19 Homemade Remedies for Headache Pain

natural headache relief The other day the hubster came home from work with a pounding headache. He usually takes Excedrin for headache relief, but apparently that wasn’t cutting it on that particular day. He actually asked me if I would make up one of my “voodoo essential oil cures”. lol.

Well, I am no expert, but my SISTER is, and I remembered her posting something on her blog, Camp Wander, about Peppermint and Lavender being effective in getting rid of headaches. So I dug through my ever-growing inventory of essential oils and found the Peppermint and Lavender and proceeded to work my “voodoo magic”. ;-)

That “magic” consisted of putting a couple of teaspoons of fractionated coconut oil into a little roll-on bottle, and then adding a few drops each of the Peppermint and Lavender EO’s. I then had him roll it on his forehead, temples and neck.

I got distracted with something else after that, but about a half hour later I remembered to ask him how his head felt. For a split second he didn’t know what I was talking about because I think he’d completely forgotten about it! Headache gone!

After that experience (and numerous others) we have become BIG believers in the power of essential oils in this house….AND in the idea that it’s not always necessary to reach for the pill bottle when you have a headache.

Here are some MORE homemade headache remedies to try:

natural headache remedies

Ginger Tea
Crush up an inch of ginger root and add it to boiling water. This homemade tea reduces inflammation in about the same amount of time as it would take an aspirin to work. It has been used for centuries in Asia to treat a number of ailments.

natural headache remedies

Capsaicin Cream
The active ingredient in this cream is cayenne pepper. Apply a small amount to the inside of your nostril that’s on the side of your head where you are experiencing pain. The cream works to block nerve pain signals.

natural headache remedies

In clinical trials, this supplement from the sunflower family has been shown to be effective for treating migraines. It reduces inflammation, which takes pressure off the nerves and can help prevent migraines entirely.

natural headache remedies

Acupressure Massage
This ancient Chinese healing method involves applying pressure to certain points on the body to relieve pain. Place your finger in the depression between your first and second toe and press firmly for 3-5 minutes. Another technique is to put your thumb in your mouth on the same side as the pain, reaching up to find the cheekbone. Press that bone up and out. Repeat on the other side. Then place both thumbs on the upper palate (inside the mouth) and press the sides out.



Used medicinally since the middle ages, butterbur extract can be taken daily to help reduce the number and severity of headache attacks. It is available commercially in capsules, powder, tincture, or other forms and is thought to have both antispasmodic effects and anti-inflammatory properties.



natural headache remedies

Take a multivitamin containing magnesium. The mineral helps to calm nerves, which tend to get overexcited during a migraine. Some studies have found that migraine sufferers tend to be deficient in magnesium. You can also increase your magnesium by eating foods like broccoli, beans, soy milk, nuts, spinach, etc.


natural headache remedies

Stand in water as hot as you can stand for two minutes (this increases blood flow to the skin), then as cold as you can stand for two minutes (this sends blood to the core of the body). Alternate back and forth for 20 minutes to increase blood flow and circulation, bringing nutrients to organs and carrying away toxins.

natural headache remedies

Cold (or Hot) Compress
Apply icepack to your head, but make sure not to put the ice directly on your head. You can wrap ice or a bag of frozen vegetables in a towel.
Apply heat to the back of the neck with a hot shower, bath, or heating pad. Heat can loosen up the muscles that tighten with tension headaches.


natural headache remedies

Avoiding Eyestrain
Staring at a computer screen for long periods of time can leave your head aching. To avoid eyestrain the most important thing you can do is take frequent breaks from your monitor. Get up at least once every fifteen minutes and focus your eyes on something that is at least twenty to thirty feet away. Adjust the brightness and the contrast on your monitor so that the glare is not hard on your eyes. You should also have your monitor set up so you are viewing it at eye level and keep it at least a foot and a half from your face.


natural headache remedies

Getting Adequate Sleep
Studies indicate that those who sleep an average of six hours a night tend to have significantly more severe and more frequent headaches than those who get more z’s. Keeping a regular schedule that allows for adequate sleep may reduce sleep-related headaches.

