20 Simple Valentine’s Day Gifts Your Sweetheart Will Love

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Quick And Simple Valentine’s Day Gifts Can Mean A Lot!

If you have put off buying that Valentine’s Day gift, don’t fret; it’s not Valentine’s Day yet! There’s still time for us procrastinators to come up with a meaningful gift without having to spend a fortune or come up with something elaborate.

I have compiled some last minute Valentine’s Day ideas and quick Valentine’s gifts that won’t break the bank, but that your sweetheart will surely appreciate. After all, it’s really the thought that counts, and even simple Valentine’s Day gifts can mean the world to those you love!

20 Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Ideas & Simple Gifts They’ll Love

surprise love notes written on heart shaped paper

1. Surprise Love Notes

Grab a package of heart-shaped Post-it notes from the grocery store, write down things you love about him or her and scatter them throughout the house. They will love it! (Need some ideas? Check this post from Lana at With A Touch Of Luxe.)

2. Bake A Cake (Or Brownies, Or Cookies!)

If you like to bake, this is a fun, frugal Valentine’s Day gift idea. If Valentine’s Day falls on a week day, surprise him or her at work by dropping off a plate of their favorite goodies and a note. They’ll surely be the envy of co-workers! Bonus points for making them heart-shaped!

giant candy bar card on a red poster board

3. Giant Candy Bar Card

One of my favorite Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him is to put together a big card (made with poster board or foam core board) with candy bars attached and cute candy bar sayings. These are so much fun to do! The only hard part is resisting the urge to eat the candy!

4. Make A Pinterest Board

Looking for out of the box Valentine’s Day gift ideas? Look no further than a bespoke Pinterest board! Fill it with images, videos, and websites that speak to your significant other’s interests or that will make them smile.

candy on skewers put in a vase to look like a bouquet

5. Candy Bouquet

This is a quick Valentine’s Day gift bouquet I made for my husband last year. I was definitely in a “last minute” situation, but luckily I tend to thrive under pressure. :-) He loved it!

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6. Make A Valentine With Household Items

Turn everyday items into a gift with a well-placed pun and a few simple supplies.

  • “I donut know what I would do without you!” – donut
  • “I love you a latte!” – Starbucks bottled drink
  • “I get a charge out of you!” – AA batteries
  • “You are the highlight of my life!” – highlighter pen
  • “I am stuck on you!” – glue or stickers
  • “You are the icing on my cake!” – cupcake
  • “I’m bananas for you!” – banana or banana bread
woman writing on a rom-com checklist

7. Have A Netflix Night

Turn on Netflix, queue up When Harry Met Sally (or your rom-com of choice), and enjoy a night snuggled up together on the couch. My Rom-Com Checklist could come in handy here!

8. Valentine’s Day Crossword Puzzle

Go to Education.com and create a free customized crossword that incorporates words and clues from your relationship. For example: 3 Down: What you hate to take out. Answer: Garbage.

woman sitting at a desk and listening to a romantic playlist on an Echo Show

9. Make A Romantic Playlist (Or Borrow Mine!)

Make a romantic playlist of your favorite love songs as a thoughtful throwback to the mixtapes we used to make “back in the day.” It’s a gift that will last well beyond Valentine’s Day and doesn’t cost a cent to make. (Feel free to use my Valentine’s Day Playlist instead — your secret is safe with me!)

10. Opening Day Tickets

Baseball season is just around the corner, so why not surprise the sports fan in your life with tickets to opening day? Put the tickets in a Valentine’s Day card, or pair it with a t-shirt or hat.

quote on a yellow background that says,

11. Frame It Up!

Here’s one of my favorite quick Valentine’s gifts: download a free printable (there are lots and lots to be found on Pinterest) and put it in a frame. I love this particular quote! :-)

12. Take The Day Off From Parenting

Plan ahead to have the kids stay with Grandma or another relative overnight on Valentine’s Day (or around then — it doesn’t hurt to be flexible!) This will give you both some “alone time” to focus on each other, and to sleep in!

milk with red heart ice cubes and heart shaped donuts

13. Heartfelt Romantic Breakfast

Wake up extra early and start Valentine’s Day off special with a batch of heart-shaped pancakes! Just pour the batter in the frying pan in a free-form heart shape and serve with strawberries and whipped cream. This would definitely show your loved one how much you care.

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14. Play Tourist In Your Home Town

Plan some touristy activities that you and your honey have never gotten around to doing, and don’t be embarrassed to take a zillion corny couples pictures.

indoor picnic set-up on a living room floor

15. A Winter Picnic

Take a picnic blanket (or even a sheet) and set up a romantic picnic in your living room. Feature food from your favorite deli or gourmet shop, and maybe a fancy beverage. You could also make your picnic an outing, like parking your car at a scenic overlook.

16. Spread The Love

Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love, so consider branching out from romance into charity and friendship. Volunteer at a soup kitchen, send flowers to nursing home residents, or contact a local women’s shelters to ask how you can best show love to those who live and work there. Little things can make all the difference for people who are in need of a little extra love.

woman ironing on a ironing board

17. Do The Chores They Dislike

Is there a chore that your partner typically does? Is there something he/she has been meaning to do, but hasn’t found the time to do it? For Valentine’s Day, do something that will make your significant other’s life easier. Organize the garage. Take over laundry duties for a week/month. You get the idea.

