Frugal Friday: 25 DIY Organization Ideas


Happy Frugal Friday everyone! It has been UNSEASONABLY warm where I live and that has got me in a spring cleaning frame of mind. More specifically, I’ve been yearning to get my house in ORDER!  Since it’s FRUGAL FRIDAY, we decided to see what we could come up with in the organization department that might at least help us all get a JUMP on our spring cleaning….because let’s face it…it IS only February 28th. :-(

The girls and I saw this idea in the current issue of Better Homes & Gardens STORAGE magazine and loved it! It’s SO simple to do and really makes a difference in a closet. No more searching where to put back that black pair of pants because it’s CLEARLY MARKED with these simple to make closet markers.

We made ours using an old cereal box, some scraps of scrapbook paper, some spray adhesive and a pair of scissors!

Here’s our photo tutorial:


DIY Organizing Tips


That’s it! I really do like these things. It makes something as mundane as hanging up clothes just a little easier, prettier, and nicer overall. :-)

Of course, these would also be GREAT for little ones closets. I sense a teaching moment!


Here are 24 MORE simple, FRUGAL DIY organizing ideas to get your PRE-spring cleaning and organizing juices flowing!


Gather loose bolts and nails in the garage by sticking them to a length of tape and layering another piece of tape on top.




Make these cute little organizer boxes out of cereal boxes and scrapbook paper! Attach them to an inspiration board if you’re feeling really creative!




When you’re in a hurry to get ready, find the RIGHT jeans instead of always wearing the same pair because they all look the same on the hanger! All you need are some index cards and some rubber bands.




Cup hooks holding the dowels make it easy to switch out paper seasonally or when a roll is finished.




I LOVE this idea! No more folding necessary. No more having to dig for that one tank!




Some dollar store plastic mini-crates, some hooks under the top shelf and instantly a whole world of organizing possibilities opens up! Works great in this child’s closet.




Another “mini-crate” idea. Add a 2nd shower rod to hang all those extra shower & bath items. If you really want to go crazy with shower rods, you can add one to dry towels and swimsuits, too.




Transparent poly pockets hold recipes, equivalent conversions charts, take-out menus and more!




Tie colorful ribbons from gifts you’ve received around sheet sets so individual pieces don’t stray. (This is what they do at our local thrift store to keep sets together.) So smart! You’ll never have to waste time hunting for matching pillowcases again.




Store ribbon in inexpensive glass containers. Each piece of ribbon is wrapped around a wide popsicle stick.




OR….if you don’t want to bother rounding up popsicle sticks….you can also use plain old cardboard! Cut up some cardboard, pick up a cute basket at the dollar store and you’re set! Cute presentation too. :-)




And one more ribbon idea!  Such ribbon cleverness!




I don’t know about you, but I am ALWAYS using twine!  This is a great way to store and dispense it!




My drawer full of cookie cutters drives me nuts! Sometimes I end up having to take out every last one before I find the one I’m looking for!  Simply put similar cookie cutters together in labeled plastic zipper bags and stack them on top of each other. Now all you have to do is grab the right bag and leave all the other cutters in the drawer! Genius!




This smart idea comes from my friend Jen at Tater Tots & Jello. So simple, but so effective! This velcro trick would work great in any type of a drawer – from your office, to your kitchen to your craft room!




Use an ordinary plate easel as a cookbook stand. It keeps your book open, clean, and in view while you are creating your newest culinary masterpiece.




Instead of grouping measuring spoons in a set, put like measurements together, then just open the cupboard door and grab the spoon you need. I love that there’s 3 of each spoon! Great if you love to cook and bake! So clever!




Use some old file folders and cut them up into strips. Dedicate each piece of file folder to one category, and staple it to the inside back corner of an envelope. Corresponding coupons go in the envelope. Done.




Create some lovely storage containers using old shoe boxes and newspapers. So great-looking!




Deep chest freezers are SO hard to organize! I have had one for years! This inexpensive solution is SO smart!

Milk-style crates stacked in the freezer in three rows of two. The bottom two are for meats because they’re the heaviest. BRILLIANT!




Inexpensive vases (that can be found in abundance at thrift stores!) are used to hold bracelets!




Frugal way to store your plastic lids! Another one of my biggest organizing pet peeves SOLVED…CHEAPLY!




Use tuna cans to organize office supplies, or small craft items. (Just make sure you wash them out really well or this drawer will become the new favorite hangout for your cat!) I can’t believe how good they look! They’re TUNA cans!:-)




$2 DIY Yardstick Mitten Holder! Wow. I really wish I’d thought of something like this when my kidlets were all little! :-)



 What is your favorite DIY organizing tip? SHARE! Please! :-)



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  1. joan says

    I luv any kind of small box and/or lid to organize drawers – especially kitchen and bathroom. + desks
    boxes+lids from checkbooks are especially good for medicine cabinets.
    – un-breakable glasses are also great for medicine cabinets – tweezers, scissors etc

    unique or funny coffee mugs do well for toothbrush/toothpaste holders. + are also easily cleaned, along with the toothbrushes, in the dishwasher.

