Make Your Own Exfoliating Soap Pouches

The hubster has this “thing” for those sea sponges that you can buy in the bath and body section of the grocery store. I don’t think they’re actually sea sponges…more like a faux sea sponge.   I have actually witnessed him go to three separate stores in one day in search of his precious sponge.  It’s like he doesn’t know how to take a shower without it!  ;-)  Well, that’s all well and good….except when they start to FALL APART within DAYS of buying them!  Argh!  It drives me crazy….and I don’t even use it! lol.  And they aren’t cheap to replace…especially when you’re buying one a month….or so it seems.

Sorry for the rant….I guess I needed to get that out. lol.  But it might explain why I was so TAKEN with this idea of making your own soap pouches!  I am HOPING that the hubster will find it a suitable replacement for the annoying sponge.  If not, I’m sure myself and the boys will like it!  I saw my 16 year old eyeing it tonight while I was sewing it up.  He actually commented on what a good idea it was! lol.  Teenagers.  So unpredictable. :-)     

I just love this idea from Nikki at Whimsy Girl.  I had a little trouble with the first pouch I made, not realizing that my Dove bars were apparently quite a bit larger than the Dial bars she uses in her tutorial.  There was no way those were going to squeeze in that little pouch.  So for pouch attempt #2, I just increased the dimensions a bit and VOILA!  A Perfect Fit!

Nikki cut up some towels for hers, but I “cheated” a little and just bought some inexpensive washcloths.  They were already the perfect length….just had to cut them for width.

I ended up using the dimensions: 12 inches (the size of the washcloth) x 5 inches for the Dove Bars.

Fold up one side 4 inches.

Then fold the other side on top of the first…a total of 3 inches.





The 12 inches x 5 inches size worked perfectly for my Dove Bars.

And what ever became of my first attempt that proved too small?????


If I had more time tonight….I would have made a bunch more!  They are fun and easy to make….and I think they would be a fun gift to include in a gift basket or put two together with a pretty ribbon and you have a gift in itself!


Can’t wait to give these a try! :-)


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  1. Gail Grooms says

    This is such a cute idea and it might be nice to have a ribbon or cord loop on the corner so you could hang it from the faucet or a hook.

  2. says

    Brilliant! I use those floofy balls made out of netting but they loosen up and fall apart, too. These look like the perfect solution and I am going to make some soon. I just need some new washcloths, mine are pitiful.

  3. says

    If hubby could find “real” sea sponges, they would last for years. I used to live in FL and we got what was called wool sea sponges (nothing to do with actual wool) in Tarpon Springs where they still dive for sea sponges. They cost about $8 each and last for years and years. When they finally do start to break apart, they make great cleaning sponges.

      • says

        Hi Jillee,
        I Stumbled upon this discussion and would love to explain. I am a sea sponge & loofah merchant and lives in Tarpon Springs where we work directly with the sponge divers. The typical bath sized wool sea sponge runs between $10-$14 and the reason they are somewhat expensive is because you have to factor in he cost of having a sponge boat, a diver and usually two additional deck hands harvest them by hand from bottom of the Gulf of Mexico. As you can imagine, since they are not made from plastic in a factory, the cost is somewhat higher.
        The good news is that they last at least 6 months and the premium Rock Island wool sponges should last over a year.
        PM me, be happy so send you some samples for you and your husband to try out.

        Marc W. – Sea Sponge & Loofah Merchant

  4. Elizabeth says

    A friend of mine gave me something like this a while ago. I only use body wash so I hadn’t used it but thought it was a great idea. I ended up using it to clean the tub and it worked really well. Scrubbed it well and it was nice and clean. I have no idea what soap was inside it but it worked!

  5. Melody says

    Just curious: It seems like with all the bulk of the folded over towel that this might take a while to dry out in between uses. Is there any concern of mold forming? Do you just take the soap out and wash and dry them at some point? Just wondering on the use and care. Thanks!

    • says

      Melody…where *I* live stuff dries VERY QUICKLY! So I don’t foresee that being a problem. I’m not sure about humid climates….but I would think if you are using it on a regular basis you wouldn’t have to worry about mold forming.

  6. says

    Great idea. These would be nice to carry a bar of soap in for traveling. I’m not fond of hotel soaps. Good gift idea. Thanks.

  7. says

    What a great idea! And thank you to Jody for mentioning your dislike of hotel soaps, I think I NEED to make a few of these to take on our family vacation later this month-my family is kind of “soap snobby”.

  8. Carol says

    LOVE this!! And when the soap is gone, it can be WASHED!! My issue with the sponges/scrubbies is, well, they get yucky. Will be making these soon. Thanks.

  9. says

    My younger sister makes felt cases for her homemade soap, same effect. And they are pretty! This idea is also great, and I might try it instead… I am not much of a crafter, but this looks like something I might be able to complete without injuries. ^^