18. A Dozen Roses + A Dozen Dates

Turn the traditional “a dozen roses” into something extra special. Think of 12 date ideas that suit the both of you, write those down in a card, and gift the card along with a dozen roses. Good Housekeeping has 100 Creative Date Ideas that can help you brainstorm.

Want to score extra Valentine points? Have them delivered at work. It will make your beloved’s co-workers sigh at your thoughtfulness and leave your sweetheart smiling.

woman sitting on the edge of a tub and drinking cucumber water

19. The Gift Of Pure Relaxation

If you’ve waited until the very last minute for a gift, a gift card for a massage is a fast option that doesn’t require you to wait for delivery! If you really want to kick up the romance factor, make it a gift certificate for a couple’s massage. Most spas these days offer gift cards or gift certificates!

20. Go Beyond The Chocolates

Chocolate-covered strawberries are my absolute favorite! If you have never tried these, you are missing out. My husband always buys me a dozen for Valentine’s Day. They are divine!

More Sweet Ideas For Valentine’s Day

What’s the best Valentine’s gift you’ve ever received?

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  • The best gift I ever received was in 2000,when I delivered my last child. In all the excitement hubby forgot candy and flowers and I’ve never let him forget it.

  • Hi Jill,

    I am new to the blogs and the homemade cleaners and beauty products. I am hooked on all of the homemade recipes and I loved your Smash book idea. I ran out and got a Smashbook and have spent a week finding out about the fonts, how to install them, and how to use them. I typed a few recipes this morning and I noticed that the KG One More Night looks much different on the recipes you typed and the ones I typed today. My letters are more tall and almost touching. Just wandering what I did wrong.

  • My husband and I don’t typically make a big deal over Valentine’s Day since our anniversary is less than 2 weeks away. However, he sent me a dozen roses at work today for Valentine’s Day, which was an awesome surprise!

  • My favorite Valentine’s Days are the ones my husband and I spend at home, making dinner and watching a movie. We’re boring like that – but we just love being with each other.

  • One year after we were married my husband surprised me on Valentine’s Day with our bedroom filled with red heart shaped balloons. In each balloon he had written something on a small piece of paper. I had to pop each balloon to read the paper. Each one started with “Remember when…” Things like remember when I first took your hand and walked on the beach. Remember when we first kissed on the hill behind church. Things like that… He had remembered all our special first times. It was very romantic!

  • Best ones from kids and now grandkids! Always love to see what creative things school teachers come up with for their classes to do!

    Thats the SECOND story this WEEK I have read about doxie dogs on tables–the last one the critter pee’ed on the apples on the counter! Hmmmm—we have been thinking about one but now!!!!!!—-

  • The best valentine I have received is any homemade card, hug, or kiss from my kids! To me (I am very frugal) the best gifts are something from the heart and not something bought from the store.

  • My Valentine’s story………I was pregnant with our second child and in the U.S.military hospital in Naples, Italy, with complications. My Navy husband sent me a valentine – A lady from the USO dressed as a clown and (sigh) a Marine in full dress uniform – singing “That’s Amore” with a candy bouquet. So….as I could not reciprocate as I was on bed rest, the only gift I could give was our baby boy born that same day.

  • The best Valentine’s gift I received was 2 dozen roses (orange and purple-our favorite colors) and personalized fondue pot inscribed with the date we met along with a platter of goodies (sliced bananas, strawberries, pound cake, etc) to dip into the melted chocolate. It was (literally) very sweet and romantic and felt like we were at The Melting Pot.

  • I work as a personal trainer/fitness instructor and I hate to wear my wedding rings to work because I am so worried I will knock them on something and loose a diamond … so my hubby bought me a sweet little silver band with a heart on it for me to wear to work so I no longer have to worry…. oh and all the silly things my girls bought us when they were little. It is so much fun to see this holiday thru their eyes!!!

  • When we were first married and living apart, me in Texas and my husband in Hawaii, my husband gave me a beautiful necklace. It is a tiny flower out of diamonds. I loved the necklace, and 11 years and two children later, I still wear it daily.

  • My best valentines gift was mine and the hubby (then boyfriends) first valentines day. We went to dinner at my favorite restaurant and sitting on our table was a huge bouquet of flowers along with the sweetest note (which I still have). Every girl in the place was eyeing my perfect flowers and every guy was eyeing my guy like they wanted to punch him. Haha…. Game, set, match.

  • I was a new mom and our first child was only 10 days old and my husband let me sleep in and had done the dishes for me when I woke up. It was wonderful!

  • The best valentine gift I ever received was from my father. Each year he had a gift for not only my mom, but also for my sister and I. The gifts were simple, inexpensive but thoughtful. By doing so he taught me that Valentine’s Day wasn’t just about romantic love, but celebrating love within a family. It is a tradition my husband and I have continued in our family. This year my kids were asking to shop for I love you gifts for each other.

  • One Valentine’s gift really touched me. Our daughter had just separated from her husband (who left her for another woman), and had moved in with us with her four children. My husband gave both me AND my daughter a dozen roses each so she would know how much she was loved. I love that man!

  • My dad always got my mom a big box of chocolates and he gave me a smaller version. I loved that especially since he passed away when I was 13. Good memories.