Proper Sleeping Conditions
Make your sleeping place comfortable. Be sure that it is dark, quiet, and not too warm or too cold. If light is a problem, try a sleeping mask. If noise is a problem, try earplugs, a fan, or a “white noise” machine to cover up the sounds.

natural headache remedies

Exercise increases blood circulation and the fresh air will also help to relieve headache. Also, it allows the whole body to relax. Most tension headache sufferers find immense relief with the addition of exercise.


natural headache remedies

Relaxation Techniques

  • Count to 10. This makes you stop and relax before you react to a stressful situation.
  • Take deep breaths. This makes you breathe slower and helps your muscles relax.
  • Think positive. Remember the things that are good in your life.
  • S T R E T C H. Stretching makes muscles relax and helps you feel less tense.
  • Take hot baths or showers to help you relax.
  • Massage tense muscles. The muscles in the back of your neck and upper back usually get tense when you are stressed.
  • Listen to relaxing music.

natural headache remedies

Boil a handful of rosemary in a liter of water and place it in a bowl after it boils. Place a towel over your head and inhale the steam for as long as you can. Keep repeating this until the headache goes away. Peppermint, lavender, eucalyptus, sandalwood, and basil work well also.


natural headache remedies

Staying Hydrated
Probably the most common reason people get headaches is because they are dehydrated. A headache is a warning sign, letting you know that something is wrong. Most people don’t drink enough water. Drinking at least 4-6 glasses of water every day will ease a lot of headaches.


natural headache remedies

Fresh lemon juice with tea is one of the best cures for headaches. The lemon peel is also very useful. Pound the lemon peel into a fine paste and apply it as a plaster on the forehead.


natural headache remedies

Avoiding Certain Foods
Some foods can cause headaches and migraines. Limit foods rich in sodium (salt), saturated fats, cholesterol, Trans fats, and added sugars. Foods like milk, butter, cheese, cream, meat products, red wine, caffeine, and chocolate are known headache triggers. You should also try to avoid foods with nitrites and sulfites in them. These dilate capillaries in the brain and increase blood flow which causes pain.


natural headache remedies

And possibly my FAVORITE natural headache remedy…….


A headache is often brought on by lack of oxygen to the brain.  Laughter increases our intake of oxygen, so, you feel better!  :-)


What natural remedies do you use to relieve headaches?

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    • Monika says

      Thank you so much for the GREAT post.
      Wanted to share with you all a breakthrough I had using essential oils. Have been suffering from bad migraines and headaches and tried about everything, diet, massage helped, acupuncture, reflexology, EFT, quiropractor, etc. Most of the time the medication Relert helped, but made me feel so groggy.
      Last week I discovered the magic potion for myself.
      Mixed equal parts of ORGANIC ginger and peppermint essential oils and rub from 3 to 5 on my stomach and liver area and 5 under each sole of my feet. In the beginning I would dilute in carrier oil to see how my body accepts the oils, now I use it straight. First time I used it, it took my headache away, so I decided to keep applying it twice a day for a while.
      Have also started to use the magnesium oil.
      Blessings to all and may you all find your magic potions!

  1. Jen K. says

    What a great post! Thanks for all of the wonderful good things! :) Just would like to add, if I may, that lavender is so effective on headaches for my family and I that we just waft under the open EO bottle. With each sniff of lavender the headache dissipates a little more until it is just gone all together. I know it doesn’t seem like it would work, but it is my go-to cure for a headache. Lavender mood mist sprayed around the room helps too. Thanks again!

  2. Kim F says

    To say I LOVE your site is an understatement…. This “one good thing” came at the perfect time for my family as we are all dealing with different types of headaches and don’t want to reach for the med bottle each time.

    If I were to start building my essential oils stock – what are your top 3-5 oil picks that are MUST haves – for headaches or ANYTHING for that matter!?

    Thank you!!

  3. Jennifer says

    Hi Jillee — I am a pharmacist and I have studied natural remedies. I also suffer from intense headaches from time to time. Your post is helpful and contains many of the nuggets of advice I pass on to my patients. If I could add the following:

    1. I would avoid capsaicin. First, it depletes substance P which is a neurotransmitter that helps to transmit the pain signal. Generally, headache sufferers are looking for more immediate relief than can be provided by capsaicin which may take weeks to be effective at relieving pain. More importantly, capsaicin is an irritant and is typically applied with latex gloves and while wearing a mask to avoid exposure to tender mucosal tissue. It’s just not a practical choice for headache.

    2. Feverfew can be effective for prevention of migraine headache only. Many headache sufferers don’t know the type of headache they suffer from (webMD can help you determine the most likely type of headache) but this information is crucial to selecting the treatment plan. With migraines, you use a headache journal to try to discover triggers (food, chemical exposure, etc) and you use preventative medications, like feverfew. However, feverfew is a member of the Asteraceae family and can cause an allergic reaction in those who have ragweed allergy. One of the many types of headache, sinus headache, can be triggered by swelling in the sinus cavities secondary to exposure to an allergen. Therefore, feverfew can actually make headaches WORSE in some patients.

