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This Brilliantly Simple Hack Will Make Your Manicure Last Longer

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Whether you prefer to paint your own nails or have them done professionally, it takes time and effort (and not to mention money) to make them look nice! And to make that investment worthwhile, you want to keep them looking nice for as long as possible.

Unfortunately, our manicures often have other ideas! Between chipping, flaking, and plain old wear and tear, keeping a manicure looking nice is often a tall order!

But I’ve recently been using a brilliantly simple tip that makes my nail polish last much longer! I’ll be sharing that tip with you in today’s post, along with 6 bonus tips for making your manicure last longer!

manicure hacks

The Easiest Way To Make Your Manicure Last Longer

There are all sorts of products and manicure techniques that can help your nail color last longer. But the one I want to share with you here is by far the quickest and easiest way to do so! :-)

It’s a simple technique that is commonly referred to as “wrapping the tip.” After painting your nails (or having them painted) as usual, apply a final swipe of polish to the front edge or tip of your fingernail.

By extending the nail polish down onto the edge of your nail, you help protect the polish where it tends to take the most abuse. This results in longer-wearing nail polish that is less prone to chipping, and it really is that easy!

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This method works with normal nail polishes as well as gels, so you can use it regardless of your polish preferences. Some nail artists already include this step in their repertoire, but if yours doesn’t, ask if they’ll try it out for you on your next visit!

6 Bonus Tips For Longer Lasting Nail Color

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1. Prep For Success

A little prep work can go a long way towards ensuring your nail color lasts as long as possible! Here are three quick ways to prep your nails that will help the polish stick better:

  • Use a cuticle remover to remove dead or excess skin.
  • Use a gentle file to buff the shiny surface of your nail.
  • Swipe your nails with an acetone-based polish remover to remove the natural oils that can prevent adhesion.

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2. Use A Clean-Up Brush

Use a clean-up brush while painting your nails to remove any polish that gets on your skin. Your nail polish will be less likely to lift or flake if it isn’t partially sitting on your skin.

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3. Roll, Don’t Shake

To get even, non-streaky color, it’s important to make sure your polish is well-mixed before using it. But shaking the bottle can introduce small air bubbles that may make your nail color more likely to chip.

Instead, roll the bottle between your palms to mix the color without adding air bubbles.

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4. Less Is More

When it comes to nail polish, less is usually more! The more coats of polish you apply, the more likely it is to peel later on. So stick to a couple of coats for longer lasting color.

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5. Maintain With Top Coat

Use probably already apply a top coat after applying color, but that’s not the only time it can come in handy! To maintain and protect your manicure, apply another layer of top coat to your nails a few days later.

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6. Protect Your Nails

One of the best things you can do to keep your nails looking nice is to protect your hands! Wear cleaning gloves while you clean, do dishes, and other activities that involve getting your hands wet.

Avoid soaking your hands in water as much as possible, since soaking will soften nail polish. And be extra gentle with your nails after you shower to give the polish a chance to harden again.

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What’s your best tip for making a manicure last longer?

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  • Great tips. I don’t really do manicures because I always tend to have my polish smudge. I’m not the most coordinated person. I do my own pedicures during the warmer months. I don’t really have the smudging/ smearing problem with my toenails.

  • I always wrap the tips, but do it first before painting the rest of the nail. I find this works really well. Base coat (a good one) and a good top coat do make a difference. I will try the acetone before the base coat to get all the oil off. That might make a difference in how long it lasts. Love the tips! Thanks everyone–especially Jillee!

  • This simply concerns nails–In order to hasten the drying effect when you do your nails yourself–soak your polished nails in ice water for 2 minutes and you will find them to dry quickly.

  • Great suggestions. I often do my own manicure and I will now do the double tip polish on my nails to keep them looking nicer and not chip. Also the rolling of the polish before using it. I used to always shake it.

  • As a side note, my mom (an old cosmetologist now 87 yrs young!) gave me a tip years ago….
    To keep nail polish from getting thick & lumpy, store it in the fridge. It lasts for YEARS!!!! If it’s not a shade used often, it may start to separate, so roll or shake those & return to the fridge & they’ll be fine. I keep a clear narrow refrigerator storage tray in the fridge just for this purpose. Easy peasy to remove, use & return to cold storage.

    • Ps…the polish lasts so long I’ve had to pare done my shade selection and sell outcasts in garage sales! They always sell right away! ❤️

  • Nice ‘tips’!!!! With reference to the 3rd tip ‘Roll, don’t shake’, I find it very hard to roll a bottle that’s not round, you know the type that has corners or edges. I try but it goes so slowly, then I get impatient and shake like crazy!!!!

  • I put regular white vinegar on each nail, using a cotton swab or if you have a dedicated bottle of it just for nails, dip each finger in the vinegar and shake off the excess and let them just air dry. Your nail polish will stay on a lot longer! (No, you won’t have vinegar scented fingers)

  • I do my own gels at home, and over the years I’ve gotten really good at it. My problem is that while I wrap the tip it doesn’t last because of my farming lifestyle. I can’t always wear gloves because I need to feel things. Do you have any advice? I might have to be content with my manicure lasting just about a week or so, but I sure would like to get another week out of it. Once the wrapped tip wears off the tip of the gel is now unprotected and starts to lift.

    • What home gel products do you use? I’ve been wanting to start doing my own at home since COVID came along and to save money. But I have no idea what brand/ type of kit/light I should buy that will give salon quality results.

  • Prior to applying a base coat I use 99% isopropyl alcohol to remove any oils. When applying polish to include wrapping tip edges I place a thin piece of flexible plastic (cut from the lid of a yogurt container) underneath the tip of my nails. There’s no need to wrap the tip edges as a separate step.

      • By putting the plastic under the nail tip you can “wrap the tip” when you’re polishing the nail, all at the same time. Then it’s not necessary to go back and specifically add polish to the tip as a second step.

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