  • We waited til the kiddies were in bed and then we both cooked a romantic dinner together and had a bottle of wine and had a very romantic evening ;)

  • My favorite ways to celebrate have been to gift valentines themed clothing to my children and make a special meal like heart shaped pancakes, or fondue for dinner.

  • My boyfriend was working in Alaska, and we couldn’t be together for Valentine’s Day. But he sent me a gift certificate for a full body massage package at a local spa! I have never been so relaxed!!

  • My husband and I were engaged without the diamond ring. He wanted to give me the ring for Valentines Day and saved up to present me with that ring on Valentines Day.

  • One year my boyfriend got me just a card but he had colored the envelope and wrote the sweetest things inside. He doesn’t normally express himself like that and it was the sweetest gift he’s ever given me. I still have the card and envelope.

  • Not *quite* a Valentine’s gift, but my daughter was born a couple days after V-day! Last year my hubby made a special dinner for me with candles, it was so sweet!

  • One Valentine’s Day, when Apple had just released the ipods, my husband surprised me with a mini I-pod. Engraved with “a thousand lovely things for my love”. (The ipod could hold 1000 songs.) The ipod doesn’t work anymore, but it will always be on my desk, and often one of our 4 kids will pick it up, hold it and read the inscription over and over again.

  • The best Valentine’s present I ever received was a little spiral notebook where every single page was filled up with “reasons why I love you”. It must have taken ages, as well as incredible foresight, for my boyfriend (at the time) to have written such a heartfelt book.

  • My husband once gave me a check for a million dollars! It was written on our joint checking account, and, as we were graduate students at the time, we had only about 3 figures in our checking account, not 7. But it was awfully sweet.

  • My favorite Valentine’s gift came a month early – my husband and I celebrate our anniversary in January and count that as Valentines as well since they’re close together and we are tight on money. He took me to a Hilton downtown where we went on our honeymoon with a jacuzzi tub and had flowers waiting for me when we got there. It was so sweet!

  • I gave my husband, then boyfriend, an engraved cigar lighter and a card with matches or something along the lines of being “hot”! :) He loved it!

  • In my 17 years w my husband we rarely celebrate Valentine’s Day, but I’ll never forget last year’s – a trip to Largo for a comedy show + Taco Bell Takeout. For some reason the latter was truly special, b/c we appreciated one another even more.

  • The best fit I ever received is actually going to be this weekend. We are going to spend the day together on Saturday, without the little man. We moved almost 2 years ago and it’s probably been that long since we have had a true date. I cannot even begin to tell you how excited I am!!

  • The best V-day gift i have received is my darling 16 year old daughter!! I know for a fact that she was conceived on Valentines day evening! 40 Weeks later…a beautiful baby girl!!!

  • The best gift I gave myself, was to quit having high expectations from my husband. He is not a big gifter, so now if I receive something, it is unexpected. We just usually have a nice dinner at home that all our family likes, and then hit up somewhere for icecream afterwards.

  • The best gift I ever got from Valentine’s day was the Valentines day when we were engaged. My hubby gave me my “something blue” to wear on wedding day that he had purchased on a vacation we went on with his family!

  • My husband usually gets me several little things for Valentine’s Day that he knows I like…my favorite candy bar, a new scarf , a couple lottery tickets; & the best part is the time we spend snuggled together watching an old favorite movie!

  • My husband (boyfriend at the time) took me out to eat awesome Mexican food and frozen yogurt. Afterwards he surprised me by giving me his favorite childhood book Ferninand since I had never read it before!! So sweet since he knows my love for children’s books. Thanks for your great ideas. I love them all, but especially love the crossword puzzle, winter picnic, and breakfast. We shall see, but I am going to attempt to do all of these three things!! You are a life saver lol.

  • I have 3 daughters and my husband always worked on Valentine’s Day so I would make a special dinner for my girls. Fancy tablecloth with candles and I made Chicken Paprika and Dumplings and salad. The dessert was chocolate cake with chocolate mousse and raspberry drizzle. We would drink a red pop in fancy glasses. I would make each one a Valentine and some little gift. I have done this every year for 27 years. The last few years have been with my youngest daughter and her son. My middle daughter carries on the tradition with her family. That first year was my best Valentine’s Day and it has continued year after year. It is better to give than receive.

  • The best gift I ever gave was a homemade photo book of memories that I placed meaningful quotes around.

    The best gift I ever received was a massage…so relaxing and so needed!!

  • My favorite gift to GIVE was last year. I wrapped up all the letters I wrote before we were dating, while we were dating and up until our wedding day(that I gave to him on our honeymoon) and added one more letter to it. It had both of us crying!

  • Jillee, thank you so much for the link to the puzzle maker! DH’s birthday is coming up and I’ve been trying to think of some fun little things to make it special. I made a personalized word search for him that I’m sure he’ll enjoy!

  • I love crepes, so my mom would always make us kids crepes for Valentine’s Day breakfast before school. That was always the best thing about Valentine’s Day.

  • It was around Valentine’s day last year that we brought home a new puppy, Lucy. She has been the BEST addition to our family and is easily my favorite v-day present ever!

  • The favorite gift Ive given was one of thefirst years my husband and I were together. I did the heart post it note idea but took it to a whole other level when I covered his 3room apartment, walls, cupboards, counters, everything with the pink hearts. He had duty that day so he didnt find them until the next day when he gothome. He said it took him several days to read them all.