    3. There is an additional pressure point between the web of the thumb and first finger. Handy to know if you’re in public and can’t take off your shoes and socks.

    4. Magnesium can help migraine sufferers as a preventative. Studies show that migraine sufferers can be low in magnesium so supplementation with 400 – 600 mg a day may help. But remember, there is no corresponding study to say that those who DON’T suffer headaches have adequate levels of magnesium. So take it with a grain of salt, as something to try. It’s a may help, can’t hurt type of thing.

    5. In that same vein, (can’t hurt might help) CoQ10 (100 – 300 mg day) may help. Take this in the morning as it can also boost energy and you don’t really need an energy boost at night.

    Enjoy reading your blog and I hope you don’t mind some points of clarification on your helpful post.

    • says

      Jennifer….I never have a problem with people wanting to add to, clarify, or even respectfully disagree with my posts. That’s what this “community” of readers is all about for me. Thank you for sharing your expertise on this! Good stuff to know!! I hope you will continue to read and contribute. :-)

    • elaine williams says

      For those mommy’s to be. The pressure points between the thumb and first finger also relieves nausea. Press on this pressure point you may find what feels like a small pea roll around until you feel the nausea subside.

      • says

        I must comment as I am a licensed acupuncturist. The point between the thumb and index finger called Hegu or Large Intestine 4 is normally contraindicated during pregnancy! It can help with some types of headaches. Please only a licensed acupuncturist should stimulate this point. For nausea during pregnancy – “Sea Bands” for motion sickness can be purchased at most drug stores. It applies pressure on the acupuncture point Pericardium 6, about 3 fingers width down from your wrist crease and between the tendons. You must wear them continuously to really benefit.

    • Cynthia says

      EXACTLY!!! I have been on birth control pills for 10 years now, since I was 13, due to cycle problems. I missed the first two days of my 8th grade year because I literally couldn’t get out of bed with a migraine. I would suffer through week-long migraines while being on my period and dealing with school all year long. Wasn’t until I went back to my gyno that she told me I was going through withdrawal from estrogen that’s in the pills while I was on the placebo pills.
      She recommended Excedrin Migraine to me. After that, it was always my go-to medicine. I suffered the headaches for YEARS, until I switched to a generic version of the pill I’d been on. Then, they miraculously cleared up. However, I got braces put on my teeth when I was 17 and Excedrin didn’t help the headaches I got from that. My orthodontist recommended Motrin or some other anti-inflammatory drug. Now, if I have a bottle on hand, it’s my go-to drug.
      Now, however, I am on yet another brand of pill and experience headaches once in awhile. Thankfully, they aren’t nearly as severe as they used to be. But, I am experiencing less-severe headaches scattered throughout the month and not concentrated to the week I’m on my period. I’ve looked for natural remedies for years, and nobody seems to have much info on them…so, thank you Jillee for posting this! And, because I’m making an effort to do things the natural way, I will definitely be trying some of these methods! I need to lose my dependency on that pill bottle!

      • Teree says

        I’m hoping this little tidbit of advice will be helpful to some. I realize it won’t for those of you with severe &/or never-ending headaches, but for most others… Anyway, My Gyno (father of 3 girls) told me years ago, to lessen pain & discomfort from your period, take 2 Advil (Ibuprofen) 1-2 times a day every day for the whole week before your period. It does work. I’ve been doing it for many years. After having 3 daughters of my own (8, 6 & 2) my period kept changing after each birth, thanks to hormones, and this relatively simple trick has been a lifesaver for me.

    • Jenn says

      That is exactly why I am here now! I was put on DepoLupron and now have the luxoury of going through “menopause” at the age of 21, but the shot has been causing me extreme constant headaches and dizziness. I’ve never been one to get headches, and I HATE taking pills. I just sprayed some (far from pure) lavender spray on my pillows and it seems to help a little, except for that dizzy factor. Oh lady troubles =)

  4. Christy says

    I have had A HEADACHE, yes that is right ONE headache, for the past 15 years. I have been to countless doctors and have tried several remedies and so far none have taken the pain away. I have noticed that ginger helps lessen the pain to a small degree and I have been known to carry a small bottle of the spice in my purse to sprinkle on my food. I am willing to try anything at this point. I will try some of these remedies and let all know if they work.

    • KD says

      Have you tried seeing a dentist? DH was having horrible headaches last year, no one could figure out what was going on. Went to dentist, turned out one of his teeth had broken underneath a crown, couldn’t see it on anything except an xray.

