Make Your Own All-Natural Deodorant With 2 Simple Ingredients!

all natural deodorant


Two Saturday’s ago I invited my sisters to a “flower-planting party“! Which is to say I needed some H E L P and made them think it was a party! haha. Of course they saw right through my ruse of a “party”, but as good sisters do, they showed up anyway!

With the help of my sisters (I have one more sister, JoAnn, who couldn’t make it who is a SPECTACULAR gardener!), the hubster, my 3 boys, My Mom, my Dad, my mother-in-law (who happened to be visiting from North Dakota) and every other unsuspecting by-stander that came within grabbing distance of my flowers beds, we managed to plant a TON of flowers. Way MORE than I planned on because, well, when my Mom and my sisters get together the creative juices get flowing and all kinds of new ideas are born! But that’s another story……

Needless to say, by the time we were done, we were all a little worse for wear. (Please, no comments on my Playtex “gardening” gloves. lol. I was desperate!)  :-)


garden party

“Flower girls”  -  Jill, Rebecca, & Dori.  A little dirty, a little stinky, but always happy to be digging in the dirt!  :-)


As a matter of fact, my older sister had to audacity to start handing out samples of her CW deodorant! ( LOL.  Subtle Rebecca, subtle. ;-)

Subtle, or not, I took the sample with pleasure! I was out of my own homemade deodorant (which I posted about last October HERE) and am always willing to try something new!

One of the things I REALLY like about this “recipe” is how SIMPLE it is (no need to melt beeswax on the stove…no long list of ingredients…) AND that you can use it as a roll-on OR as a spray. I know people have strong preferences about how they apply their deodorant…now you have a choice!

Here is the recipe for…

Rebecca’s 2-Minute Deodorant

10 – drops frankincense essential oil (anti-cancer properties…helpful when applied to an area of the body with so many lymph nodes)
10 – drops melaleuca or lemon essential oil (anti-fungal, anti-bacterial)
10 – drops lavender essential oil (eliminates waste, anti-inflammatory and calming)


To make the ROLL ON deodorant

Add the Essential Oils to a 1/3 oz glass roller bottle and top it off with Fractionated Coconut Oil.


natural deodorant roll on


To make the SPRAY deodorant

Add the Essential Oils to a small spray bottle and top it off with Witch Hazel.

Witch Hazel is a natural toner and cleanser, it’s cooling and evaporates quickly and soothes irritated skin.  (Read all about the amazing BENEFITS OF WITCH HAZEL on this former blog post.)


natural deodorant spray on


Now, for the $64,000 question! Does it work?????  Well, I’ve been using it exclusively for over two weeks now and have been completely satisfied! No odor at all. Even the hubster was intrigued. I’m going to be making him a “manly” scent soon!


To be clear…this is NOT an antiperspirant. I gave up using antiperspirant quite awhile ago because the aluminum-based compounds used in them (although I should note they are considered safe by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.) I’m lucky because excessively sweating isn’t an issue I face. For those of you who do…I’m afraid this post won’t be terribly helpful. (Unless one of the incredibly intelligent READERS of this blog chimes in with some insight!)


If you are looking for a source to buy essential oils, I recommend Spark Naturals. They sell Certified Pure PharmaGrade Essential Oils for affordable prices!

Plus, use the coupon code JILLEE and get an additional 10% off your order.


natural deodorant spray on


natural deodorant spray on




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  1. says

    oh loooorrd, I always smell like the wrong side of a hippy whenever I try out the store bought natural deodorants. Thanks for this, I’m gonna try and hope it works better because I definitely prefer natural over the toxic name brands.

    • mary says

      As coming from the hippie era, this really hit my funny bone. The wrong side of a hippy! I bet you have a colorful vocabulary of expressions. I’m going to use your expression today, because there are several targets where it is apropo.

      I am also going to try the deodorant because of the lymph node thing. My lymph nodes are always knotted up from food allergies; this would be a good idea for me.