  • Our first valentine’s dinner after we started dating, my husband and I didn’t have enough money to go out to eat. So my mom cooked a very fancy meal (with 3 courses!), set up a table for two with candles, and my brothers were “waiters” for a romantic dinner at home. It was so thoughtful of all of them!

  • One of my favorite Valentine’s gifts is from the year my hubby and I were engaged. He likes to write music, but doesn’t typically share it. For Valentine’s he gave me the lyrics to several songs he’d written with me in mind and sang them for me. It was super sweet. And super frugal since we had a wedding in the works! ;)

  • When we were in college and broke, my now Hubby and his guy friends all got together the night before Valentine’s Day and baked their ladies Heart Shaped Chocolate Chip Cookies. The thing is, they didn’t have a clue what they were doing. They had no cookie cutters to shape them, I’m even surprised they had a cookie sheet! They turned out great!! I asked him how many packages of cookie dough they went through to make these tasty treats, he said 4 each! Best.Valentine’s.Ever.

  • When my husband and I were dating, I sent him a gift basket to this office. A local company put together a gift basket of his favorite chocolates (even making one of them look like a computer since he is in IT) and put it on in a beautiful fake book box (which happened to be the Bible). We still use the book box to house our family Bible.

    My husband still talks about it as the best gift he ever got!

  • We will be celebrating our 39th wedding anniversary in April, and our first valentine’s day together my hubby got me a heart-shaped keyring with an engraved (“Luv Ya”) on a solid heart charm attached to it. I loved it and had it for many, many, many years! It didn’t cost much but I loved it so much.

  • We stumbled across an antique emerald ballerina ring for sale that I fell in love with ….a few weeks later he gifted it to me for Valentine’s Day. It’s my favorite to this day. :)

  • We don’t usually do valentines day, but our first one after we got married my husband surprised me with my 1st (and still only) pair of diamond earrings. It was a very sweet surprise.

  • Twenty-four years ago (when I was younger and in better condition!) we were doing some remodeling in the first (very dated) home we ever owned. We had replaced the orange carpet in the master bedroom with a white berber remnant. A local pizza joint was offering heart-shaped pizzas for Valentine’s Day, so I bought pizza, red panties and bra, and greeted my husband when he came home from work that Valentine’s Day lying in the middle of the white carpet with the pizza! I think that’s the boldest I’ve ever been!

  • Every year my mom would make a variety of chocolates for my brother and I. It was always in secret and a surprise (you would think it would be expected but it wasn’t). We never saw any hint of the chocolate, fillings, or the molds. I have never been a real chocolate lover, but I do love white chocolate. So for me it was a special treat to get white chocolate treats including my favorite cherry cordials.

  • A baby BOY!!!! My son will turn 22 this Valentine’s day and I will never forget the day he was born. My husband said it was the best gift I could have ever given him….but I felt the same way. The nurses were so funny – they kept saying, “Won’t you be able to have the neatest birthday parties for him with it being on Valentine’s Day?” Ha!! But no – we’ve never had a Valentine themed party but it has made Valentine’s day a lot more fun for our family!!

  • When we were first married and lived out of state from our families. I came home to the wonderful smell of homemade apple pie. He found a winning recipe in the paper and called my Mom to “walk” him through the process of making the dough, cutting the apples. He is now the apple pie maker in our family. So thoughtful.

  • The best Valentine’s Day gift I’ve ever received was a gold locket from my dad when I was a young girl. It had my first initial on it, and I was so very proud of it when I wore it to school. Years later, I still have it for sentimental reasons.

  • In almost 40 years together, my husband has used most of his bag of tricks for romance! But a few years ago, he outdid himself! Our youngest son had just left for college and was at The Citadel about an hour and a half away. I was really down in the dumps because I missed him so much. My husband came in from work and simply said, “I didn’t get you anything so let’s run get something quick for dinner”. Grudgingly I agreed. He had made reservations at a great seafood restaurant about 10 minutes from our son’s school and we had dinner with our son! I couldn’t believe he did this! I cried through half the meal! Bob is not a very romantic thinking man but he does come up with some doozies some time. He told me on the way home that he was missing Casey as much as I was! I was amazed that he went to all the planning to get Casey permission to leave campus, make reservations and the whole bag of tricks! Doesn’t sound romantic to have dinner with the kids but Bob knew how much I was missing our son! It was the best Valentine’s Day ever!!!

  • Last year for Valentine’s, my husband and daughter were invited to “Miss Kitty’s Cafe”. Hearts were the theme. I put on my best southern accent (think Flo from the old TV show “Alice”) and pretended to be Miss Kitty serving them their favorite foods all while in character. We enjoyed lots of laughs and they still talk about it. I think Miss Kitty may make another appearance this year! Great memories!

  • The best gift I have received was a journal made by boyfriend at the time. He decorated the inside and then wrote several journal entries to me over the course of two weeks. Then he gave it to me to be my own journal. It was extra sweet because he spent so much time on decorating and writing but also because every time I journalled I could see his notes to me! :)

  • The best Valentine’s gift I have ever received was #1 my husbands unconditional love! He is not one to be romantic- it makes him nervous (?) however he shows it through how he loves me. To pinpoint the best gift was a tennis bracelet that he put around the dog as a collar and had him bring it to me!

