went on a mission after going to an Arbonne meeting and of course the sticker shock price of $266 for a skin care product line. I am a single mom so I was like, “H to the No!” and since I come from a long line of homeopathic genes, I was on a MISSION to discover some other natural products. I mean Arbonne’s whole philosophy is “Natural” right?

    I did make the honey cleanser option as you have posted below and added orange essential drops because I can’t live without that scent. It just makes me happy.

    But here’s a couple others you may like.

    1) Honey Scrub (This is so awesome) Here’s a source.

    2) Astringent: (makers noses to be advised) 1 part Apple cider vinegar to 2 part witch hazel. It works! May not smell so awesome at first but it really isn’t too bad.

    Happy making!

  19. Brooke says

    I love yhis!! Although, I have found another recipe that also uses honey, but doesnt use anything else except cinnamon. The website said to leave it on overnight, but that got wayyyy to messy on my bed :-P. So, i recommend just leaving the mixture on for a minute or 2, then rinse it right off.

  20. gina says

    so i really didnt try the first two. i still plan to try the second one though, the first really didnt appeal to me however.
    but i DID try the third and fouth. it’s too soon to say on #4 yet bc i literally JUST tried it. but i can say honestly that the third one (with the yogurt) was lovely. i didnt like that it had to be made each time you wanted to use it. but it’s been good for my skin (very prone to break outs- deep painful cystic pimples). i usually washed with it and then (bc i always made extra) i would put the remainder on my face and let it sit as a mask for about 25 minutes. felt great!!
    very excited about using #4 tonight! wish me clear skin!!

    • Linnea says

      Honey never actually “goes bad,” and nothing else in the recipe is a perishable food product, so it should keep until you use it all up! The recipe makes a decent-sized batch, so that in itself indicates it would keep well/be shelf stable.

  21. Judy Lê says

    I just made my first batch of honey cleanser…I’m hoping to make all my Christmas gifts this year from recipes from your site! :) (Well for financial reasons I have too, but I’m happy to put in the effort and time for my close friends and family!)

    I think I did something wrong. When I tried it, I immediately felt a tingly sensation…quickly going to a burn and blotchy red patches. I even then diluted it with 4 more Tbsp of water – but I still react the same. Lasts about 1-2 hours each time. A cold washcloth calmed the worst of it. Is this normal? Do I just need time to get used to it? I added a tablespoon of witch hazel to the honey formulation to help with my t-zone; could that be the problem? My skin feels great despite that! I do think I need a new batch of Dr. Bornner’s tho…it’s smelling a bit stale.

    Next recipe…liquid no grate laundry detergent….onward!

  22. Linnea says

    I just mixed up some of the Honey Facial Cleanser yesterday and used it last night. I’d been using OCM for the better part of the last 4 months, and the bitty forehead bumpies that cropped up at the start have yet to clear out, so it was time to try something else!!

    The only 2 reasonably sized bottles of liquid castille soap I could find at Target (Dr. Bronner’s) were peppermint or tea tree “scented,” and thinking peppermint on my face wasn’t the greatest idea, I got the tea tree one (it’s an orange label). I could also only find “pure glycerin” at the drug store, so I have no idea if it’s “vegetable” as directed in the recipe.

    I mixed it all up, shook up the bottle when it came time to wash, and slathered it all over my face. It frothed up way more than I expected! It was really nice, but oh good god, I HATE the smell! I think it’s the Dr. Bronner’s Tea Tree soap I used. I know tea tree oil on its own is supposed to be marvelous for breakouts, though. After rinsing, my face felt SUPER squeaky clean, but I felt the need to rub on some moisturizer. My skin felt and looked good this morning though, so we’ll continue for a bit and see how things go! Maybe I’ll get used to the smell?

    Thanks for another great homemade product recipe!

    • Diane says

      Hey! I also hate the smell..I’ve been toying with adding some sort of essential oil to make it smell better. As for the squeakiness, I have the same issue. I have added almond oil as a moisturizer and it has worked wonders for me. Just a suggestion! (I also use witch hazel between cleanser and oil. It has changed my face!)
      Hope this helps!

  23. Adria says

    I have been using EVOO and castor oil for a face wash for 5 days now. No need for moisturizer and my skin has less and less of those little white pimples, feels softer, looks better ( to me) and is saving me oodles of $$. Thank you for having such a wonderful site. You are a household name here and we talk about you daily at work!

  24. sailorwind says

    I love the sound of the last recipe, but could it be made without the glycerin? I’m still unsure about glycerin as I am attempted to get rid of chemicals and it seems to be a chemical by-product. I won’t use borax either. But I’m also looking for an alternative to the oil only face wash.