    • Carrien N says

      You and me both, sister. I’ve tried crystals, I’ve tried Tom’s and I’ve tried the coconut oil and baking soda (which gave me a tremendous rash and didn’t stop the smell AT ALL). I think i am just one of those people that needs clinical strength deodorants.

      • says

        That’s me as well, Carrien. I HATE using the aluminum products, but without them I RUIN clothes with a stench that doesn’t wash out. I don’t have the budget to replace tops after each wearing, so I potentially risk my health. I would LOVE a third option!

        • Nicole says

          I’ve just discovered a something that works for me. I spray the armpit area of my clothes with ammonia before washing. The stench actually comes out. I realized that the buildup of the odor in my clothes was causing me to stink faster than I really did. It’s worth a try.

            • Nicole says

              It hasn’t damaged anything of mine and I’ve mostly done it to darks. The thing is that the sweat smell is just a build up over time so once it’s gone, I don’t need to do it again for quite awhile. You can always try Jillee’s method of Dawn, hydrogen peroxide and baking soda if the ammonia makes you nervous. That just takes a little more effort with the scrubbing. To make it easier, I douse my clothes with hydrogen peroxide, pour a bit of Dawn on a toothbrush then dip it in baking soda, then scrub away.

      • Nicole says

        I’ve quit deodorant and began trying the other homemade options: alcohol, milk of magnesia, coconut oil/baking soda/cornstarch. None of them are totally effective on their own for me. So my favorite method in order to stay relatively fresh smelling without going back to aluminum based store bought deodorants is to first swab my pits with alcohol to kill the bacteria. Then I apply zinc oxide (I just buy the generic Desitin creamy tube from the baby aisle). Sometimes I dust my shoulders and armpits with Shower to Shower powder. This actually kept me fresh for hours in 105 degree heat this past weekend. Deodorant wouldn’t have. But something to note is that this only works if I’m not going sleeveless. The white zinc oxide would be obvious I think.

    • says

      If it doesn’t work for you, try combing the exact same essential oils she mentioned with 1/8Cup of organic baking soda, 1/8Cup of organic cornstarch, and 3Tablespoons of organic unrefined virgin coconut oil. Store it in an air tight container, and if you live in a really hot climate, you might want to store it in your refrigerator. This works extremely well! Even my husband uses it (and likes it!). However, I will caution you: some people are sensitive to a lot of baking soda on the skin. My suggestion is to be sure you wash it off completely at night time before bed and apply plain organic virgin unrefined coconut oil directly after. This will help keep it from ever getting irritated.

      Hope this helps!

      Organic Uprising

  2. says

    Here’s what I have been using, milk of magnesium, it works! I put it in an empty roll on bottle, I apply some to freshly washed & dried pits, one thing you have to do is allow it to dry before getting dressed otherwise it doesn’t work as well, I rub it in for about 20 seconds each side until it dries, it keeps me odor free all day, even in the worst conditions. One thing I have noticed is it seems to keep my dry as well, it’s not like antiperspirant, but it does seem to keep me dry. It’s also something I use on my face as a masque and lightly applied as a primer before applying makeup (when I wear it, which isn’t often anymore)… research it, I’d love to hear what you think about it. :)

    There is a commercial deodorant made with MOM and hydrated bentonite clay, I have experience with both of these ingredients, they are both very alkaline, I suspect that is how it works to keep down odor and possibly to keep down moisture. This commercial deodorant is put out by The People’s Pharmacy, I have no affiliation with them.

    I have been using just the plain MOM with no problems, I have hydrated bentonite clay, it’s going into my next batch to see if it works any differently.


    • Wendy says

      I use this too! I put mine in a squirt bottle though (it does clog easily) because I don’t have a ball roll-on and I add essential oils to the Milk of Magnesia aka Magnesium Hydroxide. Supposedly, magnesium hydroxide has been a popular ingredient in deodorants to control odor. Occasionally, I do have odor, but I feel it is related more to my diet (I have to stay away from a certain brand of Beer), than to the effectiveness of the MOM.