      • Christy says

        I have seen dentists, had Lasik, accupuncture, even went to a Native Amrican Healing ceremony in Nebraska on the Sioux reservation. Been to neurologists, an internist, my family dr and had my eyes rechecked again and got new glasses. I am at the point that I will probably have this headache for the rest of my life. I wish for it to go away but I do not think it will happen but thank you for the suggestion KD, I appreciate the thought. Lately it hasn’t been too bad.

        • says

          Christy, I had the same problem for 8 years. Some days debilitating on my back headaches others just a burning feeling but every day, day in day out for 8 years.
          Cat scans and neurologists could find nothing. Physio and chiro. Nothing.
          And then once I started going into menopause they stopped. I rarely get them now. It is like a miracle and I feel great. If you are not there yet at least there may be some hope for you.

          • Christy says

            Thanks for the advice .. I will look into them, I am getting desperate at this point.. now I believe I have fibromyalgia on top of it all and it is kind of seasonal for the symptoms showed up when the snow storm did.

            • Brittney says

              I totally feel your pain. I had one headache for about two years. Like you I tired everything, they even hospitalized me to try iv meds to try and kick it. I am currently feeling better!!! I had to do a lot of research, but what helped me the most is a book called Heal Your Headaches the 1-2-3 diet. He talks about triggers and preventative medicine and how you need to combine them sometimes. The bummer is I also just figured out gluton was a trigger too! Sheesh. Anyway please don’t give up! I really believe that you can get better, if you try hard enough. The diet sucks and there is so much you can’t eat..let me just warn you. But it works!!! And if your like me you would do ANYTHING to feel better!!! Here is a link t the book, and you can read tons of reviews on amazon from real people who have done it! Please give it a read!! http://www.amazon.com/Heal-Your-Headache-Program-Taking/dp/0761125663/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1352865934&sr=1-1&keywords=heal+your+headache+123

        • Heather says

          Christy I too have had the same headache for several years. They even thought I might have a tumor on my pituitary gland and I was actually excited that it might be the case as then I would have a “reason” for this headache, not that I wanted cancer or anything but you DO reach a point of wanting an answer any answer! Whenever it starts to get worse, or to a point I can no longer deal with it, I take some icy/hot gel, just a drop, and massage it on my forehead. It really helps. It doesn’t alleviate all the pain but it makes it more bearable! I hope you find answers!

        • Kristi says

          Christy – try the Diamond Headache Clinic in Chicago. I have had daily migraines for the last two years waking up with them and going to bed with them at a pain level 4/5 and going up from there and with their help I am no headache free or nearly headache free most days. Its worth the trip to see if they can help you too. Dr. Merel Diamond is the best. : o )


    • Shelley says


      Wow, as a former migraine sufferer, I hate to hear that anyone has a headache that lasts long. Here’s one more suggestion to add to your list. Let me explain a little though. Firstly, I started seeing a general physician that is also a top sports medicine doctor for LSU. I told him of the great pain I had in my lower back and in between my knees when I would “run” any decent distance and I also had daily headaches. He referred me to a local Physical Therapist. I was skeptical as I had seen a PT a few years ago and they did nothing for me. Apparently all PT’s aren’t the same. At my first appointment this guy told me that I no longer need to see my chiropractor for my back and headaches, that my problem was muscles that were “knotted” and needed to be lengthened. To get the “knotted” muscles loose, he said he would use a technique called trigger point needling or dry needling. Sounds painful but when in pain, you’ll try anything. Apparently, this is becoming standard practice in sports therapy, even the NFL and by the US military in war zones. This sounds like acupuncture but that is nerve related, these needles go into the muscle. I didn’t realize the muscles I have right behind my ears, the base of my skull, neck, shoulders, back and even my lats were contributing to my headaches. They also “lengthened” or “released” my muscles by stretching techniques. I now have no back pain (I’m a month into the Insanity workout) and rarely have migraines or headaches. Check out these links which gives more information on “Needling.” This technique is not available in all states due to individual state laws. Hope this helps!!!



    • JERI says


    • tami klumpyan says

      Hi there,
      I have also had a chronic headache for 16 years. Is yours a pressure headache? Mine is. I won’t post much more until I hear back from you. If we are suffering with similar headaches, maybe we can find an answer together. We could each try different remedies. Thank you in advance if you respond. Sincerely,

    • brunswickborn says

      I have a friend who found out that her never ending headache was due to Arnold–Chiari malformation. She saw a neurologist who sent her for an MRI. I had never heard of it, but apparently that never ending headache is frequently a symptom.

  5. says

    I love the “voodoo cures”. My family acts as if I have a cauldron in the back yard brewing up my potions.

    I gave my grandson’s girlfriend a roller bottle of eucalyptus in fractionated coconut oil and she said it relieved a sinus headache in about 5 minutes. I use that and lavender all the time.