  2. Rebecca B says

    I love these! I also like to take the little china fruit bowls from my grandma’s china set, that I inherited, and set them on my bathroom counter as holders for bobby pins, stray earrings, ect. So pretty! Also, I took a shoe holder and use it to store hats, mittens, and scarves. I just hang it on the back of the basement door. My daughter uses one for fancy scarves, too.

    • Gwyn says

      I use the hanging shoe holders as well. The clear ones mostly, one on the kitchen closet door for spices, bags, cheese cloth and twine, all kinds of miscellaneous items. One on the hall closet door for bathroom restock item storage that also holds the hairdryer, medicines and lotions well and one on the coat closet door (the front this time) for mittens, hats, lint rollers, dogie bags all kinds of things we take in and out all the time. You can also cut them in half for shorter doors like the bathroom vanity it just takes a little crafting to finish the ends and hang one half. The possibilities are endless and I love them.

  3. Michelle says

    Instead of tying a ribbon around my sheet sets, I like to take one of the pillow cases and put the flat sheet, fitted sheet, and the other pillow case inside it. All you have to do then is grab the pillow case and everything you need is inside to make up your bed.

  4. Sharon H says

    I use a LOT of ribbons when embroidering names/words etc when making key rings, for my craft shows. I love them on my home made cards, too, so I’m always interested in ways to organize and keep them handy.

    In my sewing room I have a couple of wire-covered shelves and on the lower one I added the closet rod holder attachments made for those shelves. I sized a dowl rod to the smallest diameter of ribbon spools, then strung the spools onto the rod and slipped it onto the rod holders. Perfect! They are easily seen; easy to cut off what I need; and out of the way! Love it.

    Oh, and to ensure the rod doesn’t slip-slide off the end….I wrapped a rubber band tightly around each end of the dowl, close to the rod holder. Keeps it nice and secure while letting the spools turn freely when I want them to.

  5. Rachel says

    Two of my favorite organizing tricks are for organizing mittens/scarfs/hats and sheet sets.
    I hung an over the door pocket shoe organizer on my coat closet door. Each pocket holds a set or two of mittens, a scarf or a stocking cap. I use the lower ones for my children and the higher ones for my hubby and me. This allows us to be able to find all of our winter items easily and replace them quickly. No more searching!
    For my sheet sets I fold the flat sheet and fitted sheet, stacking them together, and then slide them into the pillowcase. If it is for a King or queen set I stack one of the two pillowcases on top of the fitted sheet before sliding them in the pillow case for storage. This makes it easy to find the whole set and also easy to transport from the linen closet.

  6. Beverly Dickey says

    I have loads of small black plastic trays that come from the chinese restaurant or from small freezer meals like Lean Cuisine and use them in drawers to sort jewelry or office supplies. I keep coffee cans and spray paint them to keep different items in for the kitchen, office, or sewing room.

  7. Emily says

    Once a year, I turn my hangers in my closet backwards. Once I wash the clothes, I put them back. This will narrow down exactly what you do and do not use. What ever is left backwards, it what I give away!

  8. says

    I use a file folder organizer to store my cookie sheets and cutting boards. It keeps them vertical and separated so I don’t have to dig through the stack to find what I need. I also try to find a new purpose for items before I commit to completely getting rid of them. I just turned 3 old pillows into a pet bed for our dog! Thanks for sharing these great tips. I think I will implement a few this weekend!

  9. Wanda says

    Great article as always Jillian. Thankyou. Lately on the website I have a Disney cruise advertisement that flashes in a strobe like manner like something trying to come through from the other side in one of those horror movies. I close it out by clicking on the X and it will disappear briefly but then it’s back to haunting me. If it stayed in its own spot it wouldn’t bother me but it’s very random and erratic in its appearance. I have to close it out so many times while reading an article. Perhaps there Are just ghosties in my ipad but if there is a solution as to how to keep Disney at bay I would appreciate it.

  10. Krystal F. says

    I use a tension rod underneath the kitchen sink on which to hang spray bottles – this gets them off the floor and then I can easily see the other containers. I may have even gotten this idea from you, Jillee!

  11. Jackie says

    This came just in time for my cleaning binge…I got a couple great ideas and I can see my future will be very well organized especially my deep freeze and drawers, those are my two main problem areas…Thank you, now if only you could come over and help (winks).

  12. Ann says

    Great ideas and some are just brilliant! And yes, I’m sitting here thinking “why didn’t I think of that” on many of them. lol I just bought an over-the-door shoe holder so I’m about to put it to good use. :) Thanks again Jillee!!