      • says

        I had some roll on deodorant/antiperspirant bottles left over, I hate throwing anything away :)

        I just popped the ball out of the bottle, washed the bottle and ball very well and filled with MOM, I left about an inch of space at the top to give me some shaking room. When it gets used up some, I’ll add some hydrated bentonite clay about half and half with the MOM and see how that works, I’m hoping it works great, the MOM by itself works… we’ll see what happens, I’m all for experimenting.

        What essential oils do you add to your MOM deodorant?


        • Nicole says

          Thanks for your experience. I bought some months ago. It didn’t seem to be effective for me. But after reading your comments yesterday, I decided to try it again, this time rubbing it in with my fingers like you said you do. Guess what! It was very effective! I was out in 100 degree heat and came home w/o a hint of ripeness. :) I guess it was my method of application. Thanks, Wretha.
          And thanks, Jillee, for these opportunities to exchange ideas with others!

  3. southerngirl says

    This formula will not prevent you from sweating, but will absorb the sweat. Mix together equal amounts of baking soda and cornstarch. Mix together well and place in an old bathpowder box with a puff. After showering apply a small amount of virgin coconut oil to under arms and dust well with cornstarch/baking soda mixture. I have been using this formula for 2 years without odor, or underarm stains on my clothes.

    • Bookworm says

      I’ve been doing something similar for years. I mix 1 part baking soda, 1/4 part cornstarch, and 1/4 part baby powder or other talc-based body powder. I don’t do the coconut oil part, but I can see that might improve the system, especially if I will be doing something really energetic! Thanks.

  4. Julia says

    I like this idea! I was thinking of making the spray on my hubby to see what he thinks. I make mine with coconut oil but from what I hear, if can not be as effective with hair. I also plan on not using Lemon, it can make skin susceptible to burning in the sun and we spend lots of time outside. Thanks!

    • Diane H. says

      You can make this without Frankincense. You may want to see if any of your friends would like to share the cost of a bottle since it doesn’t take a whole bottle for this recipe (although there are other uses for Frankincense to justify the cost – {wrinkle preventer}.

      I had a scare late last year where my annual mammogram showed a lump. I stopped using commercial deodorant and started looking for a diy recipe (this recipe is awesome) and I used Frankincense in the recipe. I also rubbed Frankincense & fractionated coconut oil in the area of the lump each night. I had my follow up mammogram last week – No Lump!!! (love you Rebecca <3 ).

      Also, this doesn't get rid of the sweaty feeling (I live in the South). I use the coconut oil – witch hazel doesn't cut it long term in humid heat for me. It does smell good and works a good while (I do have to freshen if I am doing a lot of physical work).

      Lemongrass does work well to help lessen the perspiration.

  5. Zena says

    Awesome! Can’t wait to try this I just started getting into essential oil and love them so much that I’m selling them now. When you come up with a manly scent please share would love to make it for husband also. Thanks so much love your blog and your sisters too :)

    • says

      Absolutely! The Frankincense has anti-cancerous benefits which makes it a wonderful ingredient for deodorant since application is so close to many lymph nodes. Lemon, Melaleuca and Lavender is a very nice combination too!

  6. Sue says

    I switched to a home made corn starch//coconut deodorant about a year ago. I was worried about it not being anti-antiperspirant. I was pleasantly surprised after a very short detox period (1-2 weeks), my body seemed to adjust to the idea that it COULD sweat now, and didn’t need to do it as profusely. Plus I think it took awhile to sweat out the years of anti-antiperspirant build up. Fortunately I did this while the weather was still cold and I was able to wear double layers to help me feel I could hide any tell tale under arm rings!

  7. Anita says

    Has anyone used the mineral salts or crystal stones which are recommended on many natural health care sites? I haven’t tried it yet but am curious about it and want to try it. Apparently one stick or stone will last well over one year, so it would be a huge cost savings to use one of these as your deodorant.