  6. Glenda M says

    You have the most wonderful site on the “net”. I can always look forward to a very interesting newsletter with useful hints. Thanks so much for your effort in putting these together.

  7. CTY says

    This is a great list– thanks sooo much! Especially with the holidays coming.
    Another thought DON’T give yourself a headache– Pace Yourself, Delegate, Know your Limits, and Be Organized in whatever you do.
    Just as an FYI– One of the side effects Tylenol is headaches. That is why J & J advertises use for minor aches & pains. Check medications you take for side effects and talk to your DR about alternatives.

  8. Sarah says

    Another migraine trigger to avoid is MSG or monosodium glutamate. It is found in many processed foods including salad dressings and chips. Reading labels and keeping a food journal can help you learn which foods trigger you.

    • Tammy says

      Honestly,my sister suffered with migrain headaches daily for the last few years of her stressful marriage,she tried everything under the sun.One day her and her husband decided the marriage was over and they divorced,MIRACULOUSLY, my sister has not had even a headache since the divorce.She has since then married the man of her dreams,and enjoys every minute of everyday without the constant migrain headaches.I truely believe getting rid of stress helped my sister,altho im not sayin everyone who suffers from headaches should go out and get divorced,but rid the stress and that may help too.

  9. Katy says

    I get terrible headaches from sound exposure – particularly bass or other sounds in the low frequencies. I have significant hearing loss in one ear, where I hear only very little in the low frequencies (opposite of the hearing loss most people experience) – so when I am around concerts, lawnmowers, anything that “rumbles” or “thumps” – I get the vibrations of the sound through bone conduction without actually “hearing” the sound. This causes me nearly migraine-like headaches that aren’t relieved by anything except a combination of painkillers and sleep in a dark, quiet room. Aromatherapy is rarely an option – due to scent sensitivities, various scents actually worsen my headaches – and I haven’t had much luck with acupressure techniques. I sympathize with those who have commented!

  10. KimH says

    I’ve got a fantastic headache remedy that I havent seen written anywhere (unless I was writing about it) in the last 25 or so years. I either got it from a Mother Earth, Organic Gardening, or one of the herbal groups or newsletters I was involved in back then.
    Mix a cup or two of the kitchen herb rosemary in a jar with a tight fitting lid, and cover with any type of hard consumable alcohol, screw the lid on, and put it in a dark cabinet or cupboard & shake it daily. This extracts the volatile active oils in rosemary which is what is going to help your headache tremendously. After 4-6 weeks, strain the alcohol into a dropper bottle and when you have a headache, take 1/2 dropper (approx 2 teaspoon), and if your headache isnt gone in 20-30 minutes take another 1/2 dropper. Do not repeat for at least 12 hours.

    I’ve made this Headache Tincture for 25 years and it has worked for anyone & everyone who tried it. It can work as quickly as 1-2 minutes or take as long as 20-30 minutes. It takes about 5-8 minutes for it to work on myself and 1-2 minutes for my mom. I’ve had people who say nothing EVER has helped their headaches say this is the only thing that works for them.
    I’ve made it with gin, rum, tequila, & banana liqueur. When I made it with the banana liqueur, one of my daughters who was about 6 or 7 at the time would climb on the kitchen counters to get to it when I was out gardening. I couldnt understand why it was disapearing but eventually found the culprit. Its not wonderful tasting by any means, but if you’ve got a really ugly headache, it should help.

    You can also try a tea made from rosemary if you’ve got a nervous headache, anxiety, or insomnia. Just steep it in just boiling water for a few minutes, then strain & add lemon & sweetener to taste if you like (I do).

    Rosemary is a very underused herb that would benefit so many if they try it.

      • KimH says

        Just cuz you dont know a thing doesnt mean you’re dumb. You asked a question to know the answer and I’d say thats a VERY smart thing to do. :)

        To steep means to let the herb sit in very hot water to draw out the oils & essences of that herb.
        When you make tea, and you let the tea bags sit in hot water, they are steeping.

        v. steeped, steep·ing, steeps
        1. To soak in liquid in order to cleanse, soften, or extract a given property from.
        2. To infuse or subject thoroughly to.
        3. To make thoroughly wet; saturate.
        To undergo a soaking in liquid.
        a. The act or process of steeping.
        b. The state of being steeped.
        2. A liquid, bath, or solution in which something is steeped.

        • Zoquara says

          “Just cuz you dont know a thing doesnt mean you’re dumb.”