  13. Andrea M says

    The shower rings idea would work for scarves or pantyhose as well as camisoles. Jillee, I made a jewelry organizer like you did – I added some cup hooks to the bottom to hang my bigger necklaces. The backing is cork and I use a few pushpins to hold fine gold chains. I sprayed it all (including pushpins and cup hooks) with antique copper and hung it on the bathroom wall. It is gorgeous! Might work with window screen as well as the hardware mesh.

  14. Pat says

    I love the measuring spoons, the closet rod sorters ( I bought some that I haven’t put up yet but yours are cheap), velcro drawer organizers, wrapping paper keeper and the lid storage – I have unused plastic magazine holders that will be perfect.

  15. Kristine Haddock says

    My biggest kitchen pet peeve had been my kitchen aid stand mixer attachments taking up valuable shelf space. I asked my husband to drill shallow holes in the back of a cabinet, just under a shelf, within easy reach. He then glued a short piece of wood dowel into each of the three holes, which had been precisely spaced for the three attachments (dough hook, mixing paddle and whip). Now I slide each attachment onto its assigned dowel piece and they are now stored nicely just below a shelf in a kitchen csbinet, under which I have plenty of space for other items; muffin pan liners, measuring cups, etc.

    Going one step further, my next pet peeve was the ckear, plastic bowl guard that doesn’t fit anywhere. I asked hubby to install 4 small cup hooks under the same kitchen shelf, near the mixer attachments, around the perimeter of the bowl guard. He then attached two short bungee cords in an “x” pattern, and my stand mixer splash guard now nests perfectly on the underside of a shelf in my kitchen cupboard, out of the way.

  16. Paula says

    I just came up from my basement where I was trying to organize my extra serving pieces and kitchen items. I had several wire display items, and no space to store them, so I bent some wire hangers into hooks to hang them up and out of the way!

  17. CTY says

    Great Post! Saving all kinds of boxes & stuff can really organize you lickity split. The empty case box from Reese’s fit perfectly in one of my drawers–it holds all pens/pencils and scrap paper too. I use the plastic strawberry baskets (doubled for more strength) to round up binder clips & other small items.
    In the refrigerator I use the plastic shoe box size containers to hold all the condiments. It keeps like items together, spills are contained and items do not get lost in the dark corners.
    In my laundry room, (which is right next to the kitchen) the ironing board hangs on the door. I hang my 2 very pretty aprons over the board “dressing it up”. The are handy, yet out of the way & the ironing board is not an eyesore anymore.

  18. SarahE says

    I have a wok that didn’t have enough space in the cabinet for, but is used a lot! So I used one of my “S” hooks and hung it on the side of my pantry wire shelving unit. Out of the way, but so easy to get to. Will work with any pan with a hole in the handle.

  19. Tricia says

    I have done this for years now…At the beginning of the year I buy a new set of alpha index sheets and put them in a binder. As the bills and invoices come in throughout the year I file them alphabetically. At the end of the year I simply transfer everything to Three Prong Fasteners. After tightly fastening the papers together I use a black marker to write the year on the closed side of the sheets. Easy peasy. Stack them by year.

  20. STACEY says

    Some very nifty organizing ideas that I will soon use…………………..My favorite idea/space saver is a magnetic metal clip spray painted black (or any color to match your stove hood vent) to use as a recipe holder. It’s convenient, easily seen, stays clean and blends in………………….

  21. says

    I have a towel bar mounted on my wall, by the mirror I use to check my outfits. I have s’hooks on it to hold necklaces and bracelets. Nearby are embroidery hoops with a wide weave fabric in the; earrings get displayed there.

    I also use a door-back shoe holder, but I have all the chargers/extensions/power cords/backup disks and extra batteries for all my office stuff, all labeled on the pockets.

  22. Liz says

    After a recent kitchen re-do where I had all the cabinets taken out and pull drawers installed, I couldn’t find the “right” size silver ware holder to fit the new drawer. Dollar Tree Store to the rescue. I bought several packs of mini-plastic tubs (10.5 x 2.25 x 2.5) and they worked like a charm, putting some cross-wise and some front to back in the drawer. Now I can easily see forks, knives, spoons, bottle openers, and other kitchen utensils at a glance when I pull the drawer out.

  23. Dee says

    The bags that sheets sometimes come in seemed like such a waste to me, but I held onto them anyway. Then, a lightbulb went on; I have no choice in my small kitchen but to stack pots & pans, including my non-stick skillets. I put them in the sheet bags to keep them from scratching each other!

  24. chris says

    Those zippered bags that linens come in are what I like to use for winter survival kits for the car. One holds old blankets, another holds extra gloves and stocking caps, you get the idea.

  25. Lisa says

    First I fold my flat sheet but I leave it long I do not fold it up small yet, I lay it out on the table, I fold the fitted sheet the same and lay it on top of the flat and the pillow cases on top of the fitted, then I fold the entire long stack in half and in half, sheets all in one, I learn the little trick 20+ yrs ago when I cleaned hotel room. It’s great to grab the stack instead of pieces and it’s also a space saver. I also put a lavender dryer sheet in the set to help keep them fresh


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