  8. Karen J says

    I and my kids have been using coconut oil, baking soda, cornstarch/arrowroot powder & essential oils (you can put some wax pellets in it to make it a roll-on), BUT I definitely will be trying this one as well. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Lori says

    This answers a question I’ve always had when I read about people in history such as in the Bible, 1800′s, etc. I’ve always wondered how they kept themselves at least odor free if not free from sweat!

    It also brings me back to a subject that I would rather not acknowledge of antiperspirants being bad for lymph nodes…a friend told me this years ago but I have an aversion to sweating!

    This short blog gave me all the push I needed to think out of my box and give something natural a try. My mom is VERY sensitive to smells and I think the baking soda, cornstarch ideas would be better around her. From your experience, how strong is the scent of the eo deodorants? Also, how long do they last on an “average” day and must you reapply throughout the day?

    By the way, your idea for getting help in planting your flowers is a conniving, yet BRILLIANT idea! I’m thinking of trying THAT one right away! haha

    • Emily says

      If you feel like you need a pick-me-up, make a smaller bottle to put in your purse or car for those mid-day issues… Or make the roll-on for the morning after your shower and the spray for the car/purse/locker for a quick refresher.

    • Cassie says

      Well, no; historical writings and memoirs show that people in history STUNK. But nearly everything (garbage pits, manure in the streets, open sewers, outhouses if you were lucky) stunk then anyway. The very rich could afford to drench themselves in expensive perfumes to try to mask the foul smells that surrounded them, but everyone else just lived with it. There were certainly no essential oils available for the average citizen to make natural deodorants, and probably no one thought to bother trying, because perspiration was a normal fact of life. Society’s insistence on frequent bathing and removing any hint of natural body odor is a very, very recent development, historically.

      • wendy says

        I remember reading in my Native American Literature class that one Native American said that he could smell the white men coming from a half a mile away because of their body odor! This particular tribe bathed in the river everyday and kept clean, even during the winter. I so wish I could remember which book had this account in it. It made me giggle out loud in the middle of class, I do remember that part:)

  10. Emily says

    After a health scare last year, I took a real hard look at what I was putting in my body and ON my body. My scare had to do with a staph infection and subsequent lymph node issues. I quit using deodorant and started using coconut oil, first as a massage oil to help get my nodes loosened up but then I noticed that it was doing a fairly good job at keeping odor away (I wasn’t expecting THAT!).

    But now that it’s warmer weather, I’m looking forward to trying some of these suggestions for natural deodorant. I’ve gotten used to the non-anti-perspirant feeling, but the scent of lavender intrigues me.


    • Lexi says

      Be careful with those deodorants. Check the ingredients. I know A&H has Triclosan in it, and Toms started adding a natural ingredient that also isn’t good for you (natural doesn’t always equal healthy). I can’t think of the name, but it’s in a lot of other deodorants, and other products, too. My husband and I loved the A&H one, until I did some research.

  11. says

    Is it only me, but there 4 ingredients. No biggie. Also to Anita. I have tried the crystal stones. They work really well only hint is to wet the stone and a little water drips down your are. Not tragic. They do last forever, it seems.

  12. Anneli says

    I would like to try that deodorant but we don’t get the fractionated oil here. Do you think I could use the normal coconut oil, which is hard at room temperature, as well? I could heat it a little to melt it and then add the essential oils. Afterwards make it into a stick deodorant. Would that be possible?


    • Diane H. says

      You wouldn’t be able to use regular coconut oil for the roll on or the spray for this recipe. It is solid even with the oils. You could mix it and put it into a flat type mason jar or shallow glass jar. You would put your finger in the jar to get a little on your finger (it doesn’t take much!) Beware, as it melts quickly on your warm finger. You can buy fractionated coconut oil from and most health food stores have it as well as Amazon, Vitacost, and Puritan’s Pride.