  • The year after we got our little dachshund, my husband and our son bought a big box of Valentine chocolates for me (which I didn’t really need because I’m always watching what I eat….it was more for them, lol!) They left it wrapped, on the dining room table. While they were gone, the dog got ON THE TABLE, chewed through the wrapping, and ate about half of the box. Very bad for a little dog. We called the vet, and the vet said to induce vomiting with hydrogen peroxide. Well, I don’t do throwing up. At. All. So, after we gave the dog the hydrogen peroxide, my husband took the dog outside, IN THE SNOW, and held the poor thing while he returned the chocolate to the earth. I’ve told my husband that it was one of the most loving things he’s ever done for me! I was just so grateful that I didn’t have to deal with a throwing up dog….on Valentine’s Day, or any day!

  • Love the diversity of the list.
    I think the best gifts are the ones that have a lot of thought (and sometimes sacrifice) put into them–these are the kind of gifts that really only mean something to the couple. The gifts that other folks just “don’t get”. I could list some of the gifts– but most would say–what? you call that a gift?
    Most importantly–enjoy your loved ones.

  • I’m an easy valentine, and I just LOVE getting roses. My husband delivers every year, and I love getting the fresh flowers to keep on my counter for the week!

  • My guy spends the entire week of Valentine’s week making meals and cleaning the house. He does not give me a heads up on what the meal will be, he goes to the store every day on his way home from work and picks up something he has spent the day thinking about and planning. So far this week, lobster and shrimp, he picked up from Red Lobster; Tbone steak smothered in mushrooms and veggies and today? I don’t know, but I’ve started looking forward to what he will do next. He also does this during my birthday, every day for that week. I love it!

  • My best gift was my son’s kindergarden school project of his handprints in pink and red in the shape of a bouquet, they drew green lines down, and “made” a vase at the bottom, then they laminated it. I still have it on my fridge (son is a junior now, and doesn’t understand why I keep it there, LOL)
    Thanks for all you do Jillee!!

  • Nice page and great ideas… My favorite Valentines gift comes every year.. I wake up and in my personal bathroom sink I find an exotic plant and a box of divine chocolates and a beautiful card from my husband///////Happiness is…..

  • the best one so far was the gift of his time for the entire day/evening. hubby is often on the road and very busy, so giving me an entire day was wonderful.

  • The best gift I have ever given someone was chocolate covered strawberries. They are a cinch for me to make. I make them for birthdays, Valentine’s Day, etc.

  • My dad gave me a card one year that he had purchased himself. He’s not much of a “go out and buy something for my kids” kind of guy. My mom’s always been the one that purchases the stuff and puts his name on it. Now, he often has input on what our gifts will be, but not much beyond that. One year, without prompting, he went to the pharmacy and bought all of us cards. He took the time to find a card that meant something to him for each of us and he signed them and everything. That was really special coming from the guy that doesn’t normally have the time to participate in card or gift giving.

  • I don’t have a Valentine story – was sad that I didn’t – never got a gift of any kind – but then I read all the comments and enjoyed so much hearing all the wonderful stories. Thanks everyone for sharing and cheering me up.

  • A couple years ago, my fiancé surprised me in bed with a small teddy bear holding paper roses. Every time I see it I remember that morning. Last year we agreed to start a Valinentines Day Dinner tradition, and worked together to make a pasta dish for dinner, dreesd up, and ate it with ginger ale and by candle light, then did dishes together and cuddled during a movie.

  • The best Valentine’s Day gift I every received was two years ago from my boyfriend (now my fiancé). After all the years of dating, I received my first love poem at the age of 40. The poem made me cry, love him more and appreciate Valentine’s Day again.

  • Aside from the cards my kids gave me when they were little (which I still have), my boyfriend gave me red tulips and coupons for awesome things like carwashes, back rubs, date nights, movie nights, upcoming concerts – they were thoughtful, romantic and awesome!!

  • The best was actually the first for my hubby and me. We had only been dating for a few months, but we knew this was it. He chose Valentine’s Day to propose, but as it turned out, he couldn’t wait and did it the night before! Balloons and all! I was completely surprised, but giddy with excitement. He must have done something right because 20 years later, here we are. Another Valentine’s Day! I am truly blessed :-)

  • We had a newborn baby, there was no leaving the house yet. My husband asked my grandma to come over and rock with baby downstairs so I could rest. He made me a wonderful dinner. He was not a very good cook mostly from lack of experience. He had to call his cuz the chief every few mins. It was so cute to hear him in the kitchen trying so hard. I stayed in bed the whole time. He brought me dinner in bed, with chocolates, & a glass of Asti. We also watched a move, well almost a whole movie. You tend to get baby back when it’s milky time! Best day ever!

  • My then boyfriend (now husband) had a bouquet of chocolate covered strawberries sent to my work at my time. I was the only person who received a Valentine’s gift at work, but I was able to share them with everyone. So, the whole office got to enjoy it and I felt like a princess.

  • My husband gave me a date jar one year. It had 52 dates on paper inside a pretty jar. Every week we were to draw from the jar and have a date. It was fun seeing all the ideas and we really looked forward to picking from the jar every week. Most of them were simple free dates like watching the sunset or taking a walk. We decided it would be nice to have money set aside in advance for some of the bigger items so that no matter what is going on in your life financially you can still have your special date! It was so special to focus on us every week.