          I *love* that you said that. I have to tell my husband that all the time. I have a wider vocabulary than he does because I read a lot, and always have. He doesn’t read as much because he’s dyslexic and was never taught to deal with it properly. We know what we’re familiar with with. A lack of familiarity doesn’t make one dumb at all, just lacking in experience!

          • says

            You just described my husband and me. Years ago Santa brought a computer for our daughter for Christmas. I spent about 3 hours loading everything from farming to Nascar under his favorites. The next year he got 4 magazine subscriptions for Christmas and his birthday combined He still reads them every month. You probably couldn’t call it a cure, but he thinks it is.

    • Trish F says

      This tincture sounds great! I will boil some water and throw a sprig or two of rosemary into it and inhale the vapors when I have a headache that I can’t seem to get rid of. I have even, in a pinch, when I’ve been out and about grabbed some fresh rosemary (newest growth)and just inhaled the fragrance. This is not something I recommend very often, because you don’t know what chemicals might be on them, but like I said it will work in a pinch.

  11. Comet says

    If you use Magnesium for any reason just be aware that it can have a laxative effect!

    This is a result of the muscle relaxant properties. If you want to try it make sure the first time you are well within range of a non-crowded bathroom!

    Most Mag is sold mixed with Calcium and one helps to make sure the other is absorbed.

    Also–Vitamin D can help headaches and other health issues. Helps with several body process’. I have been severely deficient for years and have worked my way up from the “clinical dose” of 50,000 units (usually given once a month) to my current dose of 50,000 units once per day. In addition to helping to cut down tremendously on muscle cramps it has also helped cut way down on my blood glucose numbers (I am diabetic) and I often do not need to use meal insulin now—and I have not had a headache since I started this! It is almost impossible to get enough Vitamin D from our daily lives (and our food supply) and some kids are being seen with rickets now—due to use of sunscreen; long days spent indoors, and climate conditions. This is a completely preventible disease straight out of Dickens and no one expected MD’s to be seeing it now!

  12. says

    I Love doterra oils! I have peppermint on hand and my daughter uses it frequently for her headaches.
    Where did you get your roll-on bottle? I love that. It would be helpful to have.
    I use lavendar in my bubble baths all the time.
    Can’t live without my oils.
    Thanks Jill!

  13. Kimberly T. says

    We just tried the peppermint/lavender combination recently and loved it. That roller bottle is so cool, now i have to get one of those. So can you keep the oils mixed up in the roller ball bottle or is it a one time use kind of thing?

    I also have my husband squeeze (because I can’t squeeze it hard enough) the spot between my thumb and index finger and that usually works pretty well.

  14. says

    This post could not have come at a more perfect time! I saw this on a Pinterest post and have scrolled through your archives and I must say…I absolutely love your site! Perfect for a perpetual student with no money to spend, but a lot of these items handy! Thank you so much!

  15. sue says

    This doesn’t include oils, but something we’ve always used with migranes: put something cold like an icebag (or frozen peas) behind your neck, and something warm in your hands like a hot water bottle. Lay down and rest, trying to fall asleep in the next 15-20 minutes, headache will be gone and you’ll get some rest.

  16. PAM C says

    take your left hand (or visa versa) and pinch between the thumb and first finger of your right hand. There is a muscle there..it will be sore..hold for a few minutes and then lightly ease up. That has taken care of my headaches for years.

  17. Amanda says

    I was just introduced to Wintergreen Oil as a cure for headaches, especially migraines. You rub it on your temples, back of the neck and the BOTTOMS OF YOUR FEET and within 10-20 minutes, a significant reduction in pain! Stops me from getting to the nausea stage of migraines.

  18. Daphne Stewart says

    I’m a migraine sufferer, with seasonal allergies on top of that…
    1. The “Heal Your Headache in 123″ book is a GREAT resource. I haven’t read it all and I have a difficult time sticking to the diet but my migraines aren’t nearly as severe as they started a year ago, so I’ll be trying it again soon.
    2. With the magnesium, it comes in many different forms of supplements. If you’re having bad “bathroom” side effects, you may try a different variety. Also, soaking in Epsom salt baths 2-3 times a week may help. Your body absorbs Mg through the skin this way.
    3. I’ve found that 200 mg of B2 (riboflavin) daily helps. It’s been studied in doses of 400mg daily for migraine prevention, but I personally gag on the pills and can’t stomach 4 of them! Cvs does carry a coated version though. I’ve read that women on birth control are often deficient in B2. The things no one tells us…
    4. MSG is not always labeled as “MSG.” I believe this is mentioned in the Heal Your Headache book but do your research and see how it is disguised.
    *just some input/advice from my experience! Thank you for your post! Saw it on Pinterest and love your blog!
    Thank you to the pharmacist for your clarifications! I’ve seen feverfew and butterbur recommended in so many places, even on Dr. Oz, without mention of those precautions!

