Make Your Own Sleep Salve For “Sweet Dreams” and Soft Feet!

sleep salve

About a month ago I started having trouble sleeping. It was getting pretty bad and nothing I did seemed to help. My sister Rebecca (Camp Wander) came to the rescue with her Dream-y Sleep Salve and ever since then sleep has again become my friend. As a matter of fact, I will not leave home without it!

Earlier this month I went to a blogger retreat in the Outer Banks of North Carolina where I shared a beach house with 30 other women and a room with my daughter Britta and my daughter-in-law Kaitlyn. It wasn’t the ideal sleeping arrangements but I had my trusty sleep salve and all three of us slept great (until lightning struck the power pole outside our window at 6am!)

I didn’t consider making my own because I figured I could just purchase it from my sister, who sells it on her blog. However, when we got home from North Carolina, Britta and Kaitlyn wanted a jar of their own, so I decided I’d better learn how to make it because it was going to be a hot commodity in my family. I also wanted to be able to make it to give as gifts. Britta and I whipped up a batch earlier this week and were happily surprised at how well we did….so I thought I’d share it with the rest of you insomniacs out there.


sleep salve

Statistics show that insomnia is a major problem among American adults. Approximately 60 million American adults report insomnia ranging from long-term or chronic, to brief and temporary. (Brain Basics: Understanding Sleep.) If you are one of those 60 million, you know how frustrating it can be. Hopefully this will help you as much as it has helped me.

This is very simple salve to make…but it does involve two steps. The first step is to make the DREAM BLEND of essential oils that you will then add to the salve.


You can now buy the Dream Blend already pre-mixed through Spark Naturals! No need to buy 5 different EOs! Of course you can still make it with the recipe above, but now you have another option!


sleep salve

Dream Blend Recipe:

This ends up being enough to make (2) 4 ounce jars of the Dream-y Sleep Salve. The recipe below for the All-Purpose Salve makes (4) 4 ounce jars. If you want to make all four jars into the sleep salve, double the Dream Blend recipe above.


sleep salve

All-Purpose Salve Recipe:

Makes enough for (4) – 4 ounce jars.


sleep salve

Melt the coconut, olive oil and beeswax in a warm water bath, stirring every few minutes until melted. This will take 10 – 15 minutes, you want it to melt slowly. No blender necessary.

While you are waiting for the wax to melt, add 90 drops of Dream Blend to each 4 ounce glass jar.


sleep salve

When the beeswax is completely melted, pour the mixture into the jars and let cool.


sleep salve

Cover with lid after completely cooled. Shelf life is approximately 8 months (but trust me, it won’t last that long!)


How to use:

Apply Dream-y Sleep Salve to the bottom of both feet after you’ve climbed into bed and massage in. (The large pores of the feet allow the oil to absorb quickly.) I like to really SLATHER my feet with the salve and then put lightweight socks on.

As an all-natural sleep aid, this stuff is amazing, but as an added benefit you end up with soft and supple feet as well! A major bonus in my book!

Sweet Dreams!


 sleep salve


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  1. says

    I noticed the salve has a whipped texture. Most of the time when I make things with beeswax, it solidifies more than that. I have to literally whip it with a mixer to get that consistency.

    Does this not solidify as much because of the amount of olive oil in it? Or …am I off base?

    Looks like a great recipe and I really can’t wait to try it.


  2. Patsy says

    The instructions say to add 90 drops of dream oil blend but the ingredient list totals up to 100. So which do I use, 90 or 100? Also, do you whip this after it has cooled to get the whipped consistency it shows?

  3. Janet says

    Can the essential oil mix be added to the melted oils (if I doubled the oil mixture)or does it mix itself when you pour the melted oil in?
    The salve mixture looks like it could be used for other purposes if different essential oils were used….
    I want to make this one soon. Thanks Jillee for this and all of you great ideas!