  13. Mindy says

    Okay, I’ve been hesitant to try making my own deodorants (my hubby already thinks I’m nuts with all the homemade recipes I’ve been trying for the last year or so), I’m definitely going to try this one! I just placed my first order with Spark Naturals and it should be here any day!

    Thanks again Jillee, and Rebecca for all that you do!

    BTW, my hubby is now a convert to your laundry soap and fabric softener!

    • Gwyn says

      Depending on the extraction process coconut oil can be scented or odorless. I’m not sure about fractionated CO and whether or not it is scented or if some is and some isn’t even. You can read about the difference and what process takes the scent out at Tropical Traditions They sell very good coconut oil and I like the sourcing but it can be expensive without specials (which they do run often). However both scented and non scented can also be purchased at Vitacost I have often purchased the Jarrow brand from them that says “good for cooking” on it and states that it has a “neutral taste” in the description. I don’t know how they are different since both the green label and the brown label containers say they are expeller pressed but from personal trial the brown one has no smell or flavor (I prefer that for cooking). I’m sure other brands at Vitacost also have non flavor options but I don’t know which ones, I use Tropical T now as much as I can though because I have a better grasp on why one has taste and smell and one doesn’t as well as liking what they do.

  14. CTY says

    This sounds great. I never wanted to be bothered with the long list of ingredients & melting for most of the DIY deodorants– but like the idea just adding EO’s for their scent and anti bacterial properties (& such). For quite a while now I have been using organic coconut oil (non fractionated) as a underarm deodorant and it works wonderfully. I apply it with my finger tips–any extra I massage into my cuticles and finger nails. It is very good for the nails.
    Do the EOs separate after a while? It seems like the coconut oil would stay mixed; but what of the Witch Hazel?
    How critical is it that glass bottles are used?

    • Diane H. says

      I always give my blends a little shake before I use them to make sure everything is mixed evenly. Some oils are heavier than others and I feel the heavier oils separate, so I just give a shake to make sure it’s evenly distributed.
      You can put oils in plastic bottles that are made specifically for oils. If you use plastic that’s not made for oils, you can feel inside the bottle that there are scratchy lines where the oils separate the plastic over even a short period of time.

  15. Alisha Jaybird says

    I’ve been using this (sans frankincense, since I don’t have it yet) for 4 days. I’m really loving it, due to that it works! Entertaining perk: I’ve been asking my 3 sons to smell my armpits to help m check. I’ve been told I smell “good,” “like flowers,” and like a “nice man.” LOL! I love the ideas from you and your sisters, Jillee!!!

  16. Nicki says

    My problem is my underarms are extremely dark. Yet my skin is fair, so it is very embarrassing. I keep reading that I might have an allergy to deodorants/antiperspirants. Has anyone ever heard of this problem and know a fix? I’ve never tried natural deodorants so would this maybe help? Thank you!

    • clf says

      Having a true allergic reaction to something you apply to your skin usually means you have a rash or hives, so I doubt your dark underarms are due to the use of deodorant. You might try looking up Acanthosis Nigricans. This medical condition can be caused by a variety of things.

    • Leeann says

      I had my underarms turn dark-ish when I was using a natural deodorant made with Tea Tree oil. Apparently that can cause the darkening. After I stopped using it, it faded.

    • gail says

      Nikki, my husband also gets very dark under his arms during summer, it seems the sweat irritates the skin. We have used zinc and caster oil cream, its used for baby’s rashes, and it works. Try using natural products once the darkness goes. good luck.

    • Denise says

      Its a bit late for a reply but I figure I will try anyway :)
      I also get the dark armpits, and tried making a ton of different deodorants. My doctor said it ends up being a type of fungus, I found wiping my underarms with witch hazel and then using an unti-fungal cream helped then I started using Milk of Magnesium which has been wonderful. I just apply it to a face pad and wipe in on my armpits.

