Organizing Your Essential Oils {Or Any Other Collection of Small Items}!

organizing drawers

Someone asked me last week how I organized my essential oils and essential oils supplies. It was then I realized that I really DON’T organize them….until NOW! :-)  I wish I could remember who posed the question…because I owe that person a big THANK YOU for the motivation I needed to get my growing “Fragrant Pharmacy” in order.

I began looking for ideas online, and I will share those further down in this post, but it wasn’t until a trip to Costco last week that I found what I didn’t even know I was looking for!

Expandable wooden drawer storage boxes with adjustable dividers. 

organizing drawers

Up until that point I hadn’t even CONSIDERED a DRAWER as a possible place to store my collection, but when you think about it, it makes perfect sense…especially for lots of small bottles of essential oils. They don’t need much “headroom”, so parking them on a shelf in a cupboard or closet is just a lot of wasted space (which is exactly where mine were parked.)

organizing drawers

Like I said, I found these as drawer organizers at Costco for $15.99 (regularly priced $19.99) and decided to get TWO because while I knew I wouldn’t need both BOXES for my oils…I was most likely going to need both sets of dividers! Besides, I had no doubt I could find a use for the second box. :-)

Probably THE hardest part of this whole project was giving up one of the large drawers in my kitchen! I only have 8 drawers TOTAL in my kitchen, so sparing one was brutal. But the more I examined the contents of those drawers, the more I realized I could EASILY get rid of the equivalent of one large drawerful of stuff and hardly even miss it! So that’s what I did first: Purged the drawers!

I decided to make one of the drawers to the left side of my refrigerator the designated essential oils drawer. I wanted it sort of out of the way AND I didn’t want to give up any of the drawers next to the sink and the dishwasher.

organizing drawers

After taking a long, hard look at these two drawers it didn’t take me long to consolidate two drawers into one. A lot of the stuff in the left-hand drawer was stuff I never even used! And a lot of it the hubster uses only when he fires up the smoker. THAT stuff goes in the garage…with all the other BBQ paraphernalia. :-)

Now that I had created one empty drawer space, time to ORGANIZE IT! :-)

It took a few tries and several different configurations of the adjustable dividers…but I couldn’t be happier with the results!

organizing drawers

organizing drawers

organizing drawers


organizing drawers


organizing drawers

Now since I know not everyone is going to have access to these particular adjustable wooden boxes…I wanted to make sure I gave you a few more options as well. (However, if you DO have access to these….RUN, don’t WALK, to your nearest Costco and buy some!)

organizing drawers

First off…I have had THIS idea on my “To Do List” for a LONG time!  Making drawer dividers out of cereal boxes! I just LOVE this idea (found at and it would be a VERY inexpensive alternative…not to mention ECO-FRIENDLY!  Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! :-)

The following were some other ideas I came across before I located the Costco boxes.

organizing drawers

Using spice jar organizers in drawers.


organizing drawers

Paint an old spice rack a bright new color and give it a new lease on life as your essential oils organizer!
Too Much Time


organizing drawers 10

3-Tiered DIY Cake Stand turned into a craft supplies holder.
Life’s Journey

Don’t forget to search for coupons when shopping for organizers.


And what did I do with that extra set of boxes I bought??? Organized two MORE drawers in my kitchen, of course! :-)

organizing drawers

All in all I’d say it was a good day’s work! :-)


How do you organize YOUR “collections”?


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  1. Sherylin says

    Great idea. I love it.

    And a lot let works then the cereal box method too. :)

    I am sure you know about it. Where you get cereal boxes [tops and bottoms] cut them to the height you want [depth of the drawer] and cover them in pretty paper. Then align them inside the drawer and fill as needed.

    I like your idea better though. :)

    Sherylin :)

  2. Teri W says

    Yay!!! It was me who asked the question on your fb wall!! Thank you Jillee, I knew that if anyone knew a way, it would be you!

  3. says

    Such great tips! My essential oils are scattered in odd places throughout the house (peppermint, lavender and tea tree are my go-to oils, and they’re within easy reach on a kitchen shelf), and it would be great to organize them. Plus we have a ton of drawers in our island that DESPERATELY need organizing! Drawer dividers are such an obvious but under-used solution :)

  4. Jenna says

    If you can find, try green plastic strawberry baskets in drawers. I use them and put all my nail polish in them.

    • CTY says

      I use those too! They seem to be getting flimsier though so sometimes I double them up. I also made a kitchen sink sponge holder with them. I placed several juice bottle caps (open side down) in the bottom of basket #1 (so that basket #2 would be raised up some), placed #2 basket on top and used little zip ties to keep the baskets together. Trimmed the ends of the ties and now I have a sponge basket that allows lots of air around the sponge I keep it in the sink so it drips w/out making a mess. I tried suction cups to hold it but they just slide off my sink.

      • sue says

        someone once told me that if you put a little oil on the back of the suction cup instead of wetting it, it will stay better because it doesn’t dry up and the oil is not affected by change in temperature.

  5. Lynn M. says

    I have become a huge fan of recycling toilet paper and paper towel tubes for storage. For my essential oils, since drawer space is at a premium in my house, I took a plastic shoe box size container and cut t.p.tubes in half and filled the container with them, wedging them in so they fit snuggly and then put the little bottles in each hole. Some of my tinier bottles or vials fit in the spaces between tubes.
    I used the same idea to store all of my small paint bottles in one of those plastic containers with drawers.

    • Vicki says

      I like this idea a lot…..I don’t have enough kitchen drawers like Jillee that I can consolidate.

  6. says

    Pure awesome! A drawer make so much sense as you can peer down at the labels. Essential oils on a shelf are harder to see, especially when you have rows behind rows. Love the idea :))

  7. says

    I love these!! I too have had been wanting to make the cereal box dividers, finding time to organize my drawers is the stumbling block! My daughter uses a pretty cake stand in her bedroom for (some of!) her make up, it looks great.

  8. muskaan says

    I recently came across another practical idea — using ice cube Trays to keep the little trinkets, etc. So now I’m using one to place the small food essence & extract bottles in each space. Best part, I can pull the tray from my overhead shelf without fear of tumblings !
    These are great for tiny nails, nuts, bolts too, especially if the tray has a lid.

  9. pam verdin says

    You can also use the box that velveeta comes in. they make great storage containers.

  10. Lucy Smith says

    Hi Jill

    Are you a qualified Aromatherapist? I’m an advanced Holistic Therapist. I store. My oils in a
    6 drawer. Container.First I label the drawers with a blue, yelllow or. Green sticker. They. Reprexsent