    • says

      You can add the EO’s to the melted oils but I would do that in their individual jars…I probably wouldn’t just dump the whole thing into the pot. I guess you could do it that way but I like to make sure I get the right amount of oils in each jar.

  4. Caitlyn says

    Hi, I love making my own products at home & giving them to family and friends for holidays. This sleepy salve would be perfect for many people I know who have been having trouble sleeping for a while now. However, I do not have some of the essential oils stated above. Can I infuse the cinnamon bark and ginger from my dried stash prior to adding the other essential oils that I do have, like I do with some of my other homemade products? Will it be as affective do you think? Also, if I were to add lavender and chamomile do you think this would make it even more effective? Thanks and I hope you have a great day!


    • says

      Caitlyn, have experimenting with your choices. However, as I’m sure you know – pure essential oils are a highly concentrated plant essence. Your results may not be the same but you never know – infusion may work beautifully too :)

  5. bk says

    The jars can be found in the caning section of stores. They are 4 oz jelly jars. When you buy them new they come with the 2 part lid. Walmart, Meijer, Ace Hardware, or Bing search caning jars. This is a great time of the year to find them.

  6. Jan says

    I have been using a blend of
    Peaceful chld
    30 drops lavender
    85 drops vetiver
    30 drops ylang ylang
    20 drops frankincense
    15 drops clary sage
    10 drops marjoram
    35 drops coconut oil

    and putting on my feet at night. could these be used also.
    what are your thoughts on combining these with the ones you suggest for the salve.

    • says

      Jan, that would be a great blend to add to the salve base! You wouldn’t want to combine both blends though – the chemistry of both blends would change.

      The oils used for the Sleep Blend balance blood sugar and calm the adrenals allowing the body to rest when it’s actually ready to do so. While the Peaceful Child blend is lovely for calming – it may not work in the same manner as the this blend does.

  7. Wendy says

    Just a tip. I probably would wait for the melted oil mixture to cool, but remain liquid, before adding it to the essential oils to avoid “flashing off” or evaporation of your essential oils. Beeswax needs to get pretty hot before it will melt and you wouldn’t want to lose all the benefit of the Essential oils. Thanks Jillee for the great recipe.

  8. says

    Ah, all these things to put on your feet before bed, but then I can’t wear my detox foot pads to detox my body and help me sleep (

    I have magnesium oil to spray, I have moringa pain relief spray, I have lavender and other essential oils to relax me, along with a foot cream that softens the callouses on my feet. If I put all of those on my feet I won’t be able to use my detox foot pads to get rid of the toxins!

    So many people these days are unable to detox naturally due to illness or stagnant lymph systems. I am one of those people :(

    • Gwyn says

      I don’t know what to suggest about the foot pads but sounds to me like the salve could replace the oils you use for calming as well as the foot cream for callouses. You could probably play with the oil blend as well if the oils you use are important enough you don’t want to replace them and they aren’t already in the blend. Many oils also help the lymph system as well so you might find a way to include those and even replace the pads or maybe alternate. Bet you could even add the magnesium oil too, though I don’t know that for sure. Rebecca might be able to help with info on that.

  9. Robin says

    I made this concoction and, while I love it (softens my hands & feet really well), I still have trouble sleeping. Should I use more drops? Should I add another ingredient? This insomnia is really taking a toll on me :(

    • says

      Robin, I recommend starting off sparingly with the salve as we all react differently to essential oils. If you’re not seeing a change, increase the amount you use. I use approximately 1/2 teaspoon for each foot and actually massage my entire foot – top and bottom and under toes with the salve for my best results

    • Brooke says

      Hi Robin, I put 3 drops of lavender on my pillow every night. I fall asleep in about 10-15 minutes and sleep all night. You can also try writing in a journal 30 minutes prior to going to bed. It will help clear your mind.

  10. Tania says

    Hi, I really want to try making this to help my soon-to-be hubby with his sleep problem. But, the problem is, it’s very hard to find that Beeswax Pastilles in here. Do you have any substitute for that?

