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My Top 25 Homemade Holiday Gift Ideas with Essential Oils

Gifts with Essential Oils

If you’re like me, you enjoy making homemade gifts for people on your Christmas list regardless of whether it’s a financial concern or not. There’s just something about making something yourself with simple materials or ingredients that is so satisfying. Not to mention the satisfaction you get by making homemade products that are safe, natural, and effective. That is why I am such a fan of essential oils and why I make so many of my own products that include them.

Over the last few years, I have done blog posts about dozens of products you can make with essential oils. It’s fun and gratifying to come up with ideas for some of life’s common concerns. So I decided to put together a compilation of some of my favorites and share them with you as inspiration for your gift-giving this year.

I personally have given away countless of these homemade concoctions and I can’t tell you how thrilled friends and family are to receive them. They view them as precious commodities and feel very honored you would share with them! :-)

So here are my very favorite Homemade Holiday Gifts Ideas with Essential Oils – I hope you enjoy!

1.  All Purpose Healing Salve & Recipe

homemade milk bath

2.  Treat Yourself To A Luxurious Homemade Milk Bath!


3.  Eyelash Thickening Serum with Coconut Oil!

Lavender Coconut Oil Salt Scrub

4.  Homemade Lavender Coconut Oil Salt Scrub

Sleep Salve

5.  Dream-y Sleep Salve ~ SLEEP Remedy

6.  Make Your Own “Dream Sticks”

Gifts with Essential Oils

7.  Lush-Inspired Bath Bombs

8.  DIY Essential Oils Pendant Diffuser

Gifts with Essential Oils

9.  Hair Thickening Mask and Rinse

winter cheeks

10.  A Natural Remedy for Chapped “Winter Cheeks”

Gifts with Essential Oils

11.  All-Natural DIY Lip Balm

Gardener's Hand Scrub

12.  Make Your Own Gardener’s Hand Scrub!

Gifts with Essential Oils

13.  Restorative Eucalyptus Mint Bath Oil

Homemade Shaving Cream

14.  Make Your Own Shaving Cream or Shaving Gel

warming salve

15.  Warming Salve for Cold Fingers and Toes

Moisturizing Beauty Mash

16.  Coconut Oil & Olive Oil . . . A Beauty “Mash” Made In Heaven!

DIY Mosquito Repelling Bracelet

17.  DIY Mosquito Repelling Bracelets

Make Your Own Peppermint Foot Rub

18.  Peppermint Foot Rub For Tired Feet!

DIY Anti-Aging Serum

19.  Anti-Aging Facial Serum

DIY No. 2 Spray

20.  Make Your Own “No. 2 Spray” Bathroom Deodorizer

21.  All-Natural Deodorant

22.  Deodorizing Bath and Body Powder

Heating Pad

23.  Heating Pad for Headaches and Cramps

24.  Make Your Own Aromatherapy Mood Mists

Edible Peppermint Lip Scrub

25.  Peppermint Lip Scrub

What essential oils do I use?
Have a question about essential oils? Curious about what brand of essential oils I prefer? Find the answers in my Essential Oils FAQ!

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  • Just yesterday me & my 5 yr old daughter spent the afternoon making gift bags for teachers/librarians, etc, filled with dream salve, all purpose balm, lavender vanilla lip balm and birch+epsom muscle soak. Now to just put the tags on and give away!

  • Thank you for this. What a nice gift for all your followers. I appreciate having all this information gathered in one post. I tried the healing salve last night and love it all ready. I’ll be trying more of these over the coming year and hope to make up “spa” baskets for my female relatives. Thanks again!

  • Thank You, THAnk YOu, THANK YOU!
    All together in one post, you two are God sends.
    I will be putting together a basket for my DIL who is expecting–she sure can use the pampering.

  • Wonderful ideas but I have one suggestion. When I make scrubs, I use sugar only. If you have a cut or scrape on your skin and use salt, ooh, ooh, ouch! Ask me how I know! ;)

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