    Also – I’d like to know what the fractionated coconut oil is and where you can buy it? And where did you get the rollerball?

  19. Becky says

    Almost all smells including lavender actually make my headaches worse. I can’t wear or be around people who wear perfume especially when I have a headache but any strong smells can cause a headache as well… any ideas as to why?

    • Marilee says

      I have the exact problem as Becky with lavender and anything else that is perfume smell based, even many deodorants, cleaning products, and laundry items. I am allergic to their smell, and it gives me an instant headache. If I have one already, it becomes severe quickly. Many times at social gatherings or church, I have to leave due to the smells or suffer. No fun, but avoiding them is all that I’ve found to help.

      • gammilori says

        I also am very sensitive to perfume smells and they instantly bring on a migraine. One little whiff can ruin my whole day. So glad that I am not imagining this as a definite trigger. I think I would be ok with the peppermint or coconut oil

    • says

      Hi Becky,
      Have you looked into Candida & symptoms of an overabundance of Candida? Sensitivity to smell, particularly lavender is an indicator for Candida. Simple fix is a Candida cleanse & a few dietary changes. You can find lots of info by googling Candida. I hope this helps!

  20. rosalie says

    i have had a low grade migraine for over 3 years now and every 6 weeks or so get a full blown migraine. i am on medication for them and have pain releif to take as well and injections for the full blown ones. i find lavender to heady to use but will certainly try some of the other oils! we do use lavender for cleaning, and i small doses it is ok, but it does seem to go straight to my head! lol i am keen to try the rosemary steeped in alcohol though. fantastic blog post! will see if i can get feverfew in new zealand as well to try!! would be great to not take as many medications as i do!!

  21. Alice says

    I wanted to know if I can mix the lavender and peppermint oil together without the fractionated coconut oil since I don’t have any at the moment. I know the coconut helps the essential oils go under the skin but do you think I can still try without the coconut oil until I get around to ordering some? Thank you!

  22. mlle says

    I don’t want this to sound racy in any way, but sex can also aide in relieving headaches. Sadly, I don’t remember all the details, but I’m sure if you google it, you can find a description for exactly how it works (if I remember right, part of it just has to do with relieving tension in the body, and getting the blood flowing, like some of the other cures above talked about). It’s funny because having a headache is regarded as one of the more popular reasons to not have sex, when really, it will help alleviate the pain. (unless you mean to use it as a cop-out..)

  23. Beth Moe says

    Hi, I am a migraine sufferer for 35 years or so. I get one every 7-10 days. I have tried EVERYTHING! Even stupid stuff. I can relate to most. I have developed my own little ritual. My headache is there first thing in the morning, never get a headache any other time of the day, only wake with them, and only ever on the left side kind of behind my eye. First I start with oils, a mix I found locally. It consists of Peppermint, rosewood, and Cajeput (malaleuca) in a carrier mix of Evening primrose and vitamin E. I rub it under my nose, find a quiet spot where I can sit up and fall asleep comfortably. Laying down makes the headache worse. then I deep breath. If thats the fix for that headache it’s gone in about 15 minutes. If not then comes the coffee. To make 1 cup of coffee, I use 4 tblsp of coffee and pour boiling water through a coffee filter with 2 paper filters in it. when it has run through once I pour the coffee through the filter again. You will now have a cup of coffee that is not that great tasting but if the headache goes, it’s so worth it. Sometimes I have to eat soda crackers to keep from getting sick. Most often one or both of these methods work. I don’t drink more than 2 cups of coffee per day so the I’m not immune to the effects of the coffee. Hope this helps. I like others can’t handle the smell of lavender when I have a headache. Otherwise love it!! Thanks Jillie- love, love, love your blog!!

  24. says

    Hey I know I am late haha, but I have a question. I have never bought a roll on bottle before, so I would like to know how you get the oils into the bottle? Does it come separated and you put together or waht? Also Does it have to be Fractioned coconut oil or can it be other oils such as, oilve or sweet almond? Thanks!! I love your blog by the way :)

  25. Lynne says

    Just wanted to tell you that you are my FAVORITE blog!!! I can not go a day without reading about something new from your site.
    I too have tried out remedies from here and everything works! Back to the basics I say! Thank you for your very informative posts and keep them coming! You are how I start my day, every day!