    Thanks a lot for all the tips you give, it’s very interesting and helpful!

  11. Jude says

    My daughter has requested that I send her a jar but she is still breastfeeding and concerned about the peppermint in it. Can I substitute some other EO for the peppermint for her? Also, I have been using this for a few weeks now and find that I am sleeping more deeply. What has been a surprise is that I no longer get hot flashes and night sweats waking me up. But the HUGE blessing is that I no longer get the Big Hot Flash/Sweat that I used to get just as I would fall asleep…which would wake me up…then I found it difficult to fall asleep…you get the picture. ;)

  12. Amy says

    Just wondering if this can be used on babies, my ten month old is a super restless sleeper and is still waking up several times a night. I’m exhausted! Also, will this just get you to sleep or will it also keep you asleep? Thanks!

    • says

      Amy, I would try something simpler for your little one…generally their sleep issues are different than ours as adults :)

      Something great to try would be pure Lavender, even a combination of Lavender and Marjoram would be wonderful for your baby. Make sure you dilute pure EOs by 50% with a carrier oil for little ones under 6 yrs :)

      • Sheetal says

        Hi Rebecca, Jillee,

        I have the same problem. My 18 month old wakes up several times through the night. I would like to try your suggestion of lavender and marjoram. Can you please tell me how to prepare this blend? Should I add the EOs to the all purpose salve? If so, what is the ratio of salve to lavender to marjoram? Thank you so much. Will be checking back for your reply?

  13. Karen says

    What is the breakdown for 90 drops. Could you come up with an equivalent such as in tablespoons, et cetera. I have never used essential oils before so don’t know about counting all the drops. Hope you can help.

      • Sheetal says

        Hi Rebecca, Jillee,

        I have the same issue with my 18 month old, he wakes up several times during the night. I would like to try Rebecca’s suggestion on using lavender and marjoram EO. Do I mix these EOs in the all purpose salve? If so what is the ratio of salve to lavender to marjoram? Will be checking for your reply. Thank you so much. Sorry, if this is a repost of my question. I didn’t see it appear first time so typed it again.

    • says

      Becky, you might want to check with your doctor but I think you would be ok to use the grapefruit EO. Because a pure grapefruit essential oil is cold pressed from the rind not derived from the juice so the chemistry is completely different.

  14. Debbie J says

    I can’t wait to make some of this. Now I need to make a trip to the Soap and Candle store. Again. LOL Good thing they are having a sale on their items. They are moving the store to a different location.

  15. Deb says

    OK guys, I dislike to say this and sound all cheap and everything, but I looked at the different EO’s that I would need to make this and my wallet started screaming! I have purchased the cold/flu kit and tried it out, I do have a small stash of oils that I use, and do make my own lotions, ‘vaseline’ etc., but this seems cost prohibitive. IJS. Any ideas?

  16. Leanne says

    On the Spark Naturals website, they sell an Essential Oil Blend called “Dream Sleep Blend”. Could I use this instead of making my own blend of the 5 oils in the recipe? If so, how many drops would I use per 4-ounce jar?

  17. Wendy Koay says

    Hi Jill,

    Beside Cinnamon Bark EO, can I replace with other EO. I’m from Malaysia and its not easy to get some of the EO in smaller qty unless from direct supplier (with min order of 1kg). Shipping charges from Amazon/other parts of the world to Malaysia is super expensive.

    Thank you, Wendy

    • Gwyn says

      I wondered the same thing when I first saw this. I think Racheljl is rite the synergy of the mix is what works. Oils often have various uses and benefits, sometimes that seem opposite but I think it’s because they work by helping your body regulate so it can do what it does naturally if that makes any sense. In practice it seems like they have the ability to know what’s wrong and help that particular issue, smart buggers! I think we are just so conditioned to be looking for a pill or something that does one particular thing (keep us awake, put us to sleep) and although they have that affect when it’s what we need that’s not really how the oils work. This is just my interpretation, I’m not an expert.