  • It was actually the day before Valentines. I had ended a bad relationship a few months before, my car got repo’ed that morning and I was at work. I don’t think think I could have felt LESS special, lol. My now girlfriend (who I’d met online and been talking to for awhile, but not met in person yet) knew I was at work and bumming. She decided to surprise me and drove 2 hours to cheer me up. No ONE had EVER done something like that for me. :)

  • The best gift I’ve ever gotten was from my youngest son.. a card he made that told me what a great mom I am and that I was his Valentine and it was all on his own ! :)

  • My most memorable Valentine’s Day for me was our first Valentine’s with my husband then fiance. He sent me on a scavenger hunt around our local mall it started at a jewelry store where I got a single pearl necklace then it had a note to go to the next store and I got a giant teddy bear then it took me to 2 more stores. the last note then took me home where he had made me dinner and we had an awesome night. I still have all the little love notes from that scavenger hunt from our first Valentines together. It was great just remembering that awesome suprise.

  • I am actually feeling quote accomplished this Valentine’s Day. My hubby is getting 2 gifts that i am positive that he will love, on our first Valentine’s Day as a married couple. First, I was able to attend a Willie Nelson concert that we was not able to accompany me to, as he is a truck driver. I purchased his a really nice Willie Nelson concert tee, a little pricey, but nothing compared to the little things he always brings home to me. I also get very frustrated when I want to buy him movies, as he collects them, because they are all over the house in various areas, we don’t have sufficient storage for them. So, a friend of mine found some beautiful rough cut wood and I fabricated him one, specifically for DVDs, it turned out quite beautiful. He got home yesterday and got this gift early and LOVES it!

  • One of my best gifts was a car. My husband had taken my car in to get fixed and when he took me to go get the fixed car, there sat brand new car. I was so surprised!
    Thank you for all the things you share with us. Your blog is one of my favorite blogs I read.

  • The best Valentine’s Day I had was one year when we didn’t have a lot of money. My husband made me a homemade card with a poem about the story of us. Complete with illustrations! It made me laugh and cry. That night when he got home from work, we played cards and talked and laughed some more.

    Even though we’ve had other years of some glamorous and expensive dates, I remember that year the best because of his poem and the simple, fun time we spent together.

  • The most memorable was the night I came home from a late night class and my then husband had wrapped my dressmaker’s dummy up in a bright red towel and given her a matching towel turban. She was standing at the door to greet me and dinner was ready!

  • I am giving the gift of hunting on a game preserve….with our friends and family. That is his all time favorite, working the dog and letting others shoot. We also have a side by side so that anyone that doesn’t hunt, can go out and watch.

  • My best gifts are things i like that i deem too expensive to buy regularly. Splurgy stuff, which for me is usually a craft supply I put off buying, like organic bees wax for making lip balm, etc., or essential oils that I don’t get myself, or a new oil to try in a soap making recipe. And, a gift certificate to a thrift store makes me really happy. It’s a treasure hunt, a bargain, money goesa to a charity and upcycling all in one! Happy valentines day, all!

  • This year, my husband and I are flying to San Francisco and staying at a B&B in Half Moon Bay for Valentine’s day. We’re so excited! First time he’s been to the west coast.

  • Hubby surprised me several years ago with a necklace. I hadn’t been expecting anything, but he came home with a heart-shaped diamond & sapphire necklace.

  • My favorite Valentine’s day present was mine and my husband’s first Valentine’s together. We had gotten engaged in December. My future husband asked me what I wanted for V day…I told him I wanted the set of Christmas China from Gayfers. Well lo and behold that is what I got. Since he didn’t have much money left after buying me the whole set of Christmas china…we couldn’t go out to eat. So…that was okay because we ordered Pizza and yes! we ate it off the Christmas china!!! We have done that every V day for 23 years now! We love to re-hatch this romantic-‘in love’ time and share this story with our friends especially our children….the simple things in life are so enjoyable. Pizza on Christmas China = worth all he had to purchase it with.

  • The best Valentine’s day gift I ever received was a pug puppy from my husband. She was adorable and I named her Valentine. The best present I ever gave for Valentine’s Day was tickets to a theater show that my husband really wanted to see. It was a bonus for me because I got to go too!

  • I cant remember what year it was, but hubby got me a “journey” necklace. I really love necklaces and although we don’t have a lot of money, he surprised me with this. I just love it, and wear it most every day!

  • It might not be a great gift for anyone else, but to me, I got the perfect Valentine’s Day gift one year when a past boyfriend ordered a heart-shaped pizza to share on the couch while watching our favorite movies! Simple yet awesome, especially since pizza is my favorite food :)

  • The best Valentine’s gift I “never received” was in 2001. My Mother was living with us because she was sick and her husband had left her. My husband came in with a huge, beautiful teddy bear, a big box of chocolates and a dozen roses. I cringed because I did not want to be getting these things in front of my Mom that particular year. Well, he just walked right past me and gave all these things to my Mother. I have never been so proud of him as I was at that moment. You should have seen the look on her face. It was priceless. I have received many things from him over the years but nothing will ever match that.

