Monday, November 21, 2011

"The Flour Game" – A FUN Holiday Tradition!

Tonight we were sitting around the dinner table celebrating my new daughter-in-laws birthday, and laughing hysterically as we reminisced about past birthday’s and otherfunny family moments. Honestly, there’s nothing that makes me laugh harder than listening to “family stories” as told by my kids, or siblings, or nephews, etc.  We were all practically crying at one point…and by the time we finally forced ourselves to stop (we could have gone on all night!)…our faces hurt from laughing so much.

Good times!
This photo shows a quarter on top, I much prefer
a Lifesaver if I’m going to have to put it in my mouth!

Afterwards I started reflecting on “funny family moments” from days gone by and remembered one holiday tradition in our family that GUARANTEED lots of laughter….and FUN!

The Flour Game! We only played it once a year at our annual Christmas party…and it was always the highlight! :-)

To play the game (according to our family’s version) you fill a teacup with flour, packing it firmly, flip it over onto a plate, and place a Lifesaver candy on the top of it.  Each person takes a turn cutting the flour with a knife, and whoever makes the lifesaver FALL, has to fish it our with their mouth! No hands allowed! As you can imagine, hilarity often ensued! As kids I remember we couldn’t WAIT to play The Flour Game at the Christmas Party! It is definitely one of our most treasured holiday traditions.

Since I don’t have any evidence pictures of our family playing this goofy game (I really need to ask my Mom about what old photos she might have)…I decided to poke around the internet and see if there were any other people out there that liked to have “fun with flour!”  Guess what!?!  There ARE! Not many….but a few…and here are a few photos of some of their exploits just to give you an idea of just how fun/silly/crazy this game is….and why kids (and adults) love it so much!

You simply CANNOT look at these pictures and not want to give it a try! :-)  So why not implement a new holiday tradition this year and give The Flour Game a try??
Just make sure to take LOTS of pictures and share them with the rest of us! :-)

And that’s today’s….

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59 thoughts on “"The Flour Game" – A FUN Holiday Tradition!

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  2. shirlee

    If you use powdered sugar, you can bet that there will be some kids who will mess it up on purpose just so they can like the sugar too. I would stick with the flour.

  3. Vonnie

    Sounds like fun but it could be very unhealthy, especially for little ones. Accidently breathing in the flour or flour dust can cause health problems.

      1. Nicole

        ummm, asthma isn’t caused by inhaling particles. Usually it has to do with a genetic predisposition that is triggered by a factor in your environment. It’s basically an allergy that causes bronchospasms and restricted airways. I doubt that flour will be the trigger. If it is, we all better throw out our Kitchenaid mixers, as they are a great source of airborne flour particulates.

        1. Shanna

          I thought it looked fun, but also realized my daughter should NEVER do this as she has asthma, which dust triggers. I wouldn’t advise anyone to do this because you never know what may trigger asthma even in someone that has never had an asthma episode before.

  4. Lori

    Doesn’t it go up your nose, especially once everyone starts laughing, which makes the person who’s “it” laugh, too. Doesn’t that burn? It does look funny, though!

  5. Calley

    Love your blog! I have a really funny story about this game. I was in student council when I was in high school, and one year I managed to get put on the unofficial committee for pep rally games, which I was terrible at. Anyway, one week, this game was our inspiration for a game we designed, where there were gummy worms baked into a cake and the goal was to fish as many gummy worms out of the cake as possible. The problem was that the gummy worms had melted into the cake. Those of us who were playing (we were all in student council and had baked the cakes anyway) had to just go with it, and pretend that we were getting the gummy worms out. Moral of the story: Stick to flour or powdered sugar. And already tried and true pep rally games.

  6. coni

    Our family would play this at the beach with sand and a stick. Instead of fishing it out with our mouth the loser would have to jump in the water. We go to Santa Cruz, the water isn’t very warm

  7. Nicole

    This looks like fun!!! People need to lighten up though. Sheltering children from the world is the reason why they get sick so easily and have so many allergies these days.

    1. Gen X Brat

      I’ll third that motion! And I will continue to drink from my hose, eat raw cookie dough, and go play in the snow with or without a coat because cold doesn’t cause colds either! :D

      Gonna have to start a new tradition around my house with the grandkids! Thanks Jillee!

  8. Missy

    My family and I play it a little different. We hide the quarter in the flour before we pack it in. Whoever’s cut hits the quarter or finds the quarter has to get it out without their hands.

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  10. Lori

    You can turn this into a race. We would hide a piece of candy at the bottom of several plate of flour and then people race to see who can find and pick up the piece of candy first. Of course they would do this without using their hands. Used to play this when I was in the youth group. Makes for some great photos and videos.

  11. natalie

    Flour can trigger asthma. My dad worked in a commercial bakery for over 30 years and he developed asthma from breathing in all that flour. With that being said, I don’t think playing this game once or twice a year will trigger asthma.

