My Snowflake Obsession Continues in 3-D!

3D snowflake

I’ve been a bit obsessed with snowflakes lately. Earlier this week I decided to try my hand at making some snowflakes to put on top of Christmas packages.

snowflake wrapping

One thing led to another and soon I was making tons of snowflakes in all shapes and sizes to put together one of these:  a Snowflake Garland!

snowflake garland

Then today as I was doing some research on another totally unrelated blog post (that has been delayed now because of snow…flakes!) I stumbled onto someones Flickr page where they had posted some pictures of a 3-D snowflake they had made! I was hooked. :-)

After about 2 minutes I was off to the kitchen in search of paper, scissors, tape and a stapler. That is ALL it takes to make these babies! And for something so intricate-looking…you won’t believe how easy they are to make!

3D snowflakes 2

So tonight I enjoyed about an hour of crafting therapy that I think I REALLY needed! This week is so incredibly busy at work and home and everywhere in between…I think I was feeling a bit overwhelmed this evening. The blog post I had intended on writing was just a little more than I felt like dealing with tonight. The 3-D snowflake literally came to my rescue in more ways than one. :-)

As I cut and taped and stapled together my snowflakes tonight it occurred to me WHY I’m so obsessed with snowflakes this year………because WE HAVE NO SNOWFLAKES!

It is 10 days until Christmas and not a flake on the ground. We’ve had a few itty bitty storms…but nothing that amounted to much…and definitely nothing that stuck around. This is VERY unusual for us. Usually by now we have a foot or two on the ground that is most likely going to be there until Spring.

Oh well, I’m still crossing my fingers for a White Christmas…as are my kids. Even though growing up in Southern California we NEVER had a White Christmas…my kids have never had a Christmas that WASN’T white. Funny how that turned out.

OK…enough blabbing…let’s get to the crafting….

3D snowflakes 8

  • You will need: scissors, tape, a stapler, and 6 paper squares. Anything from 4-10 in. will work.
  • Fold diagonally, and cut three sets of parallel lines, starting from the folded edge.  The lines should come close to meeting in the middle, but not actually touch.
  • Unfold, and lay flat. You should see 4 diamonds.

3D snowflakes 6

  • Roll the smallest two triangles into a tube and tape.
  • Flip the snowflake over (the place you just taped is now underneath), and tape the second two triangles into a tube. Keep flipping, rolling and taping until all 4 diamonds are now taped into tubes.
  • Repeat with the other 5 squares.

3D snowflakes 7

  • Match up the corners of three pieces, and staple. Do the same with the other three pieces.
  • Staple at the point where each of the 6 arms touch.
  • All done! Now hang in place of prominence for everyone to admire your handiwork. :-)
3D snowflake
I was so pleased how it turned out that immediately I knew I  had to make another one…this time with some color!  Being 3-D I knew it was probably pretty important that there be print on both sides of the paper…but I didn’t have any two-sided printed paper. I DID, however, have a few pieces of one-sided scrapbook paper. I cut them in half, used a little spray adhesive, and voila!  Two-sided paper. 
3D snowflakes 3
3D snowflakes 4
Too bad this is such a terrible quality photo….because it turned out really cute! :-) This one is a little smaller and with a double thickness of paper…is a bit sturdier.
I plan on making a whole lot more of these in the next few days.  They are going to be the theme of my decorating for our Christmas Eve Dinner Party.

So tonight while I thought I was taking a break and having some “down time”, I actually came up with something to blog about AND a decorating scheme for my dinner party. Not bad for a night off. :-)

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  1. Amber says

    I love this idea! I can’t wait to make these with all the women in my family for Christmas. Thanks for the great idea!!!

  2. Amanda says

    I made these last Christmas and just printed Christmas songs onto cardstock for the paper, and I made them much smaller so I could use them as ornaments on my tree. I also only used 5 petals because that made them lay flat instead of being wavy-ish. After I finished I covered them with silver glitter glue so they were sparkly as well. They turned out really pretty :)