  • The best Valentine’s Day gift I have ever received was from God. I found out on Valentine’s Day, fourteen years ago, that I was pregnant with my first child. She’s been a blessing and a gift every day since.

  • The best gift I ever received was from my parents when I was in highschool – a baseball shirt with red glittery sleeves and a set of foil lips! I wish I still had that shirt – it was my favorite for so long! It was always nice that my parents got me something, because in high school, being single on vday was a bummer!

  • This will be our 24th Valentines Day together… Our best one so far was last year spent as a family sitting around the table with chocolate fondue and we all shared things we love about each other. Our kids were 5 and 3 and they got a kick out of the chocolate fun and we all had some fun laughs! This year will probably be a similar experience, but we might go see a movie, too.

  • Each year I copy a song on to a CD and put it in the CD drive in his car. When he starts his car in the morning, the song plays. Some years it’s a funny song, some years it’s a sexy song and some years its a romantic song. He never knows what it will be. Years ago I taped the song, now do the CD thing. Not sure what I’m going to do when he buys a new car because I think they are discontinuing CD drives …..now you know how old I am :)

  • A few years ago my husband made me a card filled with pictures of places we went to and hung out in college. We live two hours away from that town now and it was fun to remember those days and also very sweet that he thought of it.

  • My late hubby ordered the “Gangster of Love” from Vermont Teddy Bears on our first Valentines’s Day. It was a teddy bear dressed in a cravat, vest and spats, with a jaunty little fedora on his head. He carried a violin case that when opened held a bouquet of roses. It was the sweetest most romantic gift I ever received. I still miss him.

  • When my now husband and I first started dating I had to work a double shift at work. He took the keys to my new place and worked his magic. When I got home at 11:30PM I found candles lit all over the entire house, food in the oven and a bottle of wine on the table. It was the sweetest thhing ever.

  • While my husband and I were still dating I casually mentioned that this one particular ring was pretty in a sale ad, never thinking he would actually get it for me…but he did!!! It was such a nice surprise :)

  • Went I was first married we did not have much money. My husband surprized me on Valentines Day with a new pair of shoes which I desperately needed. I’m all about practical gifts and was pleased that he knew the need and size!

  • The sweetest gift I’ve ever received was my husband making a fancy dinner when we were dating (he even made bread bowls for the soup) He set up a table with a speaker and plywood because he didn’t have a table, and made chocolate cheesecake for dessert (my fave). :-)

  • The best gift I ever got was the year before my husband and I got married. He and his little son argued over what kind of flowers to get for me so they did a mix of red roses and red tulips. It looked like a six year old assembled them but absolutely melted my heart. It was so sweet.

  • I plan to decorate my significant other’s apartment with balloons, not only for valentines day, but also with balloons for his birthday since it is the day before!

  • We celebrate Valentine’s Day as a family. I make a special dinner and we all eat together, which doesn’t happen often enough. My wedding anniversary is only ten days from Valentine’s Day so we opt to do the family thing. My kids love it. Anyway, the best gift I have ever received was a simple macaroni necklace my son made for me when he was four. It is just a piece of yarn and dried pasta. Now he’s 16. I still have it and it is more priceless to me than any diamond necklace!

  • For valentines day this year I wrote 14 reasons why I love him. It started on February 1, he received one card from me every day up to valentines day. I hand made all of the cards and envelopes myself making each one resemble the reason why I love him. So far he’s said he enjoys them and thinks it’s thoughtful. Plus he enjoys getting mail. (Were in college so getting mail is kind of still a big thing.)

  • When our kids were younger, we would make personal pizzas shaped as hearts for Valentines Day dinner and have a kid friendly vegetable tray and some bubbly soda or milk shakes. I gave up buying the hearts of candy in the grocery store that are so overpriced before Valentines and asked the kids what their favorite candy was and bought it and wrapped it. Lemonheads, SourPatch, Hersheys kisses, etc. were enjoyed. After Valentines when the Russell Stover hearts were marked down, I would pick up a few for me and save the boxes to refill with the kid’s favorites for next year. Win-Win.

    My husband says that the best and most romantic gift I ever gave him was a pocketknife he wanted. Who could have guessed that?

  • The best Valentine was one my husband made using pictures of us and things that make me happy.
    He wrote a loving message inside, and yes, I still have it..

  • My best Valentine’s Day gift came early from my husband, the love of my life. He delivered it in person on Saturday afternoon,2/8/14, after working a 16 hr shift, only to find me still in bed at noon. It was unlike him to be early with a gift and especially one so well thought out and yet so simple and perfect. He gave me a cute gift bag with little hearts on it, with a box of my favorite (hard to find) coffee for my kuerig, a little bag of my favorite powdered sugar donuts, a long stem beautiful pink rose and a card that said ” I love the just-woke-up you, the laughing-out-loud you and the cute-without-trying you♥ After almost 33 yrs together he can still surprise me and take my breath away♥

  • One year when we were just starting out as a married couple, we had very little money so I asked my hubby to dedicate a song to me. In turn, I would dedicate a song to him. It’s been probably fifteen years, but I still remember those songs today and they have a special meaning every time I hear them and it was free!

