"The Flour Game" – A FUN Holiday Tradition!


Tonight we were sitting around the dinner table celebrating my new daughter-in-laws birthday, and laughing hysterically as we reminisced about past birthday’s and otherfunny family moments. Honestly, there’s nothing that makes me laugh harder than listening to “family stories” as told by my kids, or siblings, or nephews, etc.  We were all practically crying at one point…and by the time we finally forced ourselves to stop (we could have gone on all night!)…our faces hurt from laughing so much.

Good times!

This photo shows a quarter on top, I much prefer
a Lifesaver if I’m going to have to put it in my mouth!


Afterwards I started reflecting on “funny family moments” from days gone by and remembered one holiday tradition in our family that GUARANTEED lots of laughter….and FUN!

The Flour Game! We only played it once a year at our annual Christmas party…and it was always the highlight! :-)

To play the game (according to our family’s version) you fill a teacup with flour, packing it firmly, flip it over onto a plate, and place a Lifesaver candy on the top of it.  Each person takes a turn cutting the flour with a knife, and whoever makes the lifesaver FALL, has to fish it our with their mouth! No hands allowed! As you can imagine, hilarity often ensued! As kids I remember we couldn’t WAIT to play The Flour Game at the Christmas Party! It is definitely one of our most treasured holiday traditions.

Since I don’t have any evidence pictures of our family playing this goofy game (I really need to ask my Mom about what old photos she might have)…I decided to poke around the internet and see if there were any other people out there that liked to have “fun with flour!”  Guess what!?!  There ARE! Not many….but a few…and here are a few photos of some of their exploits just to give you an idea of just how fun/silly/crazythis game is….and why kids (and adults) love it so much!


You simply CANNOT look at these pictures and not want to give it a try! :-)  So why not implement a new holiday tradition this year and give The Flour Game a try??
Just make sure to take LOTS of pictures and share them with the rest of us! :-)

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  1. Calley says

    Love your blog! I have a really funny story about this game. I was in student council when I was in high school, and one year I managed to get put on the unofficial committee for pep rally games, which I was terrible at. Anyway, one week, this game was our inspiration for a game we designed, where there were gummy worms baked into a cake and the goal was to fish as many gummy worms out of the cake as possible. The problem was that the gummy worms had melted into the cake. Those of us who were playing (we were all in student council and had baked the cakes anyway) had to just go with it, and pretend that we were getting the gummy worms out. Moral of the story: Stick to flour or powdered sugar. And already tried and true pep rally games.

  2. Lori says

    Doesn’t it go up your nose, especially once everyone starts laughing, which makes the person who’s “it” laugh, too. Doesn’t that burn? It does look funny, though!

  3. Vonnie says

    Sounds like fun but it could be very unhealthy, especially for little ones. Accidently breathing in the flour or flour dust can cause health problems.

    • Jordan says

      Vonnie, I was thinking the same thing. It looks fun, but I don’t want my kids to get asthma or pneumonia.

      • Nicole says

        ummm, asthma isn’t caused by inhaling particles. Usually it has to do with a genetic predisposition that is triggered by a factor in your environment. It’s basically an allergy that causes bronchospasms and restricted airways. I doubt that flour will be the trigger. If it is, we all better throw out our Kitchenaid mixers, as they are a great source of airborne flour particulates.

      • Shanna says

        I thought it looked fun, but also realized my daughter should NEVER do this as she has asthma, which dust triggers. I wouldn’t advise anyone to do this because you never know what may trigger asthma even in someone that has never had an asthma episode before.

    • Paige says

      No, I’m pretty sure flour, which you ingest regularly, will not cause health problems. Nice try though.

  4. shirlee says

    If you use powdered sugar, you can bet that there will be some kids who will mess it up on purpose just so they can like the sugar too. I would stick with the flour.

  5. Grace says

    That is too funny! Plain flour sounds like it would taste kinda gross, though. I wonder if powdered sugar would work?

    • Lolly says

      This was my feeling, too–flour in your mouth would be awful. Powdered sugar just makes so much more sense.

  6. Aimee says

    I don't have any pictures, but my kids play this outside all the time with their friends. They always put some sort of candy as the topping!