How To Make Your Own Lotion Bars!

Lotion bars

With all the “experimenting” I do on a daily basis trying out new homemade solutions….my hands are in and out of hot, soapy water a LOT! It seems like I’ve never used more moisturizers on my person than I have this past winter. I am CONSTANTLY slathering some greasy goo on my hands, feet, etc in an effort to alleviate the extreme dryness!

The problem is….I never seem to have the lotion with me when I need it! I love my homemade moisturizing lotion…but it’s hard to keep even a small mason jar of it in a purse! So when I heard about Lotion BARS I was intrigued. And the more I looked into them…I was MORE intrigued because it seemed like the answer to my poor dry hands and feet!

Lotion bars

What is a lotion bar you ask? Well, I’m glad I’m not the only one who didn’t know. :-)  Lotion bars are just what the name implies…they are solid at room temperature, but once you hold them in your hands for a few seconds your body heat will soften it allowing you to rub it on those much needed areas such as hands, elbows, the heels of your feet, and cuticles!

Hard lotion bars are also very CONVENIENT!  They fit easily in your pocket, purse, shaving kit, etc.  I need one in my purse AND my car!

But I think what  I like even MORE than the convenience…is the simple, natural ingredients that blend to “lock” in moisture. The beeswax in it makes the lotion ‘hard’ and keeps the lotion in the skin longer (vs. a pump lotion). Beeswax is the special ingredient that locks in the butters and oils that nourish the skin. 

Lotion bars

If you’re feeling do-it-yourselfish…Renee is sharing her simple 3-ingredient Lotion Bar recipe with us!  So, of course, I had to try it. :-)

Well, as you can see…while they’re not picture-perfect like hers…I was pretty happy with how they turned out! They’re kinda cute….and they work just as well!  Now I just need to come up with some cute tins, like Renee’s, to keep them in!

These would make such great gifts! They are so easy to make!

You can even purchase a DIY Kit that comes with every thing you need to make the lotion bar and lip balm!

How to Make Hard Lotion Bars for Dry Skin


4.5 oz beeswax
4 oz shea butter
4 oz coconut oil

Lotion bars

 Lotion bars

 Lotion bars

Combine pre-measured ingredients in a double boiler. Melt, stir well, and pour into molds (or use turkey baster to fill mold with melted lotion). Molds can be plastic or metal. Ice cube trays and cupcake pans both work great. I used one of the silicone molds I ordered off of for my Bath Fizzies. :-)

Allow lotion to completely cool before popping out and using. For ease in removing from mold, place in freezer for 30 minutes and then remove.

For more skin care recipes, check out MadeOn’s ebooks.

Lotion bars


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  1. Ashley House says

    Hi Jillee, I like the MadeOn FB page and after looking at the products I would really like to try Hard Lotion Bar. Like you I am in and out of the hot water a lot and my hands sure do pay for it. I found that I really like the O’Keefes Working Hands, but would much prefer an all natural alternative so this is just a great idea.

  2. Sandy B says

    The Bee Silk sounds wonderful!! I think the DIY kit is also something I’ll be going back to check out again on the website. I also”liked” on FB too… Thanks for sharing the recipe and a chance to win :)

  3. says

    I’d definitely try the bug bar! Our black flies and mosquitos are just starting to come out. I am always on the hunt for natural ways to repel the little ‘buggers’.
    Thank you! (liked them on fb as well…)

  4. Katey Carr says

    After liking them on Facebook, I visited their site.

    I’d love to try the hair butter. I have such curly hair and summer is just around the corner!

  5. Jeannette T. says

    I liked MadeOn on fb…. I love to try all of the Beesilk items. They look and sound wonderful.

  6. Gale says

    I so want to try the BeeSilk bar. I work in a school cafeteria where we’re constantly washing our hands and then wearing gloves…since we can’t use lotion while working, by the end of the day my hands are so dry. I think putting this on at the end of the day would feel heavenly! I also want to try the bug block bar too!

    I might just have to try my hand at making some of this too!

  7. says

    Thanks for this information! Looking over the MadeOn Skincare Products site the Second Life Hair Butter really caught my eye. Since I have moved to Florida I haven’t had a good hair day yet….the humidity makes my hair frizz and the hair butter may be just what I need.

  8. Gretchen Guyear says

    Ooh, just visited MadeOn site – Love it!! Love the Bee Silk & the Bug Block. I also “Liked” on Facebook :-)