Frugal Friday: 25 DIY Organization Ideas


Happy Frugal Friday everyone! It has been UNSEASONABLY warm where I live and that has got me in a spring cleaning frame of mind. More specifically, I’ve been yearning to get my house in ORDER!  Since it’s FRUGAL FRIDAY, we decided to see what we could come up with in the organization department that might at least help us all get a JUMP on our spring cleaning….because let’s face it…it IS only February 28th. :-(

The girls and I saw this idea in the current issue of Better Homes & Gardens STORAGE magazine and loved it! It’s SO simple to do and really makes a difference in a closet. No more searching where to put back that black pair of pants because it’s CLEARLY MARKED with these simple to make closet markers.

We made ours using an old cereal box, some scraps of scrapbook paper, some spray adhesive and a pair of scissors!

Here’s our photo tutorial:


DIY Organizing Tips


That’s it! I really do like these things. It makes something as mundane as hanging up clothes just a little easier, prettier, and nicer overall. :-)

Of course, these would also be GREAT for little ones closets. I sense a teaching moment!


Here are 24 MORE simple, FRUGAL DIY organizing ideas to get your PRE-spring cleaning and organizing juices flowing!


Gather loose bolts and nails in the garage by sticking them to a length of tape and layering another piece of tape on top.




Make these cute little organizer boxes out of cereal boxes and scrapbook paper! Attach them to an inspiration board if you’re feeling really creative!




When you’re in a hurry to get ready, find the RIGHT jeans instead of always wearing the same pair because they all look the same on the hanger! All you need are some index cards and some rubber bands.




Cup hooks holding the dowels make it easy to switch out paper seasonally or when a roll is finished.




I LOVE this idea! No more folding necessary. No more having to dig for that one tank!




Some dollar store plastic mini-crates, some hooks under the top shelf and instantly a whole world of organizing possibilities opens up! Works great in this child’s closet.




Another “mini-crate” idea. Add a 2nd shower rod to hang all those extra shower & bath items. If you really want to go crazy with shower rods, you can add one to dry towels and swimsuits, too.




Transparent poly pockets hold recipes, equivalent conversions charts, take-out menus and more!




Tie colorful ribbons from gifts you’ve received around sheet sets so individual pieces don’t stray. (This is what they do at our local thrift store to keep sets together.) So smart! You’ll never have to waste time hunting for matching pillowcases again.




Store ribbon in inexpensive glass containers. Each piece of ribbon is wrapped around a wide popsicle stick.




OR….if you don’t want to bother rounding up popsicle sticks….you can also use plain old cardboard! Cut up some cardboard, pick up a cute basket at the dollar store and you’re set! Cute presentation too. :-)




And one more ribbon idea!  Such ribbon cleverness!




I don’t know about you, but I am ALWAYS using twine!  This is a great way to store and dispense it!




My drawer full of cookie cutters drives me nuts! Sometimes I end up having to take out every last one before I find the one I’m looking for!  Simply put similar cookie cutters together in labeled plastic zipper bags and stack them on top of each other. Now all you have to do is grab the right bag and leave all the other cutters in the drawer! Genius!




This smart idea comes from my friend Jen at Tater Tots & Jello. So simple, but so effective! This velcro trick would work great in any type of a drawer – from your office, to your kitchen to your craft room!




Use an ordinary plate easel as a cookbook stand. It keeps your book open, clean, and in view while you are creating your newest culinary masterpiece.




Instead of grouping measuring spoons in a set, put like measurements together, then just open the cupboard door and grab the spoon you need. I love that there’s 3 of each spoon! Great if you love to cook and bake! So clever!




Use some old file folders and cut them up into strips. Dedicate each piece of file folder to one category, and staple it to the inside back corner of an envelope. Corresponding coupons go in the envelope. Done.




Create some lovely storage containers using old shoe boxes and newspapers. So great-looking!




Deep chest freezers are SO hard to organize! I have had one for years! This inexpensive solution is SO smart!

Milk-style crates stacked in the freezer in three rows of two. The bottom two are for meats because they’re the heaviest. BRILLIANT!




Inexpensive vases (that can be found in abundance at thrift stores!) are used to hold bracelets!




Frugal way to store your plastic lids! Another one of my biggest organizing pet peeves SOLVED…CHEAPLY!




Use tuna cans to organize office supplies, or small craft items. (Just make sure you wash them out really well or this drawer will become the new favorite hangout for your cat!) I can’t believe how good they look! They’re TUNA cans!:-)




$2 DIY Yardstick Mitten Holder! Wow. I really wish I’d thought of something like this when my kidlets were all little! :-)



 What is your favorite DIY organizing tip? SHARE! Please! :-)



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  1. joan says

    I luv any kind of small box and/or lid to organize drawers – especially kitchen and bathroom. + desks
    boxes+lids from checkbooks are especially good for medicine cabinets.
    – un-breakable glasses are also great for medicine cabinets – tweezers, scissors etc

    unique or funny coffee mugs do well for toothbrush/toothpaste holders. + are also easily cleaned, along with the toothbrushes, in the dishwasher.

  2. Kim says

    Love ,Love, Love all the stuff you post. So helpful!! Thank you for taking the time to share it with the world.

  3. Gram says

    I just put matching sheet sets in one of the pillowcases. It keeps them all together and tells you which set it is.

  4. Rebecca B says

    I love these! I also like to take the little china fruit bowls from my grandma’s china set, that I inherited, and set them on my bathroom counter as holders for bobby pins, stray earrings, ect. So pretty! Also, I took a shoe holder and use it to store hats, mittens, and scarves. I just hang it on the back of the basement door. My daughter uses one for fancy scarves, too.

  5. Michelle says

    Instead of tying a ribbon around my sheet sets, I like to take one of the pillow cases and put the flat sheet, fitted sheet, and the other pillow case inside it. All you have to do then is grab the pillow case and everything you need is inside to make up your bed.

  6. Suzann Knudsen says

    I use decorative wall hooks to hang necklaces, For larger pieces, I’ve found that individual wall mounted plate display racks keep them from tangling up.

  7. Sharon H says

    I use a LOT of ribbons when embroidering names/words etc when making key rings, for my craft shows. I love them on my home made cards, too, so I’m always interested in ways to organize and keep them handy.

    In my sewing room I have a couple of wire-covered shelves and on the lower one I added the closet rod holder attachments made for those shelves. I sized a dowl rod to the smallest diameter of ribbon spools, then strung the spools onto the rod and slipped it onto the rod holders. Perfect! They are easily seen; easy to cut off what I need; and out of the way! Love it.

    Oh, and to ensure the rod doesn’t slip-slide off the end….I wrapped a rubber band tightly around each end of the dowl, close to the rod holder. Keeps it nice and secure while letting the spools turn freely when I want them to.


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