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After spending several hours last night at the E.R. with my 17-year-old son Kell, I am particularly grateful it is “Save My Sanity Saturday” today! (No worries. A broken collar bone and a MAJOR case of “road ‘rash” were the outcome….but nothing that won’t heal.)

Even though it was the last place I wanted to spend my Friday night, the timing couldn’t have been better! If I’d come home after that experience (we rolled in about midnight) and had to still do a post I might have had to go right back to the hospital and be admitted for a nervous breakdown! :-)

Luckily I had just the post in mind to give a little Saturday lovin’ to, while at the same time giving myself a little piece of “sanity”. Only 4 more days of school here!  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!

Original post – May 2, 2012

It’s getting treacherously near that time of year that strikes fear and elation into the hearts of Moms and Dads everywhere!  THE LAST DAY OF SCHOOL! (dun dun dun!)  It is almost laughable how every year at this time I cannot WAIT til school is out! And every year….fast forward a couple of weeks….I cannot WAIT til school starts! :-)  It’s a LOVE/HATE thing for sure.

I also have a LOVE/HATE thing when it comes to end-of-the-year Teacher Gifts.  I do LOVE to reward my kids’ teachers for putting up with teaching them for a whole year!  But I hate (well maybe hate is a bit strong) trying to come up with something! (I’d actually be very curious to hear what teachers think about this whole tradition? Do you look forward to the myriad of little trinkets your students bring in…or would you rather just not be bothered? I think I know the answer.)

So this year I was doing my usual “research” to come up with a good teacher gift that fit all my personal requirements: Useful, easy and won’t break the bank!  

That’s not too much to ask for is it? I don’t think so. And I think I found some good ones this year!  I hope you think so!

First off….give the gift of colored pencils…in a cute and creative presentation.

Found this idea over at Happy Clippings and couldn’t wait to make one! It was so quick and easy but so cute!  AND USEFUL! I mean what teacher can’t use more colored pencils?  And they won’t have to pry these off either! They are held on with a cleverly-concealed rubber band. :-)



My second idea came from Chocolate On My Cranium (love that name!) and is one of the most clever things I’ve seen!

Take basic ball point pens like these with clear casings…and pretty them up with cute bits of scrap paper that you roll up and tuck inside!  I just LOVE how these turned out! I want to keep them all for myself. :-)  (I have a “thing” for pens!)

It just doesn’t get much easier than that folks.


Of course I found SCADS more great ideas….but didn’t have the time nor inclination to make them all. So here are a few more that caught my eye for your consideration.

Here is a cute idea from Skip To My Lou.  A fun little gift tag all ready to print out and tie to a cute stack of notecards (or sticky notes, or whatever)!  It says, “Take “NOTE”, you are one of my favorite teachers!  Thanks for a great year!”

Useful? CHECK! Easy? CHECK! Won’t break the bank? CHECK!   :-)


And finally….get ready to have some fun with this one!  Take a little trip over to and create your own one-of-a-kind “Subway Art” piece using you and your child’s own words to describe his or her teacher. Or really ANY words you want!  You simply type the words into their “create” window and the site does the rest! You can change the colors, fonts, shape, direction, etc.  Then just print it out and stick it in a frame (or some other presentation of your choice) and you’re done!  It’s actually quite fun and would be a great gift for all SORTS of occasions!

Here are a couple I made up in about 5 minutes. :-)



If I had more time I could have gone crazy on that site!  It’s WAY fun!


OK…that’s MY contribution to the creative pool of teacher gifts this year!   What’s yours???   :-)



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  1. says

    I love these ideas. For the first one I would put in little dividers made out of cardboard and place in the jars in an X and put in little erasers, clips – bull and paper, and rubber bands. A little hidden surprise for the teacher.


  2. Kate says

    I saw a cute idea last week. Get a beach towel, magazine, and sunscreen and attach a cute note saying to enjoy the summer!