  • I sent my sweetie on an elaborate treasure hunt that started with a note in his car after work and among other things took him to a coffee house where the barista gave him a prepaid coffee and the next clue and a chocolate shop where he got chocolates and another clue. The hunt ended at a restaurant where I was waiting for him. I had great fun planning and arranging the clues but while I was waiting at the restaurant I became very nervous that my clues would be too obscure or that the coffee or chocolate shop would give my clue and accompanying gift to the wrong fella…. I shouldn’t have worried though. He showed up right on time, gifts in hand with a big grin on his face.

  • Many, many years ago my hubby bought me a little heart shape trinket box (probably from the dollar store). It doesn’t have to be expensive to show you care. Recently my grand-daughter was given that little trinket box…..guess that’s recycling the love :)

  • Cute ideas! After a really tough breakup in college a few weeks before, my dad sent flowers and book to my office on valentine’s day with a note that made everything ok :) my dad is the greatest man!

  • My husband was away on a long business trip during Valentine’s Day one year. We rarely/never celebrate Valentine’s Day with anything more than a special dinner at home, but on this Valentine’s Day, he sent me the complete 10 year anniversary bind-up set of Cook’s Illustrated magazines (he knows I love to cook!). Also, for the same Valentine’s Day, I received a dozen roses. Again, my husband never gets me flowers, but his boss, whom I had never met and who lived on the other side of the country, had roses sent to me (from my husband), because he felt bad for having my husband away from home on such a long business trip and wasn’t sure if my husband would have time to do anything special.

  • It sounds silly but once my husband left a pyramid of my favorite yogurt for me in the fridge on Valentine’s Day. So funny, and so sweet. Plus- I’m a sucker for practicality!

  • Years ago my husband (then fiance) took me on a dinner cruise. The cruise was nice, but what was so special was that he involved my friends to pull the whole thing off. He arranged for babysitters and diversions so the entire evening was a surprise. It was wonderful. A photo from that night is on our refrigerator. He is not an outwardly emotive person, but that year he showed the world, at least my world, just how much he loved me by bringing then all on board, to get me to that cruise.

  • My birthday is a few days after Valentine’s day so I often get combo gifts but probably my favorite is my jewelry armoire. It’s beautiful and I use it every day.

  • One year my dad got me flowers and a little tin heart of chocolates. Nothing big but he never paid attention to me so it was a suprise and I still have the card. One of my best memories of him.

  • Best gift was to ask me on a “date” after we were married and had kids. My husband made all the arrangements for dinner and a movie, and then asked just as he would have if we were dating.

  • One Valentine’s Day, my husband gave me a year of monthly flower deliveries from the local greenhouse. It was definitely my favorite gift ever! The flowers were absolutely beautiful and not the traditional bouquets. They were locally grown and picked within a day or two of arranging, so they lasted forever. And they were delivered to my office every month. Best gift ever!

  • The best gift I ever gave was to my bf this week. I gave him a jersey frame to preserve his most treasured possession. His signed Victor Cruz jersey. Why was it great? Because of his reaction. Making him so happy with a utility gift is rare. I got it on film. Haha

  • My husband and I started out in a long distance relationship and the best gift I received was when he mailed me one of his h.s. baseball t-shirts and sprayed it with his cologne. I thought it was so cute. And I still have the shirt more then 10 years later ;-)

  • One year when we were first married, my husband went to the crafts store gave me a beautiful necklace with matching earrings that he had made himself. I was awestruck :)

  • The best gift I’ve given and received was spending an extra special night with hubby on our first Valentine’s Day together. I remember it like it was yesterday!

  • I don’t specifically remember the gift, except that it was jewelry. What I remember is the way he gave it to me. I call it the “scavenger hunt post-it note delivery”. I was given a post-it note with a riddle that directed me to a kitchen cabinet. The cabinet contained another post-it note with another riddle directing me to the next location. In total there were about 10-12 post-it notes which took me all over the house. The final destination took me to my gift. It was sooo much fun for me, the kids, and my Hubby!! I don’t know how long it took him to write all those riddles but it was worth it. I still have those post-it notes hanging in my hobby room and I smile very time they catch my eye! It wasn’t an extremely expensive gift, but the gift of time and thoughtfulness was priceless!

  • The first year we were married, my husband bought me a dishwasher. Sounds horrible and sexist, but I have a thing about dirty dishes piling up or being left in the sink and it was causing so many little arguments and frustration. We were very broke grad students, so this was a HUGE thing and we joke 15 years later that it saved the marriage. It wasn’t about the dishwasher, it was about recognizing a recurrent conflict and finding a solution, investing in us. There have been more romantic gifts over the years, but I’m sure this will be my favorite.

  • my favorite Valentine’s day gift was a small teddy bear set sold by Hallmark over 10 years ago. The bears had magnetic mouths, so they would “kiss” and a love song would start playing. It was super cute and I felt it to be a really romantic gift from my guy that is shy, has a hard time expressing his inner feelings, and terrible with displays of affection in public. The kissing bears embodied overcoming many of the insecurities he faced when he wanted to express his love to me. The symbolism behind the kissing bears and what they are “saying” on Joe’s behalf, make them the best Valentine’s gift I have ever received.

  • I gave myself the gift of life when I chose to become a vegetarian.
    This Valentine Day I will share perfect red apples and elegant California strawberries.
    I will write love notes to my family and friends on actual paper….no e-mails LOL.
    there is something so powerful about the written word.

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