  17. Jamie says

    I use straight coconut oil after washing with Dr. Bronner’s lavender soap. It took a couple of days for any odor to completely go away and for my body to adjust to not using deordorant. I think any odor I have now is actually better than what was mixed with the toxic deordorant I was using.

  18. Jae says

    I love the home-made bath/beauty/health products. One thing that does NOT work at my house is the deodorant. I’m assuming it is the coconut oil. I haven’t been brave enough to try it with any other oil, yet. The problem we have is that since we’ve changed to home-made products, our whites (undershirts, etc) have taken on a dingy tone that just wasn’t there with the store bought stuff.

    My first attempt at home made deodorant consisted of coconut oil with arrowroot and baking soda. Simple — but something in this did not agree with our laundry. Maybe it is the funky water out here in the mid-west.

    Any suggestions on a substitute carrier for the EOs or cornstarch/baking soda options?

    • southerngirl says

      I only use the coconut oil because it absorbs into the skin so quickly, and is good for the body and skin too. It also helps the baking soda and cornstarch stay in place. I think if you just dust your underarms with the mix while they a damp the mix will work just as well.

    • Lynn says

      Hopefully, although much time has passed, this will be of help:
      Use FRACTIONATED coconut oil instead of raw. It has no odor and washes out of materials easily. Becoming the most popular base oils by used by massage therapists/masseuses for exactly those reasons. You might want to Google ‘base oils’ used in aromatherapy and find one that absorbs easily.

  19. Janet Williams says

    I like this post (not that I don’t love them all). I have been looking for a good recipe for deodorant that I would make for myself. Thank you so much! You all remind me of me and my (2) sisters.

    • Kat says

      I made the roll-on deodorant with the fractionated coconut oil and it did stain my clothes. I didn’t see the stains until I had pulled my clothes out of the dryer. Maybe if I had noticed before washing and had used a pre-stain buster, then it may have prevented the stain. With that said, the roll-on was effective as a deodorant, and I didn’t notice sweat staining my clothes after working outside.

      Today I made the spray deodorant with the Thayers Rose Petal Witch Hazel (which I love). I will try and remember to get back with an update on its effectiveness on odor.

      I have been impressed with the suggestions on Jillee’s site. Thank you Jillee.

  20. Kim says

    I made this and I am in love! All these years of never finding the right deoterant. Nothing ever worked for odor or sweating. I made the spray recipe and added lemongrass which I heard was good for sweating. I have to say 2 days and I have had ZERO odor and ZERO sweating! I am speachless…

  21. Lori says

    Love all of the great ideas I find on this site! I’ve been using Thai crystal deodorant spray. I’m wondering if anyone has tried or knows about adding the essential oils directly to this spray, rather than creating a new spray with the witch hazel. Will the crystal spray mix well with the EOs?

  22. Michelle says

    I absolutely love all the posts on natural health and beauty! We have been avid essential oil users for several years now. I have to ask – why the switch from DoTerra to Spark?

  23. Abigail says

    Ok Ladies-

    I am very intrigued! Now the question I have for you all is for my husband. He has the ever popular excessive underarm sweat. Yeah, I know, overshare! He’s tired of it. I tried making the baking soda, cornstarch and coconut oil mix, but it tore his underarm to shreds. Any suggestions??


  24. says

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  25. Patricia says

    Hi Jill

    As usual your site is always full of enriching info. I have been using baking soda mixed with rice flour. Rice flour has a whitening effect. I put them separately in a pepper shaker. As regards to fractional coconut oil, here in Malaysia – hot tropical country we can only find the oil in liquid form (organic and cold pressed) and it costs USD 20 for a litre.

    God bless and warmest wishes

  26. Jim says

    Commercial products have began to relly scare me as I get older and see what is happening to people around me. I am going to try your formula for natural deodorant. Will modify for manly manly scent.

