In Pursuit Of The Perfect Fried Eggs

I don’t know about you….but THIS drives me crazy!

And it seems no matter what I do, this is what happens when I try to FRY eggs. A bit of a problem when you are a fried eggs family (and OK…I might be slightly OCD).

Once in awhile we do scrambled…but for the most part we like fried! Of course when it comes to how we like the yolks cooked in our fried eggs…that’s a different story. We are split pretty much down the middle between “runny” yolks and “well done” yolks.

But no matter how you like the yolks…you’ll love this method I “invented” for solving the misshapen fried egg dilemma. OK…I THOUGHT I invented this idea…I REALLY DID! That was until I saw the same idea on Pinterest a little while ago. Ah well…great minds think alike I guess. :-)

Anyway, here is my “photo tutorial” on how to make the “perfect fried eggs”.  :-)

making perfect fried eggs

Since the pictures are pretty self-explanatory…I won’t restate the obvious here…but I will add a few “tips” to make this method work best.

Tip #1: Make sure the pan is HOT before you break the eggs into the rings. That way they start cooking right away and won’t seep out from under the rings.

Tip #2: Crack egg and drop into ring S L O W L Y (or as slowly as you can). Again, this will help to keep it from seeping out from under the ring.

Tip #3: Spray the rings LIBERALLY with your favorite cooking spray. This will allow for easy removal of the ring when the eggs are done to your liking.

Tip #4: Once eggs are cooking in their rings…pour a few tablespoons of water in the pan and cover with a lid. I’ve found that steaming them to finish them off results in the most tender eggs. Any questions???


Now go take those perfect eggs and make some egg mcmuffins! :-)

making perfect fried eggs

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  1. Jo says

    This is a great idea Jillee! I will definitely be doing this! I also saw a similar idea on Pinterest (gotta love that site!) where the egg is cooked in a green pepper sliced in a ring. Looks so cool!

  2. Rachel says

    Did you flip between pictures 4 and 5, or just take them out of the rings? If this is a no flip method, I think I might be able to manage not to mess these up.

    • says

      Nope…I did not flip these. But you could if you wanted to. Putting the lid on and letting them steam a bit eliminates the need to flip! :-)

  3. Sandy K says

    Well we just finished trying this way to make eggs. They were great. I was already planning on egg McMuffins for breakfast any way. We found we had the large lids and they worked great. My husband hates the running all over the frying pan eggs. We will defiantly be doing this again.

  4. says

    Great idea! I use a panini grill fully extended and with the plates reversed for griddling and the eggs never want to stay on the griddle! It is designed to draw the juices and liquids away and down into a drip pan so doing eggs on it has just not been successful. But now I will attempt it again. Thanks for the tip!

  5. Jessica says

    Cool idea! I found using my electric skillet was the easiest way for me to make everyone’s eggs all at once. I spray the cold pan with Pam olive oil and wait a few seconds until I feel it has warmed up to the set temp of 375°. After cracking the egg onto the pan I immediately start pushing any runs back to the center to keep the egg ‘together’. I let them sit until the white is almost all cooked then flip. If I didnt crack any yolks on the flip then I let the over easy eggs sit for only a few seconds more then remove them. I crack the other yolks to get my over hard eggs for me. That way I know I have some runny eggs for my husband! I stink at making them in a frying pan after mastering the skillet. Lol

  6. Catherine's not naturally crafty says

    Fresher eggs will hold their shape better too, as eggs age the whites get more and more loose and runny. It helps make prettier eggs for frying. Then save the older one’s for hard boiled.

    • Diana says

      If memory serves me right, mom always told me that old eggs that are hard boiled will peel easier too!

      • Andrea F. says

        We raise chickens for eggs here…Older eggs do peel better, but there is a trick for fresh ones. Add 2 Tablespoons or more of salt to the water and cook as usual. The shells should come off much nicer from your fresh eggs with this method.

      • terri says

        I hate the mess I get from egg seepage. I also have a hard time knowing how long to cook the egg to obtain that cooked white but with a runny yolk. Now that I know about the lid & water I will try this.
        How long do you leave the lid on? Also any suggestions for how long to cook for runny yolks and fried whites?

        Andrea for hard boiled eggs I learned that if you salt your water after it comes to a boil your shells peel easier. Also, if you let the eggs boil for 5 minutes then turn your stove off, put a plate or lid over the pan then let it sit for 15 minutes you will have perfect hard boiled eggs.

      • Catherine's not naturally crafty, says

        Aboslutely, that’s true. And Egg Grade is more a factor of freshness than how “nice” the eggs are. So AA are super fresh.

  7. says

    I never thought of putting a lid on the pan to cook the top of the eggs. I always flip and more times than not end up breaking the yolk in the process.

  8. jean says

    Good idea! They look great! Will have to search out my lids! :-) Thx!! For our McMuffin sandwiches, I whip the eggs, cook in small pan without actually scrambling – I cook them slow and do the old omelet style sliding around to cook and flip. Then after all is cooked, I take a nice round glass the size of your muffin or bagel etc and cut out the eggs. The leftover eggs around my rings I usually either give them to the dogs – or use them in my sandwich. Messier, but I am the mom!! ykwim
    I think I will like your idea much better!!

  9. Mandi says

    I never thought of using Mason ja lids to create the perfect shape! However I have been “steam-frying” my eggs like this for years