  26. tami klumpyan says

    I can add one more thing that works somewhat for me. Being horizontal. I am horizontal over 60 percent of the day. I do lots of work related things from this position. I’ve been doing this for 16 years as I still don’t have an exact diagnosis, had 8 or 9 sinus surgeries (I have samters syndrome, which is a also called a triad. We who have this have asthma, sinus polyps and allergy to aspirit and 50 percent of us, me included are also allergic to acetomenophen), had mri’s, been told so many times I have migraines but migraine meds don’t touch these pressure headaches. There is one natural thing that takes pressure and pain away quickly and that is chewing food. I’ve been to a dentist and don’t have tmj. I have false teeth due to my sinuses I believe. Just a little history.
    Anyone out there like me?
    Thanks Tami

  27. Aubri says

    I’d like to add something to your eyestrain area. If you have glasses or if you have a lot of headaches and are on computers a lot you want to invest in a good Anti-Reflective coating for your glasses (if you don’t wear glasses you can get a non-prescription pair as “computer glasses” and it will aid with the fatigue). You want to invest in a good brand like Crizal and your eyes will thank you for it. The lenses will also be more scratch resistant and will likely come with a great warranty too.
    As a certified Optician I’ve seen AR lenses work wonders for all ages and types of patients. It is DEFINITELY worth it1

  28. Heather says

    Hey guys! Thanks for all the great info here! My daughter & I are also both migraine sufferers ( mix that with pms and look out!) Anywho, definately gonna try these oils and something else that helps me is those detox pads you put on your feet at night to draw the toxins out while sleeping. I’ve already gotten them at $ stores and believe me, they help, at least they did for me. And being that my feet are loaded with arthritis it helps with that also. I hope everybody is finding some relief with these ideas you all shared.

  29. Carol says

    Hi all! I haven’t read through all the comments here to see if anyone has a story similar to mine, but I wanted to add my two cents, for what they’re worth :)

    When my oldest daughter was 14 (she is now 22), she missed most of the first semester of her Freshman year of high school because of migraines. The pediatrician couldn’t fit her symptoms into any specific category and couldn’t find what was causing her migraines. She wanted me to treat her with Tylenol with codeine. I took her to a naturopathic doctor who immediately recognized her symptoms as a gluten intolerance. Within a few weeks of going on a gluten free diet her migraines went away.

    Now this past school year, my 11-year-old daughter has missed more than 40 days of her 6th grade year due to a constant headache that won’t go away. The pediatrician again couldn’t fit her symptoms into any specific category and advised me to treat her with Ibuprofen or Excedrin Migraine, neither of which helped. He then gave me a prescription for Sumatriptan and said if I needed to fill it to call him. That sent up a red flag to me, so I never filled the prescription. Instead, I took her to a naturopathic doctor. She ran a food intolerance test which showed that my daughter has an intolerance to gluten and dairy, as well as a combination of potato and grain. She has been gluten free for nearly a year due to stomach issues, but since we eliminated dairy from her diet about a month ago, her pain level has dropped to half of what it’s been for over three months, and she was finally able to return to school.

    I highly recommend getting a food intolerance test for anyone who has chronic headaches and may not have tried this route yet. While using any of the remedies in this article to alleviate the pain may be a temporary aid, getting to the root of the problem is going to help so much more in the long run! Hope this helps someone, and here’s to healthy, pain-free living! :)

  30. Kathleen says

    Thanks to all who shared what works for them. Identifying the triggers and remedies for my headaches is ongoing. Sometimes heat works, sometimes cold helps. I will try the suggestion to use both next time. And sometimes expresso coffee works, but only if I eat something like bread with it.

  31. LJ says

    Jill, thank you so much for your post. Currently, suffering from a headache for over 24 hours and taken both Tylenol and Advil to relieve the headache without much help from either painkiller. I didn’t have fractionated coconut oil nor peppermint oil, but I mixed some Lavender oil and regular cocunut oil placed some on my head and while my headache isn’t completely gone… this is the most relief I have felt since the onset of the headache. Thanks again!

  32. says

    My first experience with essential oils was getting rid of a head ache. I mix peppermint and wintergreen in a small bowl. After that I smell the oils and apply it on the back of my neck and bottoms of my feet and it does wonders! If your skin is sensitive to these oils you can add a carrier oil to dilute it like olive oil.

  33. Rosemary says

    Tissue salts can help, specifically Nat Mur, taken at the onset of a headache and every 45 minutes until the headache clears. Also, as you mentioned magnesium, the Mag Phos tissue salt is good for muscle strain, so might well help relieve headache.

  34. Heidi says

    I saw that a bunch of you wanted to know where to get the roller bottles. Well, I get mine from My Oil business. I also get my blue cobalt spray bottles there! They have a web site. Here is a link to the roller bottles! Really liked your post on headaches!


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