  25. says

    I am coming out with a new cleanser, toner and serum that is made from olive oil, jojoba, oil, grapeseed oil, coconut oil, etc…
    The product will leave your skin moisturized and clean.
    Also, the new fun colors are much nicer to have in your bathroom!!!

  26. MARRY says

    hi julie i love u ideas they are so good julie pls help me i am looking for certified organic emu oil, honey, olive oil, and glycerin i live in toronto can u pls tell me where i can get all certified organic these stuff thanks look forward for ur rreply bye

  27. Bona says

    Hi Jillee! I’m a 12 year old girl in South Korea and I am really inspired by all the things you make! Anyway, I am looking for a nice facial cleanser recipe that I can put in a foaming cleanser bottle. Can you please help me on this? I’d really appreaciate it if you reply. Thanks for posting all of these AMAZING posts here.
    With sincere thanks, Bona

      • Shauna says

        Hi Jillee, I’m new to your site and to the world of homemade products. I want to make the 4th cleanser, but would like your opinion on which smell of castille soap to buy. I’ve never bought it before, but I want to start making other products as well for skin/body & homemade cleaners. Which smell would be more practical for a multitude of uses?

  28. Kerri Beeson says

    I have developed allergies to many products so I am now using a lot of homemade and natural products. One of the cheapest, easiest and best face washes I have found is to simply add about 2-3 tsps of honey to your palm, sprinkle on a fair amount of baking soda ( 1 TBSP or less) add a little bit of water to your hands then rub together and apply to face. Gently scrub then rinse. Exfoliates, takes off make up like a charm and leaves your face soft and clean. The honey is also a natural moisturizer and healer. Usually I tone with ACV diluted on a cotton ball. Safe, effective, cheap, awesome! P.S. – no exact measurements, just trial and error to amount that works best for you.

  29. Cami says

    I’ve been using the Homemade Honey Cleanser for about 3 months now and it does clean well.
    However, I’m about to make a new batch and would like to try adding a drop or 2 of essential oil this time– as the scent of the solution wasn’t especially appealing after about a week of using it. Do you think a drop or 2 of essential oil would be okay in this formula? I have on hand: lavendar, lemongrass and tea tree. Thanks for your blog.

    • Ruthie says

      I made the honey cleanser and added about 3 drops lemon essential oil, and I love it! I’ve always had dry skin after washing with my old facial cleanser, having to add moisturizer to my routine. Not so with the homemade honey cleanser. Hope this helps :)

  30. Evan says

    I have created a cleanser similar to the yogurt and lemon one. It consists of powdered goatsmilk stirred into apple cider vinegar and lemon juice to form a paste. I then apply this creamy (but sort of smelly) mixture to my wet face, massaging it in and then letting it sit for 3 or 4 minutes (longer if I have more time, which I usually don’t) while I wash the rest of my body and hair. My theory is that:

    - the goats milk, with its lactic acid, will remove the dead skin cells

    - the lemon juice, with its alpha hydroxy acids, bets hydroxy acids, and antibacterial properties, will also remove dead skin cells and clean pores

    - the apple cider vinegar, with its lower ph and acidic nature, will balance the skin and also clean the pores.

    HOWEVER, after trialing this as my cleanser for a few days I feel like I am getting some clogged pores/breakouts. How in the WORLD can this be? I feel like this is a cleanser that would most certainly work and have no possibility of not cleansing my skin well enough. Does anyone have any input on this? Could my skin just be addicted to foamy cleansers, even though it strips it and makes it dry?

  31. Sarah says

    Hi! Love the honey idea as I already use raw honey on my face but I noticed the glycerin you used was not vegetable. I have plain glycerin too and was wondering if it really is safe to use? The manufacturer website does say to dilute it with water but the cleanser recipe does not call for any. So just wondering if plain glycerin will be really be fine. Thanks!

  32. Alyce says

    I was wondering if anybody knows if you can substitute Black African Soap (liquid) for Castile soap in the honey cleanser? My hubby has dry, sensitive skin, but also is very prone to breakouts. I know Black African Soap is supposed to be really good for acne, but was curious what effect it would have in the honey wash.

  33. Barb says

    Hi Jillee… my question is, I am in love with the facial cleanser by Farmaethetics, however, it is pricey. It only has five ingredients…. witch hazel, vegetable glycerin, acylglutamate (a natural amino acid derived from sugarcane), geranium essential oil & lavender essential oil …. why couldn’t I make this at home ? Not sure on proper amounts of each ingredient though. Could you help ?




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