  27. MariaP says

    I have a condition called hidradenitis suppurativa and can’t use store bought deodorants at all. Not even the mineral and other natural ones. (If you’re curious-

    Does anyone know if the oils will affect my condition? I don’t really even need deodorant anymore since I’ve had so many surgeries under my arms and don’t sweat normally anymore. But I do still sweat and in the summer can end up a little fragrant at the end of the day sometimes.

  28. MariaP says

    I have a condition called hidradenitis suppurativa and can’t use store bought deodorants at all. Not even the mineral and other natural ones.

    Does anyone know if the oils will affect my condition? I don’t really even need deodorant anymore since I’ve had so many surgeries under my arms and don’t sweat normally anymore. But I do still sweat and in the summer can end up a little fragrant at the end of the day sometimes.

  29. Lori says

    Since there seem to be some very knowledgeable people posting here, I thought I’d pick your brains. I have an 18-year old daughter and 16-year old son who sweat ridiculous amounts. Not necessarily too smelly, just absolutely drenched in the armpit area. My daughter, being humiliated by awful pit stains and constant wet marks (even in cold weather when she wasn’t even hot she would literally be dripping down her arm) convinced me to get a prescription roll on that really does dry things out but has to be followed by a cortisone cream for itchiness. Now the son, with the same situation, is using the same drug.

    Be gentle…please don’t go all crazy on me for allowing a prescription drug and a cortisone cream to be used on my children. I know…bad mom…poison…sweating is normal…and all that jazz. I’m ready for a change. The super drying brand name antiperspirants don’t work for them (I’m sure they are terribly dangerous too). But you do what you have to do to keep the kids happy. Does anyone else have this problem? Hubby and I do not have this affliction.

    I will be trying a couple of these deo/antiperspirant recipes to see if they will help the kids. Can’t wait to see the “manly” version too.

    • Brittany says

      Hey Lori,
      I know their suffering! I too am an excessive armpit sweater. It started in late junior high for me and was at its worst in high school. I could pit sweat through several layers of shirts back then. I used to never be able to raise my arms because I always had wet pit circles.In 8th grade I used a prescription sweat blocker called Drysol, which was a nightmare. I still to this day remember how bad it itched and burned. It had aluminum chloride in it in high concentrations, which I now know was very dangerous to use and it does scare me that I put that on my body as a youngster. I didn’t use it long though, maybe 6 months? 8? Anyways, to this day as nearly a 30 year old, I still battle it occasionally. I manage it, I guess you could say. I know from years of experience if certain colors of shirt will just get ruined with pit stain residue immediately, like white or light yellow. I don’t wear grey because it shows a wet armpit circle the very worst. I know that certain styles of shirt will trigger me to sweat more if the armpit part is tight. Some shirts don’t cause me to over sweat at all. I use Secret antiperspirant, but like I said, that doesn’t keep all the sweating away. What’s funny is I swear I sweat less if i don’t wear the antiperspirant. But then i worry that I smell. I feel that it’s tied to hormones, which makes sense that it was worst in the height of puberty. But coming from someone who’s been there, at least you can tell your kids that it will improve! Also, a trick I’ve learned for keeping the pit stains out of clothes is that I rinse the pit area of any of my high-risk shirts immediately in warm water when I take them off. Then, before I put the clothes in the washing machine, I first soak the pits of high-risk shirts in white vinegar. The PH of vinegar helps break up deodorant and sweat stains. I also don’t put those shirts in the dryer because that locks in the stains. That’s just how I live now, and believe me I wish I didn’t have to, but it’s not so bad really. I’d rather go through the extra work to save my shirts!

