Winter Wreath Inspiration Board

There’s snow in the forecast for this weekend where I live and I actually had to pull out and wear the infamous “puffy coat” today (as my kids and husband like to call it. It IS pretty PUFFY!)

Let’s just say….I would DIE without the puffy coat.
It’s hardly stylish and it’s definitely not flattering…but it’s WARM…and
warm happy.
Cold = NOT happy.

Winter is definitely in the air….and while I don’t want to rush the season and bypass Thanksgiving…I am definitely feeling that Christmas Spirit start to take hold. :-)

I have had such a great time working on these holiday “inspiration boards” and this one about Winter Wreaths is no exception! As a matter of fact, I’m sure I went a little overboard…but do you have any idea how many different kinds of WREATHS are out there????? It’s actually rather mind-boggling! 

Oh well…it’s the HOLIDAYS…a little over-indulgence is expected! :-)

Happy viewing!
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