  3. jennielynn says

    Such cute ideas! Last year, one of the mothers in my son’s preschool class took the initiative and organized a class gift. Everyone donated $5-$10 and the mom went out and bought gift cards to a local restaurant and movie tickets, plus some fun odds and ends. She put them in a large flower pot, using scrap-book paper to make flower shaped holders for the cards. It was SO cute, but what I liked best was the fact that it was cheaper for everyone than going it on their own, plus a much more substantial gift than the usual mugs and bric-a-brac.

    • melissa says

      at the beginning of last year my son’s preschool made a sign for the outside wall it said follow me on the path of learning and had all of the kids footprints along with their names. I thought this was really cute (it stuck in my head) so at the end of the year we made each teacher a stepping stone with my son’s footprints with a thank you for putting me on the path of learning. I then sealed each one with a glossy sealer so it could be used in their flower beds. They all loved them and my son had the best time making them

  4. says

    I echo the teachers that commented before. My husband is a high school teacher. He doesn’t get many gifts, but when a student takes the time to give him something (even if the parent bought/made/wrapped it) it’s really appreciated and special. He wears great ties, so students have gotten him those as gifts, and it’s really nice to have something he can use and remember what being a teacher can mean. The note cards always last longer than any gift.

  5. says

    Okay, you asked! As a former school librarian and the recipient of a number of ‘teacher gifts’…yours are cute and useful, but I think most teachers would far more appreciate something like a gift card. It doesn’t have to be much, but a $5 or $10 gift card at Trader Joe’s or JoAnn’s or Michael’s would have been something I’d have loved. I’m sure teachers appreciate the thought…but believe me, you can always tell when you are at a teacher’s garage sale, where she’s trying to get someone to take all those tokens away!

  6. says

    I wish I was still teaching and some lovely parent would make those pens for me! I would have gone bonkers for those pens! I’m an office-supply-a-holic so anytime I got/get office supplies I get all gooey inside! I’m definitely going to make them for my son’s 2nd grade teacher! FABULOUS!

    • Chris says

      Kirsten, I got such a kick out of you getting “gooey”. When my daughter was a little girl she loved playing school and loved office supplies. Midwest School Supply used to have a store in our area and when we got close she would take off at a run to get in there and start looking. She got all gooey inside, too. She is now a teacher but is at home with her small children and enjoys doing some subbing.

  7. Vicky says

    I teach middle school, and for the most part the cute gifts never make it this far up the ladder. I love the pens though, cannot get enough of colored pens!!! I agree with the gift cards, and I also love getting heartfelt notes from students/parents. That does a tremendous job when you hit that one student that you can’t reach and you need a morale boost to get you going again! I taught primary for a long time, and trinkets come and go…but those notes are with me forever in a special file. Those are the treasures!

  8. Miss K says

    I’m also a high school teacher so I don’t get many gifts, but the ones I do are really meaningful and useful. I know my elementary teacher friends end up re-gifting a lot of the things they receive…

    It sounds like a no-no, but a gift card for a local coffee shop, office supply store or book store is ALWAYS a great idea and appreciated by teachers. Even a $5 card helps out with purchases.

    On this vein, I saw some cute gift card holders that said things like, “Thanks a LATTE” or, “Thanks for helping me hit the books”. Even tucking the gift card into a hand-written note card the child writes would be a cherished gift. My favorite ‘gifts’ from students are the senior portraits with hand-written notes from my students on the back.

    • Nicole says

      I agree! After teaching for several years, it really is great to get something that a teacher can use outside of school. The colored pencils and pens I love and then just add a $5 or so -gift card to a coffee shop down in the jar :-)

    • Sarah says

      I plan to do a printable I found online, has the Target stores “target” on it and says “thanks for helping me stay on target,” you include a Target gift card and voila! And I know as teachers you’re probably cringing at my sentence structure, haha :)

  9. Tamara says

    Nice ideas that I can’t wait to try. I am a HS teacher and we don’t get these end of the year gifts but I have a kindergartener this year and am excited to create these. I use wordle with my students, but never thought about it as a gift. Thank you, thank you!