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This Is The Smartest Thing You Can Do Before Christmas Eve

christmas eve box

With Christmas Eve coming up tomorrow, I wanted to share a fun idea that I stumbled upon recently! It’s called a Christmas Eve Box, and putting one together is an easy and practical way to prepare for the festivities ahead! (I also think it would make a great last-minute gift if you’re still scrambling to figure out what to get the neighbors!)

But what exactly IS a Christmas Eve Box, you ask?

christmas eve box

What Is A Christmas Eve Box?

Think of your Christmas Eve Box as a survival kit for your Christmas festivities! The box is meant to provide fun and useful items that will come in handy from the start of your Christmas Eve festivities through the next morning!

Because everyone observes different traditions during the holidays, try to tailor the contents of your box to fit your own unique plans. Consider things like your family dinner, the annual screening of “A Christmas Story,” the chaotic kids-only nativity play, and anything else that may be on the schedule!

Here are a few ideas to help get your creative juices flowing.

7 Useful Things To Put In Your Christmas Eve Box

christmas eve box

1. Batteries

If you have little ones in your family, there’s a good chance they’ll unwrap something that requires batteries! Putting a big pack of AA batteries in your Christmas Eve Box is an easy way to prevent the annual “I can’t believe you didn’t get batteries!” argument.

christmas eve box

2. Snacks

If your family is anything like mine, then there’s sure to be plenty of food and treats to go around! But since it’s Christmas, you might as well throw a few extra snacks into your box.

Bonus points for stocking up on nostalgic holiday treats like Lifesavers storybooks, sack of coal bubble gum, and chocolate Santas!

3. Energy Drinks

Once the kids are finally put to bed, you may have another hour or two of pre-Christmas preparations to finish! An energy drink can help the adults stay awake until Santa’s work is done.

christmas eve box

4. Stain Remover Pen

If you can make it through all of your Christmas festivities without reaching for a stain remover pen, then more power to you! But many of us will find ourselves on the business end of a punch, fudge, or cranberry sauce spill, so it’s best to be prepared.

I like Tide To Go Instant Stain Removers, which are inexpensive and widely available. While it may not make every stain disappear entirely, it will prevent the stain from setting and eliminate the need for an emergency load of laundry!

5. Remedies

Whether from food, drink, or holiday spirit, overindulgence can leave you feeling worse for the wear on Christmas morning. Be prepared by putting some basic remedies in your box!

To keep headaches, add a bottle of ibuprofen or Excedrin to your box. (Or better yet, your Complete Relief Roll-On!) For upset stomachs, keep some Pepto Bismol handy!

christmas eve box

6. Gift Wrap

Make sure everyone has access to gift wrap, tape, and scissors in order to finish up those last-minute gifts!

christmas eve box

7. Games

Nothing brings the family together like a bit of friendly competition! Add a few small games to your box, like UNO, Bananagrams, or Boggle.

christmas eve box

Bonus Ideas:

  • Bandaids
  • Hot chocolate mix
  • Cozy socks
  • Christmas movies
  • Treats for the pets

Once you’ve decided what you’re putting in your Christmas Eve Box, all that’s left to do is assemble it! Add some decorative tissue paper to a box, bowl, or bag, and arrange your items inside.

And that’s all there is to it! Now you’ll be prepared for whatever Christmas Eve or Christmas morning have in store for you! :-)

What would you put in your Christmas Eve Box?

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Bright Ideas

  • I would add cough drops, Pepto pills, and hand cream (all that wrapping and cooking, cleaning). I guess I might be thinking of a bathroom box as much as anything.

  • We started a Christmas Eve box when our daughter was about 2 years old-31 years ago. Now she is starting the tradition with her son. We always had new jammies (laundered and ready to wear) and a book. As our daughter got older we included a movie or a game. I guess this is a bit different from your Christmas Eve box. I’m always prepared with batteries and lots of other things. I like to plan for everything! Lol. We always watched White Christmas together after our candlelight church service. Now my husband and I watch it together on Christmas Eve and our daughter and son in law watch it too although my son in law is more of a Die Hard fan. Lol.
    Merry Christmas Jillee!

    • I’m 70 years old so I wrapped umpteen presents for kids & grandkids for Christmas & birthdays. Birthdays still require wrapping to keep gifts a surprise.
      Christmas however…..
      Any show with Santa Claus on rooftops in his sleigh or by the fireplace or tree show unwrapped gifts he brought!!!!!!
      As long as you hide them in trash bags in a good hiding space,they never would have needed to be wrapped in the first place. Start your little ones out this way so presents from Santa are never wrapped and the little ones will believe it!
      Too late I got so smart lol!
      The TIME & money I would have saved!

  • Great ideas. I’ll have to show my folks. Last Christmas we were scrambling around trying to find batteries for a toy my niece received Luckily we were able to swap batteries for it.I would probably also add essential oils . I’m always wound up and have a hard time sleeping on Christmas Eve.

    • Movies and a bedroom DVD player are always good. Even though we’re grown my sister and I were the worst about being awake early on Christmas morning. We would have movies to watch with my old tv. New one doesn’t have a player. The oils I mentioned earlier help me to sleep and relax and not be so keyed up.

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