  18. Candace says

    Can the Dreamy Sleep EO Blend be diffused for relaxation at sleep of is this blend best for topical use? If I was making a batch, I was just going to make more and diffuse, if it would be beneficial…

  19. says

    I don’t understand how the oils that are used can cause a sleepy state. Peppermint, lemon and grapefruit are enlivening oils…wake-me-up oils, so to say. Plus, there are so many drops of these oils…I’m just curious as to why lavender or other sleep inducing oils aren’t used. Can you help me understand how this works? Thanks Rebecca!!

    P.S. LOVED the Pinner’s content!!

    • Brooke says

      I think it has something to do with the location of application. I use lavender every night but I just put the drops right on my pillow, so I’m inhaling it. Boy do I sleep great! But my hubby hates the smell….I know, he’s nuts!! Figure I’ll give this a try.

    • Gwyn says

      I think it has to do with the blend and the synergy of the oils working together. Many oils will work in various ways that seem opposite and I think what they really do is even you out so if your wired for instance and say use peppermint and it levels you out it seems like it’s calming, if you are tired and use it to level you out it seems invigorating. Does that make sense? The oils have the same benefit but don’t work like the pharmaceuticals we are used to which are designed to do one specific thing, though I guess there is some similarity to say using amphetamines for ADHD (to calm and focus) which always seemed odd to me. It has to do with what your body is doing and needing. Anyway the oils work differently so seem to have various uses that seem opposite sometimes but are really about working with your body which is also why different oils or combos will work better for the same issue in different people sometimes.

    • Michele says

      I was wondering the same thing. I saw somewhere a reply where she said this dream blend lowers your blood sugar and something with your adrenals, that allows you to fall asleep when your body’s ready.
      This reply was in response to someone who posted another sleep blend (wondering if it would work in this recipe). This other blend included mostly all EO that are proven to help with sleep, which is what I was just looking for online.
      So I think after the research I’ve just done, I’m going to try this other sleep blend with the salve recipe from this website.

  20. Stacey says

    Not sure what the difference is between using beeswax pastilles, and shavings from a chunk, but whatever it is, mine didn’t set up hard. So I rubbed it on my feet with a cotton ball tonight. The essential oils aren’t necessarily burning, but I definitely feel a tingling in my feet! Didn’t see where anyone else mentioned that so I don’t know if that’s normal, but with all the cinnamon it’s bound to happen. Oh well. Hopefully it works!

  21. Susan says

    I would like to know if soy wax can be used in place of beeswax. I am able to purchase soy wax flakes locally but the bees wax is only in block form. I would really like to know this. Thank you so very much for your recipes.

    • Linda says

      Soy is a GMO product, even if it says organic, and was not meant for human consumption. Since your skin is your largest organ, it is unadvisable to use soy in place of beeswax. Soy was tauted as so healthy years ago because of the industries’ effort to make money, despite being detrimental to health of all living creatures, humans and animals alike. It takes more energy for your body to digest soy, than the soy returns to the body. I have worked in natural and whole health for many years and learned about the soy scam while it was the fad/rage in the ’90′s. Many studies have proven that soy eventually causes more problems than it avoids. Again, I reiterate: Beware of ingesting soy-sourced products.

  22. says

    I bought a jar of this, and while it smells delightful and probably makes my feet softer, it doesn’t help me sleep better AT ALL. I’ve been using it generously for a couple weeks now. Glad I didn’t buy all the ingredients to make it myself; just the one jar is very expensive moisturizer!

  23. Diana says

    I used this for the first time last night. Slept great!
    Since I used shaved beeswax, it’s thinner than I want so I’m going to melt some more then gently reheat the mixture and blend them together.
    This may be added to my list of homemade products for gifts at the Holidays. THANK YOU!!


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