  12. Kat

    We use to play this game with a square of a Hershey’s bar. And we played it a little different too, but your version sounds fun. You need to use flour to make it more interesting because who wants to taste flour just to get to a piece of chocolate? We use to get into so many flour fights. I’ll have to dig out those pictures….

  13. Emily

    When I checked this out I never expected to see so many negative comments. When I was a child kids played in in the mud played fun silly games like this and always had fun doing it. Children were also very healthy back then. Not these days. Every other child seems to have asthma or some kind of allergy. Anti bacterial soap seems to be everywhere you go. Yes being sanitary is a good thing but children need to be exposed to certain things to allow their immune system to develop. Of course being exposed to flour for years on a permanent basis can cause asthma but not by playing a playing with it once in a while. Loosen up people. Let kids be kids again.

    1. Shanna

      I agree with you, children are very sheltered these days. We live in the country our kids play in the mud and get dirty, but I do have a daughter that has asthma and dust triggers it. This would be horrible for her to do, I woudln’t let my other daughter do it either. Sometimes we learn from things we “used to do back then” and learn a few weren’t so smart. Sorry no disrespect I would just hate to see someone have to deal with what my daughter deals with because of the flour game.

    2. Erin

      I totally agree!!!!! A little flour in the mouth /nose isn’t gonna “kill” anybody. People do need to loosen up and just as you said let kids be kids!!! I’m only 30 years old with a 3 year old of my own; and I let her try new things all the time; if we shelter her too much she’ll just end up in a bubble. And its sad that now a days everyone’s so worried about the tiniest little things, and what “could” happen. I plan on doing this with her soon when summer hits; and I will let you all know what the outcome was. Thanks for the post and just remember people “LIVE MORE!” You only have one life; put your face in some flour and play on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  14. Fressia

    This game sounds awesome and hilarious, I’d love to try it out with my primary kids at church. However since I have kids as young as 3 I’m also concerned about inhaling the flour….. Not for asthma, because playing it once in a blue moon won’t do any harm, but laughing so hard in the moment you snort in the flour. What about playing it with something like…… Whipped cream? Is that “cutable”? I really want to play this game!!

    1. Anna

      Whipped cream by itself would really hold much nor be very cutable, unless…you FROZE IT!! :D As a kid I would freeze whipped cream and scoop it out like ice cream on to a bowl of strawberries. It holds its shape better and the kids could still cut it (even those 3s). OR I bet doing this with ice cream would be fun, especially on a hot day outside with the ultimate goal being to cool off and have fun getting messy in the ice cream/whipped cream as they try to play the game. Good luck! I’d love to hear how it works out! I have a pre-k class in which I might consider doing this. Thanks for giving me the idea to find other spaces for this game and make other variations of the game to share with my work in pre-k.

    2. Kira

      When using whipped cream, I found it was best to use non-dairy whipped topping instead of real cream. I had a bunch of “rotten milk” smellin’ preschoolers even after cleaning them all up! Try explaining that to bunch of parents after church…oooppss!

  15. Taylor

    We used to microwave the flour in the cup for a few seconds, it seems to help it hold together more once you starting putting your face in it and snorting :) Just make sure you don’t get it too hot.. I played this game for hours every friday night with my friends all through middle school and none of us had any issues. We would choke occassionally but it wasn’t anything a few *cough cough* and a drink couldn’t fix. We used starbursts on top, easy to grab and easy to see in the flour. Try it!! I’m going to make the boyfriend play very soon :)

    Thanks for this post!! Brings back some epic memories :)

  16. Rach

    I’ve heard this done and it sounds like fun. I don’t super-shield my kids. We get dirty. We get grazes and bruises.
    But a friend of mine did play this once and someone (an adult!) ended up being rushed to hospital after inhaling the flour. 99% of the time I’m sure there has been no negative outcome. But there have been incidents.

  17. Billy

    We do this with cocaine, the kids love it. If they inhale it, it just hits them faster. Admittedly we have had to use CPR on them a few times and take them to the ER, but it’s all fun and games and they’ve learned a valuable life less about moderation.

    1. Honeybee

      Billy, your a funny guy, I bet your a great dad to have fun with!!! Unfortunately too many people out there don’t have a sense of humor. I have no idea how they make it through life. Best Wishes and pass me a cup, lol.

  18. Billy's ex

    Billy, where do you get enough cocaine to fill a teacup? Do you have a connection or can I just order it on Amazon, maybe Hobby Lobby?

  19. Ashley

    This looks like fun! If everyone is so concern about the dust and what not . What about mini pies? You can still have fun and get to have a nummy pie too! Just a though.

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  21. Jenna Belle

    We call this Puff the Dragon. We have the kids wear swim goggles and play outside where they can blow the flour everywhere. Instead of a lifesaver we bury bubble gum- the first one to blow a bubble wins. So fun!

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