    • says

      I sweat far more than the average person as well. I’m just sitting on the couch in my nice air-conditioned house and offending myself with my sweat. I honestly don’t know what the answer is. Part of the issue is, and I found this out the hard way, is probably what they’re eating. And antiperspirants, too. Get them to stop eating wheat and grains an no sugars, sodas, artificial sweeteners, or processed foods. Feed them beef, chicken, veggies, and fruits. And animal fat. REAL butter in stick form, heavy cream, etc. Very good for you. Also, buy some unflavored beef gelatin. If they have a daily tea or coffee mix some in there. Or make jello with it, or you can find other recipes for it. Also, have them stop using soaps. Soaps kill all the good bacteria on the skin and forces it to stop producing oil, so your body fights back and over produces. Just have them shower with a scrubber and water as hot as they can stand it. And no antiperspirants! Antiperspirants block the sweat glands and the body starts freaking out and pumping out sweat as fast as it can.

      My diet change to what I mentioned, my switch from body washes and soaps to a scrubber and hot water, and leaving the antiperspirants behind has definitely helped. It’s not perfect, but I can wear a color other than black now. I even wear tank tops. I could not have done that six months ago. Do I still smell? Yes. do I still sweat? Yes. But it’s much, much better, and it doesn’t roll down my body (unless I’m outside because this is Florida and it’s super hot and humid here).

      Good luck!

    • says

      Also, the stuff you use to wash clothes with could have something to do with it. I use things with no smell. It’s a bit sad to do laundry and have my clothes smell like… nothing at all, but it’s better than the detergent and softener mixing with sweat. Ew.

      I use Arm&Hammer free&clear unscented. I put a teensy bit of that in. You do not need nearly as much detergent as they say you do. It’s a gimmick to make you buy more, and it also clogs your washing machine. Put like an eighth to a tenth of what it says to use in. Then put a healthy dose of Borax powder in. I put far more borax than I do detergent. Then I wash. After they’re done washing, I do an extra rinse with white cleaning vinegar. You can use 1/2-1 cup, depending on how dirty the clothes are. And I don’t put everything in the dryer anymore, as that sets in smells and stains and such. I hang the clothes on hangers on the shower rod and turn a box fan on setting 2 and let that run for the afternoon.

      Between the diet change, the shower change, the product change, and the laundry change, good things should happen. Just tell them to be patient, good things do take time and this is no different. They will sweat worse in the beginning, but it will lessen over time. In about five months their bodies should be normal bodies, not toxin filled bodies. Until then, I guess wear black?

    • Jessica says

      I know most of the people posting here are probably from America, and things are different in America. But, that being said, when I lived in South Africa, I had a friend (female) who had a problem of excessive sweating (arm pits). It’s actually a medical condition that is covered under their healthcare plans! Can you imagine? She is able to have laser treatments on her armpits that make her sweat glands less active (or something). Twice a year she gets the treatments and helps her tremendously. I’m not advocating that. But, I’m telling you some information that I’ve not seen listed here. For someone who drips sweat down their arms in even cool weather, laser treatments may be a huge relief.
      Personally, I did sweat quite a bit. However, for the past 8 months I’ve been using coconut oil and sometimes a homemade deodorant that has beeswax and EOs and baking soda…sometimes that works, sometimes not. I’ll try this recipe with witch hazel. Thanks everyone!

  30. says

    I’ve never heard of using straight oils and witch hazel. I love witch hazel, and found it to be a huge relief for post partum healing. I’ve been making my own deodorant (baking soda+coconut oil) for a year or more now & love it, but would like to try your spray idea. Thanks for sharing!

  31. Lori says

    Thanks Brittany and Jen for the light at the end of the tunnel! I am quite positive diet has a lot to do with it …its getting them to change (drop the sugar and wheat) that will be a huge undertaking. I will pass along your wisdom!

    • Patti says


      I have a 21 yr old daughter that has the same issues. This also started for her as a teenager, we tried the prescription deo for a few years but she didn’t care for the side-effects. She is a college soccer player, eats the right foods, etc. I don’t know that I can get her to stop using an anti-perspirant but I’m going to ask her to try and will make the spray deodorant using the witch hazel and eo’s. I can’t wait to see if this works for her. She hates that she “pits out” every white shirt she owns.

      Keeping my fingers crossed!


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